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the art of smudging - sacred science

The Art Of Smudging – A Shamanic Cleansing Ritual – The Sacred Science

If you grew up religious, you probably witnessed the ritualistic use of smoke in ceremony. For me it was frankincense and myrhh being burned during Sunday mass. […]

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july new moon - it's not one thing, it's everything

The July New Moon –  “It’s not just one thing, it’s everything”

Have you been struggling lately? The weight has been so great this week, especially with the heart.  A culmination of all the energies we’ve faced […]

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how tapping works - energy medicine

How to Use Tapping or EFT to Relieve Energy Blocks

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a blend of Chinese acupressure and psychology and is used to clear emotional traumas, phobias and stress from the […]

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the healing mushroom therapy guide: chaga and cordyceps

The Healing Mushroom Therapy Guide (Part 1). Chaga, the Immune Boosting Superfood, and Cordyceps, for Anti-Aging & Exercise Performance

Mushrooms are mind-body medicinal fungi that are completely taking over mainstream alternative medicine because they are packed with powerful health benefits. This includes their ability […]

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Intuitive Astrology: July New Moon 2017

Intuitive Astrology: July New Moon 2017

  The July 23rd New Moon falls in the fiery sign of Leo and will be a mixed bag of tricks. Approach everything over the […]

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how to work with your chakras

How To Work With Your Chakras And Energy!

Reiki practitioners and other energy healers work a lot (if not completely) with the subtle body – and within this subtle body are the Chakras […]

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Cryotherapy: Miracles For Your Health

Whole Body Cryotherapy is when your body is submerged in sub-zero temperatures (up to -250º degrees F) that stimulate skin sensors, activating a deep central […]

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energy medicine heals woman's tumour

Energy Medicine Heals Woman’s Tumour

Energy Medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological and spiritual health and well-being.” Donna Eden You are a living matrix of energy. […]

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don't be a mouth breather - eliminate disease and increase vitality

Don’t Be A Mouth Breather! Eliminate Disease And Increase Vitality!

Today, in spite of our advances in modern technology, many people remain ignorant of one of the most basic functions for not only sustaining life […]

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the nine drishtis of yoga - transform your practice by stilling the mind

The Nine Drishtis of Yoga – Transform Your Practice By Stilling The Mind!

Yoga isn’t just about the pose – contrary to popular belief.  It is vital to grasp the importance of ‘drishti’ or a “single pointed gaze”. […]

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the healing properties of water

The Healing Properties of Water – Enhance Your Drinking Water And More!

“I readily believe that there are more invisible than visible Natures in the Universe.” ~ Water, Water Everywhere, originally from the Latin Archaeologiae philosophiae by […]

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capricorn full moon ritual

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual for Spiritual Transformation July 2017

The July Full Moon falls in the earth sign of Capricorn and is one of the most potent of the year. The Native Americans refer […]

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