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Total Frequency Shift Program Join me for a year of Renewal and Self-transformation

WELCOME to the Total Frequency Shift ROAD MAP.

It combines and weaves together many different aspects of consciousness, from Toltec Wisdom, to the Living the Now/Radical Presence, handling Relationship conflicts at home and work, Vibrational Laws that govern your health and success (or lack thereof) and gives you the tools & processes to embody them, so that you become a living testimony of the power of your own Spirit.

I am drawing from first hand experience of health, wealth, family and freedom challenges, as well as helping thousands of clients and students over nearly 20 years.

You will learn to understand the primal forces that are driving your  fears and desires, so you can master them.

The program is on a practical level simple, meet twice a month on Zoom, where I take you through energy medicine and breathwork patterns, explain the ‘nuts and bolts’ of navigating your life through “living presence”, combing it with guided meditations and/or sound healing to help stabilise your consciousness. I then answer your personal questions about the awakening process, which you will undoubtedly go through!

You are co-creating with Spirit, whether your consciously recognise it or not.  The best life is where you can flow with the current.

“At times, it feels imperative to let go of certain things, yet the urgency often obstructs the act itself. When circumstances necessitate letting go, the significance becomes paramount. Letting go emphasises the importance of trusting the exhale and the potential it holds. As the breath departs the body, this moment becomes pivotal.

Releasing the past and relinquishing future projections are crucial at this juncture. What we cling to from past experiences shapes what lies ahead. Thus, the emphasis on letting go signifies breaking free from patterns that dictate our future based on past occurrences.

Letting go is not merely a one-time act; it’s a lifelong practice. Trusting the out breath in the release and its potential impact on our daily lives is essential. By prioritising it, we enhance our ability to be present, irrespective of our emotional states. Like seeds sown in fertile ground, letting go influences the emotional landscape and sets the tone for what is to come.”

Mike Booth

In today’s world, most people are in fear, anxiety and/or overwhelm.  A radical shift in our way of BEING, and then thinking and doing, is required.

This program shows you effective strategies, along with deep insights, that you can bring into your day to day living. ANYONE can join, no matter what age you are!

I’ve spent decades distilling the information I’ve learned both through in person learning with some of the best teachers on the planet, and also through my own life experience and helping my clients and students… thousands of them over 20 years.



Payment is required immediately to secure your place.  See below for rates and payment options.

2024 – 2025 (dates)

May 4th, 18th

Jun 8th, 22nd

Jul 6th, 20th

Aug 10th, 24th

Sep 14th, 28th

October 12th, 26th

November 9th, 23rd

December 7th, 14th,

January (2025) 18th, 25th

February (2025) 8th, 22nd

March (2025) 8th, 22nd

April  (2025) 10th, 24th

Calls take place at 2.30pm UK time. It is your responsibility to know your own start time in your local time zone.

All calls are recorded and made available.  You agree not to share or disseminate this information with anyone else, for any and all reasons.

Please note that you don’t have to attend ALL calls, as each one is video recorded, with notes taken by AI.  Of course, it is vital to attend 60-70% of calls live for maximum growth, if possible!

Life is a journey, not a life sentence!


I’ll be sharing deep dives into your own consciousness to remove limiting beliefs and stickiness.

Powerful self-reflective processes, and somatic, embodied movements that will align you with your Higher Self consciousness.

You will learn the art of doing through non-doing…

This might sound weird and/or mystical but really it’s very pragmatic.  Think of pushing against a heavy oak door at the wrong ‘end’… most people are doing that… or, worse, they are pushing when they should be pulling (see fig 1).

far side "push pull"

Fig1: far side “push pull”

You’ll also learn how to move in a flow state, and how to become aware of the different ‘time segments’ as your awareness shifts.  You’ll learn to be more deliberate in your intention, and how be more involved in your own life, without creating conflicts with seemingly opposing energies.

You are where you are regarding your relationships, money/finances, and state of health. And you have to start from that place, own any difficulties you might be facing and  transform them and become the HERO of your new life path.

When you master the energy, the lesson dissolves.

Just as the Phoenix was destined to rise from the ashes, so are you.

No matter what struggles – or traumas- you’ve faced, every single experience has been leading you to this moment. You can get your hands into the mud or clay of your life and reshape it.

Join me for a year of deep diving and transformation. 


The program is geared to those in their 40s and beyond! However, younger people may join. Minimum age for joining is 29 — this is the “Saturn return” in astrological terms, where a man/woman moves into adulthood.

I’ve spent decades distilling the information I’ve learned both through in person learning with some of the best teachers on the planet, and also through my own life experience and helping my clients and students… thousands of them over 20 years.

The program, of course, includes access to the Energy Therapy membership portal (with videos and audio, and worksheets), plus paid membership on my Substack channel for the year.


Since birth you have been socialised to accept your ‘fate’ as a body, a piece of sentient meat.  If you are lucky, you will have had people around you encouraging you to explore your mind.  It is still rare to find people who LIVE from their Soul’s wisdom.

Since I launched this program, the world has gone into a cataclysmic shift.  We could all do with more peace, and less divisiveness, and yet the human mind is dysfunctional when the ego is in charge.


  • To create (or maintain) robust physical and energetic health.  The physical body (and mind) is the lens through which we perceive the world.
  • To build confidence in managing all relationships through ‘soft power’, safeguarding your time and energy, without the stress of today’s hyper-materialistic world which leads to burn out.
  • Learn to move into effortless self-care – do more in less time by understanding vibrational time, not clock time. Big difference.

You will:

  • increase your energy, maintaining or increasing robust health
  • increase your focus and tap into dynamic creativity
  • balance home and work life effortlessly
  • take care of yourself, enjoy more personal ‘me time’ without guilt and without sacrificing the real needs of others
  • clean up long standing energy imbalances that lead to stress and physical and mental depletion

Over time, you will begin to see improvement with:

  • Physical health issues
  • Energy levels
  • Mental and emotional balance
  • Finding/creating peace when things ‘go wrong’ (which often happens at the level of form)
  • Ability to process reality at that ‘higher level of awareness’. (take the 30,000 ft view)

What big life/health problems are you still facing?

And…what happens if you don’t change those patterns NOW?

These are the common ones that affect all human beings at different times during their lives here on Earth:

  • Relationship energy drains (others demanding too much of you, you demanding too much of yourself, power struggles?)
  • Not enough time for self-care
  • Basic tasks take too much time
  • Procrastination and spending too much time drifting, especially online
  • No energy or low energy, reaching for quick fixes and unhealthy foods and drink?
  • Chronic or persistent health challenges that set you back, and that mainstream medicine can’t fix
  • Concerns about aging
  • Feeing empty even when success comes
  • Undercurrent of quiet unease (frustration, worry and/or anxiety to do with the future)

Do you want any or all of the following?

  • A system that teaches how to take ancient wisdom and apply it to today’s real world challenges?
  • A social/peer group that inspires you?
  • A place where you can come for support, and learn to be a leader at the same time?
  • To be more playful and easy going
  • To feel peace, even when the external isn’t working (temporarily)
  • To be able to easiy unwind, relax, destress and reset (without alcohol or other low vibrational drugs)
  • Abundant energy for every BIG, important thing?
  • Being kind/kinder to yourself and others – without giving up your authority?
  • Increased financial prosperity (that comes from alignment with pure consciousness)?
  • Feeling emotionally grounded and mentally clear?
  • Have or develop a ‘trail blazing’ thriving business that is serving others?
  • To stop the endless comparison and judgment of yourself, and others
  • To feel happy, excited, supported and more energised!


What you will learn

During our time together, you will learn to:

  • Do less, and accomplish more
  • Release past conditioning and notions of scarcity to experience abundance consciousness on every level
  • Change your reality by working with energy in its purest form
  • Manifest money and material wealth through ‘right work’ (as opposed to clinging to a job or form of work that you hate)
  • Align yourself with your Source of abundance to spontaneously fulfil your desires, often faster than you imagined
  • Let go of the inner critic that blocks abundance flowing to you
  • Take back your power (learn to have a high quality ‘no’… so you can have a high quality ‘yes’).
  • And much more…

You will receive the exact messages, mediations and guidance you need, whilst being empowered to be your own leader, and the creator of your own life experience.

“Abundance is a state of mind in which you believe that you are intrinsically creative. You recognise that the universe IS abundant and that you are an expression of the universe.” Dr. David Simon

After many decades of refining my search for the one great truth that flows through all of life, I have come to appreciate what Rumi – the Sufi mystic – said. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop!

If you are suffering from trying to hold all the pieces of your life together, cycling back into patterns of anxiety, doubt, and fear… then I invite you to join me to completely rebalance, heal and thrive on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My ultimate desire/goal is help save you some of the painful experiences I’ve gone through first hand, and also impart the LIVING wisdoms that spirit has given me, so your life can unfold with purpose and power.

So, what topics will the 1 year program cover 🤔

  • Eye health – stop your eyesight deteriorating (we all need to counteract screen time). I’ve studied with Peter Grunwald of Eye Body who went from “blind” to clear sight.
  • Spinal health – stop your spine getting weaker and more ‘contracted’ (and stop yourself shrinking) as you age. You MUST counteract bad habits, and ‘gravity’ (I damaged my spine in a road traffic accident and had to rebuild it… so I understand spinal health very well!)
  • Sound health – use sound to re pattern the body-mind (studied with Jonathan Goldman, the foremost sound expert in the world, and can teach you how to access “the Divine name” for a total mind body tune up, plus yogic insights into the sound current)
  • Gut health – eat well for maximum energy (understand how to prep and cook simple and delicious foods as you ramp up your energy system)
  • Brain health and overall mental well being
  • Improve your psychic/intuitive abilities for heightened creative living (dowsing and calibration)
  • Simple, effective routines that maximise your ability to stay present in difficult situations
  • Live with purpose, on purpose – instead of drifting
  • Remove blocks to right relationships, stop the negative self-criticism and move into love/service/being
  • Discover your core values and stay true to them, whilst honouring where others are
  • And much more…




Payment is required immediately to secure your place.

“EARLY BIRD” (Until 13th April 2024)

PRICE £1,500 (ACTUAL VALUE: £4500 /$5500!)

Pay for the year, PLUS personal coaching (I am only taking 5 people).


Paying upfront for the year gives you the best price; however, you can spread your cost month to month.

As there is no penalty for not continuing if you’re on the monthly payment option, the cost is higher.

£450 non-refundable deposit, then 9 payments of £150 (total £1800)

Secure your place. Pay monthly here:

Work with me 1-1 (limited to the first 5 people)

Get super clear on your life, health, relationship and work goals.  Break away from toxic/harmful relationships.  Have strong, steady support from SPIRIT to help you achieve your vision, and smaller goals along the way.  Have additional energy healing support and direct insights into personal challenges.

Pay monthly here:

Why I’m uniquely qualified to teach and mentor you

I have studied with some of the best teachers on the planet during the last two decades. I have been through several rigorous tests of fire here on this Earth, which has meant I have had to ‘walk my talk’. Bottom line: I have both the depth and breadth needed to take you through complex challenges and to help you embrace a totally new way of BEING in this world.

20 years serving 1000s of clients and students worldwide as a medical intuitive, sound healer and Reiki master, with featured appearances on Shift Network

Built a 2.5M Facebook page with zero marketing budget

21,000 subscribers on my global Substack community

My “official” bio:

Jaime Tanna, M.Sc, is the founder of Energy Therapy, with nearly 20 years of experience teaching thousands of clients & students online & in person. As a medical health intuitive, reiki master, yogi, & sound healer, his work blends deep intuitive wisdom with practical guidance. His training & expertise includes Energy Psychology, Remote Healing, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing & the Science of Yoga. Jaime is a master sound healer, engaging his audiences with the enchanting and heart-opening sounds of the Hang, the deep pulsating drones and rich harmonics of the Yidaki didgeridoo, & the higher frequencies of light through Shamanic Drumming, Vocal Toning & Chanting. 


“I was highly skeptical of the healing session with Jaime as I’m 8000 miles away in Singapore and was wondering how effective could a remote healing be? I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a shot. I was proven so completely wrong!! Miraculously, I’ve started drinking water about 1 litre a day whereas I used to only drink 2-3 glasses a day. I’ve also started eating, and having a craving for salad, which is quite unlike me. I’ve also slept like a log the first 2 nights. I feel more emotionally balanced and my cough is a lot better already. My back pain has lessened a lot too. I went for a massage today (5 days later) & that didn’t leave me screeching in pain. My masseuse who massaged me a week back told me that my shoulders were not tight or blocked anymore. I highly recommend Jaime who is really gifted in energy therapy, psychological counselling and healing and I’m so blessed & thankful to have met him!” H Kaur, Singapore

“I found Jaime at a very difficult time in my life when I was going round in circles in trying to overcome some very major life difficulties. The energy work that Jaime did for me was a huge catalyst in a needed life transformation. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking energy healing and compassionate guidance.” Sonia, London

“I just wanted to write to you to let you know of our good news. I am 6 months pregnant with a little girl on the way! If you recall I was consulting with you last year via Skype with a struggle in terms of fertility. My husband and I made an appointment at the IVF clinic to get all the information once and for all so as to make an informed and final decision. And bang, the evening before that first IVF appointment we found out we were naturally pregnant… AND then I found out it was a little girl and that my daughter’s due date is my late mother’s birth date. What a wonderful, miraculous turn of events, no doubt inspired and moved by a host of various forces at play. I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance on my path to get to this point. Your input, guidance and your amazing remote healing sessions have all truly contributed to a beautiful outcome for me and I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the wonderful work you do in making this world a better place.” Nicole, Lagos, Nigeria 

“I recently had my second remote healing session with Jaime and had a tremendous experience. I had suffered night and day for 11 months from painful plantar fasciitis in both feet. I’m a massage therapist with a network of extraordinary colleagues, energy workers, and acupuncturists and no one had been able to help me. Jaime was extremely professional and friendly which immediately put me at ease. He is grounded in his approach and trusting of his intuition and connection to Spirit through this work. In short, my pain was 90% relieved that same day. It was truly astonishing. A week later it’s about 99% gone with only occasional stiffness. In fact, my whole physical structure is being reorganized around this miraculous experience. I am looking forward to working with him again soon and am thrilled and grateful to have a new and trustworthy healing facilitator in my life. Thank you Jaime!” Lisa, New York, USA

“I decided to have a healing session with Jaime as I felt blocked by obstacles within my job and other aspects of my life! I must say it was the best idea ever! I had my first treatment with Jaime which started with a very thorough consultation, followed by the energy treatment, which was an intense experience that also relaxed me greatly – but the after effects were simply amazing! I hope this peaceful and relaxed inner sensation will never stop!” Dagmar, Limassol, Cyprus

Read more genuine client interviews from around the world here. 

Read about my story here.


One 90 minute in-depth group coaching session will be held approximately every 2 weeks. (This allows you time to process and integrate.

Between sessions, you will be need to work your way through a program that will challenge you to be the very best version of yourself, step by step, whilst honouring and loving ‘the form’ you are now.

The program will not ask ‘too much’ of you. If you fail to do something, or can’t do something, you will receive guidance, not reprimand!

Each session is recorded, for the individuals on the group calls. I use AI to take notes, and that information is available to all participants in this spiritual online community.

Your idea about your ‘highest goals’ may well change as you become more conscious of your Inner Being.

Each session will be unique. This is not a ‘linear’ path.


10 max for each group cycle. You will need to reserve early when places open up to secure your spot.


If you are a therapist/energy healer/coach, you can opt to receive a certificate of completion from Energy Therapy for the actual hours spent in coaching/mentoring sessions.  You must attend them to request a certificate.

This can be used for CPD purposes.


Entering this program will be a deep commitment of your energy, time and money, and will bring you many blessings far beyond what you expect. No refunds will be given for fees already paid (for any and all reasons) as places are limited and by taking a place, you accept full responsibility for your decision to participate.  No exceptions. 

Mentees must be responsible for themselves, and turn up for sessions.  No refunds for missed sessions. The goal is to evolve, not just to ‘tick a box’.  Life shows up, we all get pulled off course, and sometimes challenges are very big. If you are facing a serious health or life challenge, please come to me and we can discuss it. I have the discretion to change/amend these terms, if so guided.

Mentees must be able to handle their own technology issues — e.g. setting up Zoom! The Total Frequency Shift program assumes you have the skill set to deal with computer issues.  If there is a technology issue from my side, then I will fix it as that is clearly my responsibility.