COVID-19: Waiting to live, waiting to die?

Humanity has been collectively awakening over the past few years. There has been a great arising of power because we have been making many more choices that collectively decide who we are as a species in relation to the crises we have been seeing unfold across our planet. 

There has been far less of a top-down narrative, and much, much more of a bottom-up one.  We, as a collective, have been greatly influencing decisions made at the top.  We have been speaking with ONE voice, a characteristic of our strength in Unity.

We have been saying ‘no’ to GMOs, pesticides, mass production of foods, junk foods, we’ve been fighting against deforestation and the destruction of our beautiful rainforests and wildlife for greedy, sickening profit, the pollution of our water supplies by industry, the outright robbing of our natural resources from under our noses, plus the dubious creation of many vaccines that have toxic metals in them.

Here’s the thing that’s worrying me, and most people who are awake outside of the mainstream media dogmatic narrative:

Who is going to be there to fight against the corruption when we are all dealing with very real survival issues?

Certainly NOT the billionaires and those who run these corrupt industries – they are patiently waiting for their time to re-emerge, stronger than ever.

In this article, I cover a lot of ground, but I’ve also given you some great video and article resources so you can investigate yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Follow the thread, and the fog will lift.

The pandemic is over – but we’re still stuck inside

Initially there was mass panic about this new Corona Virus, and the ‘powers that be’ moved so fast we didn’t have enough time to think.

However, as the first embedded video (below) from Professor Knut Wittkowski below shows, the pandemic is OVER – if we care to look.

Let me say that again, in case you missed it.  According to Professor Wittkowski’s analysis of the latest data, which you can see for yourself in the video below, THE PANDEMIC IS OVER.

The data is absolutely clear, so why are we waiting? Who are we waiting for?

Surely not billionaire Bill Gates, who has already created a toxic vaccine (see Event 201) and wants people to be digitally chipped like dogs?  He wants to control the movement of people.  There is a mass vaccination program being rolled out to rob you of your basic human right to sovereignty of your own body – you will only buy into it if you are asleep!

Greed Med Info Mandatory Vaccines for COVID-19

Many people I know are already losing their livelihoods and some of us are only a couple of weeks into the collective madness of a shutdown, others longer. This includes my brother-in-law in Dublin, Ireland, who just started a professional job 3 months ago but was on a 6 month probation. The company’s work has dried up, so they had to let him go through no fault of his own. He and his wife have a 3 year old daughter to feed but luckily his wife works remotely in IT — many thousands have not been so lucky, and many millions more won’t be.

Does this narrative to ‘stay home’ feel healthy and empowering?

I have not minded staying home for a bit because we can all use the chance to self-reflect, see where our true priorities lie. Beyond this, it is smacks of something rather ugly, rather sinister. Disempowerment and erosion of basic human rights is leading us to a possible totalitarian state, no matter how much we’d like to sugar coat the so-called “benefits” of continued, forced isolation through a global lockdown.

There are many voices starting to disagree with the lockdown from a scientific point of view — not even taking into account the millions of voices who are concerned with the devastating social, economic and humanitarian consequences unfolding at light speed.

If we have our eyes shut tight, we will continue to act like frightened children who are afraid of the boogeyman in the closet, rather than self-empowered adults.

We all need to ask ourselves much deeper questions, rising above personal fear to see the whole context.

Will we continue to allow our thoughts (and actions!) to be continually misdirected by external narratives, or will we pause, connect deeply with our Inner Stillness and reflect on what we truly need.

What do you need? Your family? Your community?

What does the world need, particularly those without a voice?

We need to individually investigate the truth – and come together to decide. But right now, not tomorrow!

Investigate, and reflect.

Questioning Authority is vital

Questioning authority is a mark of a conscious society. Sustained consultation and dialogue are imperative.

A top-down narrative that is enforced by might, what does THAT remind you of?

Are we at war? Then, with whom?

Are we all enemy #1?

Fear and doubt are the real enemies

Caution is useful, fear is not.

Fear leads to absolute paralysis.

At an glance, here is the overview of how we’ve been programmed thus far:

1) The new Corona Virus (Sars-Cov2) is a monster with a dramatically higher death rate than all previous viruses (DEBUNKED)
2) You’ve been told not to trust your body even when you are well, you could be a ‘carrier’  (NOT TRUE EITHER)

DEBUNKED: The new Corona Virus (Sars-Cov2) is a monster with a dramatically higher death rate than all previous viruses

The statistics are certainly not clear, as new data has emerged.

There have been pre-existing conditions in many of those who have died (“co-morbidities”) — a lot of people were initially older and had weaker immune systems.  Some people have been younger, and there has even been tragic cases of very young people dying, but we do not know why.  This certainly isn’t the norm, however, and the focus by mainstream media to put us further into fear should not be tolerated. AT ALL.

The testing has also been highly flawed, not to mention highly suspect, and the way deaths have been registered is also skewing the picture massively. 

We’ve been told that this new virus is a ‘monster’ and that it might kill us or our families – after all, we’ve seen so many hundreds of people dying in hospitals in Wuhan and Italy, blown up on the screen of our minds.

We’ve ignored other powerful data, countering this.

Each death shown to us has been painful to witness from a very human perspective, and those deaths really do matter to those who have lost their loved ones, there is no denying this. But when you peer closely at this, the data doesn’t add up. Many, many, many people are saying the same thing over and over again, from scientists to lay persons.

We need to see the global fear for what it is – crippling, contagious, and dangerous.

FALSE: You’ve been told not to trust your body

The continuous programming inserted into your mind that tells you to NOT to trust your body – even if you are ‘well’ – is one of the most dangerous and damaging narratives I’ve heard, ever.

You are to think of yourself as ‘asymptomatic’, as a potential ‘carrier’ that could infect people and cause them harm. This is a diseased way of thinking. The mind cannot deal with it, because there is no way out of this vicious circle.

The highest teachings on this planet will tell you that if your body is well, to trust that, period — and also to understand that ‘this moment’ is to be trusted. If you cannot trust this moment, you will not trust the next (and so on, indefinitely…)

The highest teachings on this planet will empower you to take care of your body, and to trust that deeper intelligence.  After all, it’s taken care of you all these years’ even if you’ve been abusing it.

But the current narrative says you are weak, you might die, “the system” knows best — i.e. We will tell you what to think and what to do.  If you do not comply, then you will go to jail (Martial Law).  Question… does this sound enlightened to you, or controlling and dangerous?  

FALSE: You could KILL others

You’ve been told that you are selfish if you go outside, so STAY HOME. You are putting lives at risk if you go out.

An awake person would NEVER tell you this.

As I’ve said, and many others have said, we can pass the virus to each other – just like in any other season. Whether someone dies or not depends on their immunity – and whether the body underreacts or overreacts.

The main thing about THIS season is the GUILT/SHAME and FEAR that has been programmed into our minds!

Also, whether someone dies is firstly a Soul choice (something rarely understood), because nothing happens that the Soul is not aware of.  Anita Moorjani’s famous near death experience can help us understand this higher awareness — she had stage 4 cancer, her internal organs started shutting down and died (she came out of her body). She decided, as a Soul, to return to her body and bring a powerful message back to humanity.

By living in fear, we are forgetting this.

Who created the pandemonium? THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

That is partly why hospitals in Italy were overloaded, and the horror was, of course, delivered to us in full-screen HD horror! Dr. Ioannadis’s video below explains every clearly why the deaths were unusually high, and why the death rate has to now be adjusted. He also tells us that the Italian healthcare system was failing long before the Corona Virus pandemic hit.

Who’s listening??


We have been told and are being told:

1. An uncontrollable virus was unleashed on humanity
2. Humanity has no ability to stop the spread
3. People are dying uncontrollably, and ‘worse’ is to come
4. You must have your freedoms taken away indefinitely, and this is for your own good, even though most of you will lose your incomes, livelihoods and mental health, and even your physical lives
5. We will save you (Part 5 is still being enacted, right here, right now… all the time, we are fed ‘doom’ scenarios, worst case outcomes… have you noticed?)

In an abusive relationship, the abuser takes away any power the victim has, and makes the victim feel needy and dependant on the abuser.

This is the default situation now at a global level. The Global State (our world governments being directed by the elite from behind the scenes) is the abuser, and we are the abused, desperately wanting a solution that will give us back our power but finding it is NOT forthcoming!

The timeline seems to be being extended indefinitely, and they will do this until we are begging on our knees for a solution.

They keep toying with us – the billionaires like Gates who have no urgency to move anytime soon, and are MAKING DECISIONS that will affect us for the rest of our lives, and for future generations to come!

They are saying ‘stay at home’ so we don’t overload the hospitals but many hospitals are NOT overloaded right now.  See Dana Ashlie’s video here.

I’m all for celebrating the efforts of those on the front line, don’t get me wrong – but a conscious, uplifted society would walk hand-in-hand right now, literally and metaphorically, and say “we will take care of our loved ones, the sick and dying.”

We are being TOO reliant on our hospitals and medical staff to ‘save us’, and thus disempowered. We are not building up our immunity either, so this is a massive robbing of our spiritual and physical power!


Again, what would a highly evolved being, and society, see?

If one is sick, then staying inside is absolutely OK. If one is vulnerable, then staying inside is OK. But if you are physically healthy, then the only thing keeping you inside is the REPETITIVE AND DAMAGING PARROTING BY MEDIA OF WHAT BIG BROTHER SAYS.

Staying inside all the time deprives you of oxygen, and stagnates the lymph. This makes you tens if not hundreds of times more vulnerable.

Being in fear makes you produce adrenaline and cortisol, making you more vulnerable!

Should you become unemployed, and reliant on the state, you will be far more vulnerable than you are now. You will not be able to eat clean, healthy foods – so back to processed and packaged foods, is it? Tinned foods with zero nutrients?

We are NOT at WAR.

When you truly struggle to make ends meet, how will you take care of yourself, and your family?  Have you stopped to consider this, truly consider it?  I’ve been homeless at one time and in limit situations that have severely tested my inner strength, so I know first-hand what this leads to!  Depression, panic and worse.

Additionally, why are our governments allowing the sale of cigarettes and alcohol? I’ll tell you why, a nice fat profit.

And to keep you ‘happy’ whilst you are ‘unhappy’.  They don’t want you to get ‘too angry’.

Addictions are on the rise, courtesy of Big Brother — but these things are going to numb our pain, not solve it!

All of these damaging scenarios are unfolding because of a one-sided narrative… alongside the sedentary, disconnected lives we are being FORCED to live out.


We are also being callously told that “they” (THE GATES AND BILLIONAIRE LEADERS WHO WILL GET RICHER FROM THIS!) will tell us when it is safe to go back to work – some imaginary point in the future, God only knows when.

They will determine if the ‘curve’ has ‘flattened’ – and we should ‘stay home’ and ‘save lives’.

But at what point will it be safe to come out?

If they say, “oh wait, people are getting re-infected, BACK INSIDE!” will we run like scurrying roaches inside our homes again?  When you give away this amount of power, you NEVER get it back.

This is the subversive mind control experiment that is happening now, an Orwellian nightmare that too many people seem all too willing to follow.

If you were physically able to be with your family and friends right now, would you allow them to suffer so much? If people started talking about how frightened they were, how their businesses were crumbling, would we all just ‘sit there’?

Look at the empty cities, neighbourhoods and streets. Look at the level of military might and/or police enforcement, telling us ‘not to question’ anything!

Compare this to last year when there was a big upswell in people coming together in large groups all over the world to question the powers that be and speak out against climate destabilisation.

Where is that unity now? Where is that leadership now?

Does this scenario (imposed on us) FEEL right?

A call to Unity and Conscious Action

We thrive when we are working in mutual harmony (INTERDEPENDENCE).

Independence is a lower order of reality, and the lowest order of reality is dependence – or co-dependance.

At the moment, we’ve hit the lowest order – codependance on the new (emerging) Global State.  With time, this will only get worse.  Far worse.

The paltry handouts, the promises of future payment… we cannot rely on this – and, at what price will that ‘saving’ come?  Will we need to conform to the mass vaccination program that is being slowly put forward as the magic bullet solution?  It is downright creepy.

None of us know all the pieces of the jigsaw but if we look into our most recent history, we see more events that divided us. Consider Brexit and the most recent US election. Humanity has been fighting – each other! When we are focused on fighting, arguing, bickering we miss the urgent needs of our society, we miss the opportunities to come together, to unite despite our differences and to become stronger together, not from an imposed power, but from an individual and collective choice.

I do not believe for one second that our world governments suddenly have the resources to take care of us.

WE create the economy with service to each other.

But we cannot create this in a disempowered state – one racked with fear, guilt and shame.

Suddenly, digital currencies and lots and lots of money are being ‘found’ or ‘printed’ but where has that come from exactly? Many countries, including the UK and USA, were trillions of dollars in debt, almost bankrupt… now, the governments are the saviour all of a sudden? I don’t know how this works, I’m not someone who deals with the intricacies of the global markets, but I do know that something smells off.

Our ability to choose has been stripped away. Only two people together when out and about, and only one person in a shop, perhaps a handful if the store is big enough. Many people wearing masks, hardly any smiling – and if people do smile, nobody can see that.

The massive online and offline stores are milking it – the big supermarkets, Amazon, pharma etc.  You can also go to the Pharmacy to buy drugs! See how coercive this is!

The small businesses and livelihoods are crumbling… is this PLANNED? Or is it mere coincidence?

The promise of ‘salvation’ by Big Brother has already been put forward to us… of course, it’s future time, and dependant on whether you meet certain criteria. In the UK, tney have promised to pay up to 80% of the salaries of those employed… and they’ve also now said they will pay self-employed as well… but if you happen to be one of those who falls into the “Hunger Games” pit, then tough!

Here are just a few examples beginning to strip away our human rights:

• In India: No-one is allowed to say anything contrary to the governments script on COVID-19, or they might go to jail.
• In the UK, a damaging Bill has been enacted in record speed that strips away human rights.
• In Denmark, the vaccine that is coming is mandatory by law (see the video below to understand why this is dangerous).

Humanity is not stupid, we are extremely intelligent actually.  The downside is that we are quite subservient to authority – and this side of ourselves is being exploited right now – i.e. we are trusting those who do not deserve our trust!

The keywords of an awakening society is ‘sustainability’, ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’. None of these words apply to today’s TOP-DOWN enforcement of powers and threat upon the very sovereignty of our bodies.

The present situation is NOT sustainable.

There is NO accountability by those who have set these laws and draconian measures into place.

There is NO transparency about the agenda or what is really going on – ‘stay home’ and shut up (basically).

A highly corrupt agenda of mass vaccination with digital tagging has been put forward already — this will make trillions for Pharma/Gates etc. If you don’t willing take the coming vaccine (which may be harmful to your health), you will either be forced to, or other rights will be removed – you won’t receive payment (if dependant on the state), you won’t be able to travel, you will be denied medical care (probably a good thing).

In China, they have a similar system already in place.  A friend in Hong Kong has told me that they are quietly removing people who speak out.  In China, you cannot hail a taxi/cab if you don’t use your own phone, there is a health card installed on the phone that tells authorities whether you are ‘up to date’ with your vaccinations and and other meds, you cannot travel by bus or train if your social credit falls below a certain number of points.

David Icke, whilst I don’t resonate with everything he says, made some very astute points three weeks’ ago, just as global lockdown was happening.  He said, CHINA is the model that is being sold to us as the ‘best way’ to deal with the virus/pandemic.  Now look at just how many people believe this is the ‘best way’ to go!

That said, there is hope…

A wise person once said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool ALL of the people all of the time.”

I’ve recently come across several outstanding videos that explain better than I can, in clear, unambiguous terms, the now existential threat to humanity as more of our personal and collective freedoms are stripped away in the name of ‘fighting the pandemic.’

So, I’m going to leave these links for you to click through to. I hope that they stay up… many videos have already been removed on YouTube as AI does its work silently under the banner of ‘going against community guidelines’. Facebook has been actively censoring many posts also.  Faceless ‘fact check’ sites tell you what is ‘correct’.  You obviously are too stupid to discern the truth for yourself, and if the narrative goes against what the governments are saying, then it must be false, mustn’t it? (Note: sarcasm)

Collectively, we have put ourselves in a very vulnerable position of subservience and compliance without question – even highly educated people that I know cannot see (and perhaps refuse to see) the immense ramifications of what is presently unfolding.  It’s too big, and/or too scary.

I have been questioning the narrative because I’ve been engaged on the front line of health for many years.  Coming from a medical family of pharmacists and doctors, I quickly saw that the system was inherently flawed, even though the people were good!  The system we have is a disease model, not a health model.  It limits disease (or tries to) but does not create health!

Also, as a person who has a daily meditation practice, and who has faced and overcome severe injury/illness, watched loved ones die of chemotherapy poisoning, and others come close to death, I have faced death (psychological and physical) many times over – from a standpoint of higher awareness.

You see, meditation allows a person to disengage from fear-based narratives, and to see the bigger picture.  If one is concerned with humanity and wishes to alleviate the suffering of humanity, then top-down narratives don’t work for the person who is spiritually awake, unless there is a strong current of genuine concern and care for the world.

Our governments are “crying wolf”

WARNING: The undermining of the fabric of our society to impose an even more draconian top-down, authoritarian system, where you are constantly monitored and controlled is coming if we don’t act now.

Those currently in power do NOT care about you, me, or anyone else but themselves.  I have never seen, personally, such a bunch of self-serving, narrow minded self-styled pundits in power.  They are certainly not the role models I have looked to all my life: Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, JFK (three of these were assassinated).  Nor are these leaders the gurus of this world, masters who came to give their insights and help humanity awaken.

Do we honestly believe that the same greedy, materialistic powers that gave us the 2008 Banking Crisis, GMOs, glyphosate, chemtrails, massive factory farms, Big Oil and Gas, fracking of our lands, destruction of our rainforests and our wildlife, poisoning of our rivers, lakes and seas, have suddenly disappeared forever? Or has these sinister realities just gone dormant?

It this ugly machine waiting to wake up again, this time with much more power whilst we are devoid of any power because all our power will be in the hands of our collective governments, run the by the elite 1% of this world?


The good news is this: they have forgotten is that humanity also has the capacity to WAKE UP.

So, how do we wake up and regain control?

Firstly, we have to understand fully and simply that NOBODY controls DEATH, least of all those who work with only external methods of treating the body – i.e. Pharma medicine.

Secondly, facing death with courage means we will no longer be subservient to the damaging narrative, and we will be able to come together again, and quickly. The body is, and always will be, a temple of a Living Energy that we call the Soul.  This is accessible in deep meditation to all of us.

Many voices are saying the same thing to you: PLEASE LISTEN.

Whilst you are in fear, you cannot hear the voice of your Higher Self, you will be easily controllable, and live in the lower emotions of fear, guilt, shame and disempowered thinking. You already ARE.

We can talk about ‘downtime’ and ‘seeing things differently’ – I’m all for self-reflection.

But it is an ego trick to believe that ‘all is well’ when everything in front of your nose says otherwise.

You might say, ‘well, what can we do?’

We can do A LOT.

WE can:

  • Question the narrative – all the time (this is a real pain for Big Brother)
  • We can talk to each other through all forms of communication, whilst they remain open
  • We can share the information widely to help others snap out of their self-hypnosis
  • We can demand a better and immediate time line for returning to work collectively!


What will the world be like in just a few months’s time? In a year from now?

Will we decide this?  Or will have it decided FOR US?

Do we wish to see a type of World Totalitarian State imposed upon us, created by the ultra rich, who own more than all of the world’s global wealth combined, is that what we want to allow?

To sit naively at home, waiting to live, and waiting to die… is this what we want?

Is this what YOU want?

Your freedom is at stake. Your actual livelihood – and life – is at stake!

This global situation presents both a crisis AND an opportunity – and we must move NOW.

Wake up world. Have courage. The time for humanity to come together and take matters into its own hands and change things is NOW.

Additional videos

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To log in and see these videos on, you will need an invitation code. Use 29838.

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April 6, 2020

Jaime Tanna

Jaime Tanna is an international teacher and energy therapist specialising in the healing arts. As the visionary founder and director of Energy Therapy, Jaime is an experienced Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Intuitive, and brings a wide array of different skills to the healing table. Coming from a family of pharmacists and doctors, Jaime grew up with a strong allopathic model of the world but quickly saw the limitations of that paradigm. Today, with clients and students throughout the world, Jaime specialises in personal and spiritual development, yoga and meditation, and clearing and rebalancing the human energy field inspiring clients and students to connect to their deepest being to create a life lived on purpose, and with joy!

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2 responses to “COVID-19: Waiting to live, waiting to die?”

  1. Caroline says:

    This is a great article Jaime thank you. I wondered about these figures a few weeks ago and googled last year’s death rate in different areas and was quizzical why they seemed to be the same as this year.

    How to get this message to the Coronation Street populous who label us a nutters and therefore to be ignored or refuted out of hand.

    If everybody would just stand up, pull the curtains back and look outside critcally. Has anything changed? Are there new masts? If so why? Why now?

    How can we inspire people to ASK questions and stop swallowing this craziness, not recognising that the news is the drug which keeps them unquestioning and quiet. I’m utterly shocked by people I know and love spinning me the party line and refusing to peek above their newspapers or even listen to a different spin on things.

    At least they promise that if they hear there will be a mandatory vaccination, they will run for the hills.

    What is a slogan we can dream up to turn people’s heads without them thinking it’s a “conspiracy theorist” and therefore not sexy to be seen out with?

  2. Linda says:

    Well done, Jaime. Eloquent, non-sensationalist and factual! I applaud your wisdom and courage and I support you 100%.

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