Easy Yoga Stretches! Undo problems that cause sciatica, lower back pain and knee trouble!

September 2, 2016
Health , Yoga ,  0 comments Jaime Tanna

Most often, the buttock muscles get overly tight when you spend a lot of time sitting. The solution is to do stretches and yoga poses […]

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86 year old granny uses yoga to heal her scoliosis and completely transform her body

This kind of news never gets old. (Pun intended.) At almost 87-years-young Anna Pesce is inspiring people of all ages with her incredible transformation thanks […]

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Yoga and Activism: Why I Can’t Just “Om it All Away”

“I’ve been watching you on social media. You are an activist,” a forthright friend commented about my blunt commentary on human, civil, and animal rights. […]

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The healing and transformative power of yoga

Often when looking to yoga from the outside people think it is all about being flexible and attaining beautiful postures with the body. So it […]

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Meditation Isn’t About Drifting or Falling Asleep!

Is there one ‘ultimate’ way to meditate? What’s the deal? Although meditation seems to be about relaxing to the beginner, meditation can also get you […]

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How To Breathe Correctly To Maintain And Even Improve Your Health

For centuries yogis have known that ‘breath is life’ and that by simply returning to the body’s natural way of ‘breathing itself’ this can even […]

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