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To live a life of grace and abundance, it is vital to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy in your body, in your home and at your place of work.

Have you thought about the energies (“thought forms”) that are affecting you at work, or at home?

Everything, whether it is matter or non-matter, retains a memory in its field – including our homes.

“Thoughts, then, are structured vibration – some fleeting and others that are recorded and become permanent… Some thoughts are so strong that they colour the entire environment in which they occurred. Stated more simply, there are thought fields in the home, the office, and in organizations and groups, by virtue of the thought vibrations of those who created these institutions and those who live there.” Dr Valerie Hunt

Space Clearing – A specialised branch of Feng Shui

Space clearing is a ritual found in almost every traditional or native culture, and is recognised as a specialised branch of Feng Shui that works at even deeper levels by cleansing and purifying the energy of a building, transforming stagnant energy into clear, vibrant, flowing energy.

Not only may you be subject to geopathic stresses, negative energy radiations, and electrical discharges, but that you are also creating a bubble of psychic energy with every thought, word and accompanying emotion.

Every thought, word and action has an energy and can lodge itself in the very fabric of your place of work, or home. Space clearing will remove the negative energies and an immediate change in the atmosphere will usually be felt.

Why does one person easily succeed, and why does one person seem to struggle? Why is one person happy about life, and eager about tomorrow, and another anxious about tomorrow no matter how much success he or she has?

Could problems in the “real world” have their roots in the Invisible Field?

The very power of focused, directed, coherent thoughts to change the expression of energy at its most basic quantum level is a fundamental component of the dowsing process.

A space clearing will address:

  • Blocking energies and interference
  • Negative energies and motivations
  • Discordant energy held on others (neighbours, competitors etc)
  • Morphic fields/discordant memories
  • Radiation
  • Electrical discharges
  • Geopathic stress
  • Toxic streams

Our lives mirror our environment

Many people are choosing to make “space clearing” part of their regular building maintenance programme so that their space is energetically, as well as physically, clean and clear. Often changing the energy of a space will result in a desire to make physical changes to reflect the new energy coming in.

Often our lives mirror our environment and our homes mirror who we are, and where we are standing vibrationally. More often than not, whenever there is a shift in consciousness, we feel compelled to change one or more aspects of our lives, thus reflecting our new state of being.

If you have ever felt compelled to carry out a spring clean of your living space, you will remember how free and light you felt afterwards. If your space is energetically cluttered, this might be a reflection of your own internal state and/or be affecting you on deeper levels without you realising. You may have symptoms such as tiredness, depression, loss of appetite, and feeling moody or withdrawn without really knowing why.

Concrete, bricks, stone and wood have the capacity over time to absorb stagnant energy and because of their yang nature, the energy takes longer to discharge. One of the major factors that is taken into consideration in Feng Shui is known as “predecessor energy”. This is the vibration left behind by the previous owner – a reflection of their health, their moods and their chi.

We have all experienced walking into a room where two people have just been engaged in an argument where we could literally feel the dark, heavy atmosphere present in the room. At the other end of the scale, most of us have walked into a room where children were at play and sensed it as a feeling of lightness and laughter.

Space clearing before moving into a new home was considered a vital first step in traditional cultures and is still practised in some form today throughout the world. Since energy is always changing, it is important to remember that this is reflected within our space.

Here are some key examples of when you might consider space clearing:

  • When you move into a new home to clear out the energy of the previous occupants.
  • After or during physical or psychological illness. If you or a family member have been ill the vibration of the home will be affected.
  • After big life changes. Bereavements, separations, divorce or a change in job are major stress factors in our lives.
  • Clearing conflict in the home. If you have had any violent arguments or quarrels within the home, these can leave a tangible mark. If you have been burgled or robbed this can leave a very negative, tangible feeling in the home.
  • Making a fresh start in life. This can set the tone for new enterprises, new relationships and a whole new beginning that is not tied to the past.
  • Enhancing your inner development. Clear, free-flowing energy may draw you to a new, higher level of expression.

Prayer for your new home

“A Prayer for a Dwelling” from Zend-Avesta.

May the good and heroic and bountiful souls of the saints come here and may they go hand in hand with us, giving the healing virtues of their blessed gifts as widespread as the earth, as far-flung as the rivers, as high-reaching as the sun, for the furtherance of better men, for the increase of abundance and glory. “May obedience conquer disobedience within this house; may peace triumph here over discord; free-hearted giving over avarice, truthful speech over deceit, reverence over contempt. That our minds be delighted, and our souls uplifted, let our bodies be glorified as well; and O Light Divine, may we see Thee, and may we, approaching, come round about Thee, and attain unto Thine entire companionship!

Energetic Clearings for Businesses

For those of you who run your own business, consider this: are you thinking negative thoughts about your competitors, suffering from constant anxiety about the market place, and worried about the future? Could your thoughts have more to do with how your business is doing than the market, or any so-called recession, or ‘aggressive’ competitor?

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June 24, 2023

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