Reiki Course Overview

reiki course

Energy Therapy offers in depth training in Reiki, from beginner through to advanced levels.

Jaime and Jennifer Tanna teach Reiki in an inspiring, empowering and life transforming way, having trained in both Western and Japanese styles.

Jaime and Jennifer teach Reiki First and Second Degree and the Masters level to those dedicated students who have a strong daily practice and have integrated the Reiki teachings into the everyday life.

Jaime is passionate about sharing Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian Reikiâ„¢, with those who are keen to advance further along the energy healing path, after taking the Masters training. They represent the next higher level bands of Reiki, faciliating a stronger connection to the Higher Self and Healing Frequencies in the Field of Consciousness.

All of Energy Therapy’s Reiki Courses are structured yet flexible, creative, stimulating, and lots of fun. Every effort is made to create a safe, relaxed space where students can cover a range of topics and tools connected with learning Reiki as well as receiving their Reiki attunement.

Comprehensive manuals accompany each course and lots of time is given for learning and applying new techniques since experience is by far the best way to understand the impact of energy healing. Jaime blends spirituality and science together to provide a rich foundation for each student to build on, simplifying any complicated terminology so that each person can understand the essence of the teachings; and after each course, students are given simple tasks to complete which helps them integrate what they have learnt and move to a new, deeper level of understanding.

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The Reiki Attunement Process

During a Reiki course the student is attuned by a Reiki master through a simple, sacred process which allows them to receive and utilise Reiki energy. A person who is attuned to Reiki experiences an ancient technology for fine-tuning the physical and etheric bodies to a higher vibrational level.

Depending on the Reiki level, an activation of one or more particular chakras and subtle bodies takes place at each Reiki level. In simple terms, an activation could be considered the switching on of an etheric circuit, enabling the individual to receive and be a conduit for a particular vibrational (density) band.

Reiki as a spiritual practice

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, it is even more imperative that we all learn to slow down and focus inwardly. Many people are being drawn to learning about healing modalities such as Reiki because it promotes self-awareness and helps them to find a sense of balance and perspective.

With daily practice of simple energetic techniques and clear intent, Reiki students find they are able to relax, detaching from the moment to moment pressures of the outer world and understanding at an energetic level what inner changes need to occur to bring about greater peace and health.

Yet others are being drawn to yoga, tai chi, qi qong, and pilates and other forms of body movement which naturally brings through an experiential understanding of the invisible energy, commonly referred to as Chi or Ki, that permeates all of life. Body and mind are one, so working with the body will naturally have an effect on one’s thought processes.

A practice is something one does with regularity, consistency, and a strong desire for improvement but whereas a practice often reflects the needs and desires of the personality, a spiritual practice is something one does that honours the Soul.

A spiritual practice can renew our sense of purpose, removing the outer mask that prevents true self-expression, allowing more love and joy to unfold in every area of our lives, from performing the most mundane trivial task to the exciting new experiences that we wish to embrace.

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