Don’t Be A Mouth Breather! Eliminate Disease And Increase Vitality!

don't be a mouth breather - eliminate disease and increase vitality

Don’t Be A Mouth Breather! Eliminate Disease And Increase Vitality!

Today, in spite of our advances in modern technology, many people remain ignorant of one of the most basic functions for not only sustaining life […]

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the nine drishtis of yoga - transform your practice by stilling the mind

The Nine Drishtis of Yoga – Transform Your Practice By Stilling The Mind!

Yoga isn’t just about the pose – contrary to popular belief.  It is vital to grasp the importance of ‘drishti’ or a “single pointed gaze”. […]

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yoga and breathing better than drugs

Yoga and breathing better than drugs for lifting depression, study confirms

Millions of people who practice yoga and deep breathing exercises at least twice a week have experienced huge physical and psychological benefits, including eliminating major […]

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vajrasana - the one yoga pose to solve all your tummy troubles

Vajrasana: The One Yoga Pose to Solve All Your Tummy Troubles!

Yoga has become the “go to” modality to heal the trinity of body, mind and soul. Yoga places ‘positive stress’ on your body and energy […]

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harvard neuroscientist concurs - meditation changes your brain!

Harvard neuroscientist concurs: Meditation not only reduces stress, it fundamentally changes your brain!

Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was one of the first scientists to take the many claims about the […]

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Prison Freedom Program SevaUnite

Yoga helping prisoners in South Africa [video]

The Prison Freedom Project (SevaUnite) has been seeing tremendous success by offering yoga to inmates in South African prisons. “Yoga in its greatest form has […]

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full moon over the sea at night

Chandra Namaskar – Moon Salutation To Honour The Feminine

Chandra Namaskar (moon salutation sequence in yoga) offers a soothing alternative to the warming and energising Surya Namaskar that is widely practised today around the […]

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russell brand with occupy wall street activists

Russell Brand Explains To Us What It Means To Live An Awakened Life! Incredible video!

In this great video, you’ll see a selection of interviews with comedian and activist Russell Brand delivering the radical truth about what it means to […]

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nepal boy doing anjali mudra and namaste

Anjali Mudra Meditation – For Peace & Healing

If you have attended even just one yoga class, you will probably have seen the familiar gesture of drawing one’s palms together at the (spiritual) […]

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this one pose can help compensate for all those hours spent in front of a computer

This one pose can help compensate for all those hours spent hunched in front of a computer!

Imagine that you want to learn to play an instrument, say, the violin. When you sit down for your first lesson, do you start with […]

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