Mentorship with Energy Therapy | 12 Month “ASCENSION & SELF MASTERY” Program

Are you READY to dive for the pearls of wisdom that lie within your True Self?

This self-mastery program is for you to go deeper into your Soul’s journey and will show you how to activate the living intelligence within you.  You will live with more Grace and with less struggle.

To live an awake live, you must be conscious of your Divine Nature.  You must also be able to understand and direct your own energy – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Having spiritual wisdom is of no use if it is not actualised.  The descent of consciousness into matter is not a one-time deal, the downward pull happens all the time.

Elevating your awareness is not about escapism either, it’s about facing and overcoming the your challenges.

Since I launched this program, the world has gone into a cataclysmic shift. There is a huge power struggle going on between Light and Dark, between Good and Evil.  The old paradigms are dying – but the thing about the negative ego is that it will fight until the death.  This is the same with our power structures – the ones we have unconsciously allowed to be assembled right in front of us.

We are now facing an evolutionary crisis, an existential one even… and I’m not talking about ‘a virus’.  It is much more than this.

Who do you see yourself as?  Do you recognise yourself as a Soul?  Do you feel your own Divine Nature flooding through you, or is your spirituality based on second-hand information, what you’ve read about it in books only – whether ancient sacred texts or more recent information that has been channelled.

** This program is unique – it goes according to your level of awareness, and takes into account your very human life, but also your Soul’s burning desire for emancipation.  

** This program is a year long program and will both challenge you and simultaneously elevate you to the highest levels of your own consciousness by contacting the Divine intelligence within you.

** From this place you can experience profound energetic and physical health!


Right now, you are being told to distrust your own body, to distrust other people (who are healthy and thus ‘asymptomatic’) and to believe only what the ego power structures want you to believe.  That you are just a body, or a body with a mind.  That’s it.

This has always been the way.  Since birth you have been socialised to accept your ‘fate’ as a body, a piece of sentient meat.  If you are lucky, you will have had people around you encouraging you to explore your mind.  It is still rare to find people who live from their Soul’s wisdom.

In fact, the illusion that you are just a body is the BIG illusion to be discarded!  You must realise it through direct experience of your own LIVING SOUL – that which lies outside of this ‘time and space’ reality, that which we call 3D.

Today, people are being challenged to realise that death is an illusion.  Death is real to the body, not the Soul.  If you truly have trust in your Spirit, because you are ONE with that power and intelligence, you will not be so easily manipulated.

When you come into direct and personal contact with your own Soul, you will be able to ride this storm with Grace.

Many things will be asked of you over the coming months but the joy is not just in the ‘end result’, the joy is ‘here and now’.  The joy is in the journey of awakening!

Personal trauma needs to be looked at and healed, of course.  So too must we heal our fear of death.  The ego – your ego – will resist both.  I know, I’ve been there.

The process of becoming a butterfly from the earthbound, mud-crunching caterpillar is not an easy one.  Literally, the old self you know has to die.  It is not about simply conditioning you to be a ‘better version’ of your present self.  It is about embracing a complete revolution in your own consciousness.

I invite you to join me.  When your challenges are great, that is the time to go upwards in consciousness.  Today’s crisis presents a unique opportunity because we are never more open to our Spirit than when our Earthly life is shattered beyond all recognition!

A quick note about my background — i.e. why I’m uniquely qualified to teach and mentor you!

I have had the privilege to study with some of the best teachers on the planet during an almost 20 year cycle.  My yoga lineage goes through Paramahansa Yogananda through his param gurus to the Christ Consciousness, my Reiki lineage goes through both Western and Eastern lineages back to its founder. I have also studied with the late Unity Minister Rev. Robert Detzler and his senior teachers. I have studied (for years) and mastered many breath-work (pranayama) techniques, kriyas, asanas and meditation practices through yoga, explored different ways of healing the mind-body through the Great Spirit (Rei Ki), I have learned to access Spirit through dowsing the Quantum Field through SRT and doing energetic ‘remote healings’ for clients across the world, and have been teaching the Power of Now/Presence and Sacred Geometries and Sound Work to help bring the Total Being into complete balance.  I am also a light/colour advanced practitioner of the Aura-Soma system of healing.

I am an expert seer/intuitive, and read energy easily. I am able to people navigate the ordinary aspects of duality (psychological level) and also the transpersonal!

Read client interviews from around the world here. 

Read about my story here.

Jaime Tanna, June 2020

Interviews required for those who have not been clients or students

If you have already been a client or student of mine, then no interview is necessary.  If you have not been, a 15 minute interview will be necessary to see if you are suitable.  You may enrol by booking with your deposit now, and then an interview will be scheduled.  The interview is simply an exploration, if you will, to connect and to ensure we are a good fit.  The student and teacher relationship is a sacred one.

If we are not compatible for any reason, then I will have to sadly decline your application and the deposit will be immediately refunded.  (This has not happened during the past two cycles of mentoring, so I remain hopeful.  Nonetheless the caution is there for both of us.)


New program!!

Dates: September 2020 – August 2021

Max: 12 mentees per rotation.

Demand will be high, so early booking advised to avoid disappointment. The first two programs sold out within a month.



7 Places only.

SUPER EARLY BIRD (now- 15th JULY) – Pay only £250/month
EARLY BIRD (16th – 31st JULY) – Pay only £270/month
JUST IN TIME (1st – 15th AUGUST) – Pay only £290/month
STANDARD (16th – 31st AUGUST) – Pay £350/month

1 months’ non-refundable deposit is required upfront, followed by 11 payments on the 1st of each month thereafter.

August 2020 – July 2021


5 Places only.

SUPER EARLY BIRD (now – 15th JULY) – Pay only £130/month
EARLY BIRD (16th – 31st JULY) – Pay only £145/month
JUST IN TIME (1st – 15th AUGUST) – Pay only £160/month
STANDARD (16th – 31st AUGUST) – Pay £180/month

1 months’ non-refundable deposit is required upfront, followed by 11 payments on the 1st of each month thereafter.

Mentees have access to me outside of sessions via email on the basis of one focused email per week. Mentees can also substitute all or part of a session for just an in-depth clearing/healing and pyscho-spiritual guidance if and when needed, guidance through the Tarot (seeing and understanding the ‘archtypes’ that are at play).  That is, when life challenges come up, as they will do!

A deposit is required immediately to secure your place, followed by 11 further payments, starting from 1st February 2020.  Actual coaching/mentoring starts in March 2020.

The fee includes unrestricted access to Energy Therapy’s low cost monthly e-learning site, which will form a vital and necessary part of your learning.

You must start to learn the full body pranic energisation routine at your own pace before your first session.  At the very least, you must read through the material and familiarise yourself with it.

If you are more adventurous, you can also include the 5 Tibetans as part of your daily practice.


If you wish to free yourself from self-delusions, and become a student of Energy Therapy (dare I say “disciple”?) and to truly wake up by using the challenges of your life to go upwards in consciousness, you have a unique opportunity today.

I have been teaching meditation, energy work and deep yogic practices (i.e. beyond mere ‘asana’) regularly for the last 15 years but I took a small but necessary break to cocoon myself and meditate deeply for the past 2 years.

I broke away from the subtlest vibrational causes of lingering discord within myself and my life – it was a big test — and opportunity! — from Spirit.

The rhythm of learning and integrating the knowledge and wisdom I have been given directly by Spirit since a child, and specifically during the last 15 years, will be shared twice a month for 12 months; you will also have access to me outside of coaching sessions via email.

This personal, one to one training comes from the deep ‘in the trenches’ work that I cover in my healing sessions.

Each person will be given specific guidance in pyscho-spiritual and psychophysical techniques, mantra, prayer and communing with the Divine within.

This will enable you recreate any and every aspect of yourself, and you can start from right where you are at, from any level of ‘knowing’. (Note I did not say ‘knowledge’ — which can be a trap!)

When you release your fears, you will have true and effortless power, and also everything comes from merging with that ONE Source within you, which I call Spirit:

Loving friendships, spiritual AND financial abundance, energy and health, self-worth that is independent of any outside circumstance, and true and lasting peace.


Any adult (i.e. 18 years old or older) who has a strong desire to improve themselves on all levels of their Being.  If you are under 18, and wish to apply, you must have written consent from your parent or guardian.  The minimum age is 16 for this type of mentorship.


Anyone who truly wants to improve themselves energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The goal is to draw to yourself loving friendships, spiritual AND financial abundance, energy and health, self-worth that is independent of any outside circumstance, and true and lasting peace — and to share these blessings with all, as guided by your Soul awakened intuition.  You will be given techniques and processes but, ultimately, you must GO BEYOND them!


The mentorship program will be conducted online by Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world.

One 60 minute in-depth session will be held every week or every two weeks 

If you have not yet had a clearing/healing, you may wish to book in for a personal clearing of your energy field and Soul programming before the mentorship starts.

You must be operating at the highest levels of awareness to get the most out of your time with me.  To do this, you must be free of your negative conditioning/programming.

During the first session, we will create a definite plan to help materialise your highest goals and intentions whilst keeping the supreme goal in mind: constant inflow of the Divine intelligence to you and through you.

Each session will be unique, and tailored to your own needs.


Just a few places are available, so you will need to reserve early if you wish to secure your spot.



Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. ~ Buddha

I am fully committed to helping you live your highest potentials as your mentor/guide and ‘guru’ – although the word guru has been abused, it simply means ‘dispeller of darkness’.  A person who is evolved enough in their own consciousness will see exactly where your ego is trapping you or limiting you.  We all have an ego, and the ego works predominantly through the mind.  The mind, therefore, is a terrible master but an excellent servant.  When you become the Master of your own House again, you will live life radically differently to how you did before.

This program is really a journey of ‘inner knowing’ and awakening.  It will take courage, and total commitment to yourself, along with cheerful persistence – but through the highest methods of Soul Contact, you can experientially know yourself as the Divine Being that you truly are.

Your true goals and desires that you have right now will be honoured and explored but these can, and probably will, change as you refine your consciousness.  However, one must start wherever one is at.


The methods and techniques that will accelerate your Soul journey include:

  • Living from a State of Intense Presence
  • Eye-Brain Health
  • Specific yogic asanas, including pranayama (life force control).
  • (Psycho-physical) energisation of the body/mind system – ‘waking up’ all the cells, particularly brain, and nervous system (spine).
  • Techniques for focusing the mind (‘concentration’)
  • Techniques for relaxing the mind
  • Right habits of eating
  • Right living (principles/guidelines)
  • Meditations for contacting Spirit/Divine – i.e. rediscovering the ability to recognise true guidance from lower subconscious impulses
  • Re-patterning of your consciousness through Sacred Sound (Mantra/Seed syllables/Overtoning).
  • Sacred geometries of the mind and body which radically enhance brain power and overall conscious perception.
  • The deeper teachings and udnerstanding of the Law of Attraction/Vibration (i.e. Universal laws that govern all successes and failures)
  • Psycho-Spiritual Guidance for Living an Awakened Life

Of course, no method or technique is of real and lasting benefit without the actual Source of your Power coming in.  The ability to know your own Spirit and the Divine Intelligence within is what is the most important here at all times.


If you want spiritual and financial abundance, this ‘gloves off’ program is for you. I’ve studied with some of the best healers and teachers on the planet and integrated that information over 20 years of constant application, being patient through often very challenging times.

Most people today are seeking only material abundance, and I know why… it seems that if we can only ‘have enough’ then we will be happy, right?

That’s actually NOT true.

You can have it all from a strictly material point of view, and feel empty inside.

We are here to balance spiritual and material, at all times, which is no easy task.

It’s not easy to be in financial difficulties, I can tell you that first hand from my own struggles to understand how to live an authentic, spiritually charged life that also provided me with the money I needed.

Nor is it easy to be positive when we have physical or mental health challenges. But all difficulties occur as a result of not trusting life. This is something we learn (or inherit) and have to unlearn.

This program is to weed out the dysfunctions of the egoic mind – your mind. When you become fully connected to yourself, and Spirit, then all kinds of wonderful opportunities come – and most unexpectedly too!


Mentees will receive a certificate of completion from Energy Therapy for the actual hours spent in mentoring sessions.  This can be used for CPD purposes if you are a therapist, for example.

The certificate will also reflect work done IF the student/mentee is able a high degree of competency in the techniques shared.


We will work to clear blocks at all levels, including financial prosperity, and to help you “know” God/Spirit directly. You can call this living in a state of Presence, or mindfulness.

I’ll be expecting a lot if you commit, but this will catapult you into the success you say you want. We will work together to create it.

I realise this will also take a lot of work from my side, but I’m willing to invest my time and energy in you, if you are willing to be brave and learn and grow through Spirit’s guidance.

The clients I’ve worked with consistently for 12 months or longer are never the same… everything changes because their relationship to their own Spirit changes. It becomes deeper and more authentic.

And nothing is ever the same (in a good way!).


Entering this program will be a serious commitment of your energy, time and money, and will bring you many blessings far beyond what you expect.  This is the nature of working with the Divine intelligence within you.  This is a sacred pact between you and Spirit/Source/God.

Sessions will be conducted by Zoom or another method.  I will always use video where the bandwidth and connection is good enough.  However, I reserve the right to use audio if the bandwidth is not good enough or there are internet connectivity issues.

Mentees must take all their sessions each month.  Refunds are not given for missed sessions.  One session can be carried over each month if you fail to book in and are on the twice a month program.

Energy Therapy reserves the right to interview all mentees prior to starting this intensive program. If you are not suitable for the program, your deposit will be immediately refunded to you and no further payments will be required.  We strive to accept all applicants who are willing to do the inner work, so you will not be judged.  It is merely an assessment of your energy and willingness.  (So breathe, trust and relax!)

Energy Therapy reserves the right to terminate the program at any time, for any reason – for example, if a mentee becomes rude, or uncooperative in any way, and Spirit cannot heal the negative ego/dysfunction of consciousness.  If that is the case, no refunds will be given.

If you cancel before the 12 months’, you will simply forfeit the deposit!

Energy Therapy reserves the right to increase the fee at any time by giving one month’s notice – particularly if the work required is much more than envisaged. If this happens, and you do not agree, you may cancel and no further payments will be required.

If Energy Therapy has to terminate a mentorship program for reasons beyond its control, no further payments will be required.