Geometry of Consciousness Training

4 week course

geometry of consciousness - the atom

Join Jaime on a 4-week training in interdimensional consciousness! Learn how to use specific geometric patterns to affect your own consciousness in profound ways.

Direct experience of multidimensionality can improve overall brain function, improve the quality of your intelligence and increase your creativity!

When brain performance increases as a result of engaging these geometries, a sense of emotional wellness often increases also!

Class dates and times

  • Class dates: weekly evening sessions
  • Classes run for two hours each week – that’s eight hours of clear guidance and positive direction!
  • Tuition typically costs £160 for the four weeks (early bird: £140)
  • Limited to the first 6 students to sign up.

How to book

Check out our events timetable to book your place on the next exciting workshop!

Want us to run a course in your city/country? Invite us to teach!

If you have any further questions about the course, please feel free to contact us.

These classes are based on the wonderful teachings of Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. providing an in-depth look at how to use subtle but powerful geometries of consciousness to radically affect the brain and nervous system.

These classes are extremely popular, so book today to secure your place!

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before your first class – there can be no latecomers allowed due to the nature of the training – be ON TIME!

Is this training for you?

Read client and student feedback

Ideally, this class will be best suited for those who have some experience of meditation or energy work. However, anyone can benefit!

These patterns are very helpful for:

  • brain, eye and body co-ordination
  • increasing energy flow within the body
  • increasing creativity
  • increasing a sense of well-being
  • uplifting one’s mood

The geometries compel energy to flow in specific patterns, and when we imagine certain types of geometric patterns, these will create multiple effects.

When you engage the three specific geometries that will be taught on this course, you will not only strengthen the neurological networking of your brain but it will increase the strength of your very consciousness. Your thoughts will be more directed, and more powerful. This, in turn, will create stronger quantum effects.