Police Officer Speaks Out Against Tyrannical Law Enforcement! ‘What Are You? The Gestapo?’ Then Gets FIRED!


A courageus US police officer has urged fellow cops to stop enforcing draconian coronavirus lockdown measures, slamming them as “unconstitutional.” While his call to action was initially praised, it ended up landing him in trouble later on.

Whilst the video had only a few thousand views, it was deemed acceptable and his commanding officers even praised him for speaking out.  Later, as the views skyrocketed, he was called back and quietly asked to remove the video… then, later, he was TOLD to remove it, or face ‘the consequences.’

Officer Greg Anderson has now been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after he appeared in a viral video arguing the lockdown measures are violating the US Constitution and “trampling on people’s liberties,” questioning the restrictions and whether enforcing them is “the right thing” to do.

“I want to remind you that regardless of where you stand on the coronavirus, we don’t have the authority to do those things to people just because a mayor or a governor tells you otherwise.”

Right now, America is standing at a crossroads, and so is the rest of the world.

At what point do the removal of human rights — and brutal enforcement of draconian measures under the guise of health — lead us into a Police State where tyranny is the norm?  And for how long will the people of the world abide by this tyrannical approach that has no basis in fact?

Many doctors and scientists (e.g. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Professor Wittkowski, and the Bakersfield Doctors — with many of their videos banned on YouTube) have been speaking out against the tyrannical, nonsensical ‘rules’ that have been shown to be practically useless when analysed clearly, based on facts not fiction.

We are the experiment, and paying a heavy price for it.

Whether law enforcement officers realise it or not, many politicians have been using them for their own political and personal gain during the pandemic.

Across the USA and the rest of the world, including the U.K. and Australia, police officers have been criticised for being heavy handed in enforcing the new edicts of social distancing, mask-wearing, and dispersing “over-sized” groups, treating normally law abiding citizens like would be criminals.

We, the people, have suddenly become ‘the enemy.’ It sure as hell seems like it!

In the USA, when an officer is answering a call where an arrest appears imminent or about to sign a warrant on a suspect, they must ask themselves two things: is there probable cause? Does this violate their Constitutional rights?

Greenville, Mississippi Democratic Mayor Errick Simmons issued an executive order on April 7th banning all church drive-in services until the governor lifts the statewide shelter-in-place.

On April 9th, eight uniformed officers arrived at King James Bible Baptist Church, where a drive-in service was occurring. The members were in their cars with their windows up, maintaining all social distancing guidelines. Officers began threatening to write citations to the parishioners in the amount of $500. Now, the church has filed a lawsuit against the police department through the Alliance Defending Freedom.

The actions of the officers did not take into account that the First Amendment allows freedom of religion and peaceful assembly.

We are at a time where we must all ask the question: How much power does a government hold over its people in a health crisis? And where does the line need to be drawn?

Except for China and other dictatorships, any law-abiding government is supposed to answer to the will of the people. It is a murky, dark and sinister looking road we are on if we will just sit back and allow more and more personal freedoms to be eroded in the name of ‘protection’ and ‘health’, especially when there is clear evidence showing that the tyrannical laws are doing the opposite of what they were intended to do.

Listen to the video (above) of Greg Anderson speaking out for truth, freedom and justice – a true American hero that has the power to influence many others.

Sadly, a few days later, Greg was officially put on suspension ‘for insubordination’ with a view to being fired.

Here’s his take on it:


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Original video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_0t-MLJlbA/

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May 12, 2020

Jaime Tanna

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