The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

incredible sunrise over a perfect sea

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Awareness is a quirky thing. You and I can look at the same thing but you will only see what your ‘inner vibration’ will allow […]

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a girl standing in silhouette against the milky way night sky

A note on: Speaking with the Universe!

THE UNIVERSE is intelligent and we are part of that intelligence. Just as a drop of water has the same properties as its source, so […]

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A note on: Suffering

All suffering is down to resisting this moment – resistance to “What Is”. What are you resisting right now? Your job? An illness? Your lack […]

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summer landscape purple flowers in a meadow

A note on: Asking and Receiving

Whenever a problem comes into focus, an answer is born at the same moment. This is how the Universe is set up.  There is no ‘yin’ […]

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girl in pouring rain

When it rains, it pours

The law of attraction is always working, either to your benefit or detriment. The proverb, ‘when it rains, it pours’ signifies that many difficult things […]

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fulcrum showing positive and negative

Law of Attraction 101: When You Complain, You Magnify The Negative!

If you are unhappy about something or someone in your life and talk about it a lot, are you complaining or simply being real? The […]

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yin yang and the story of creation

Yin Yang and the Story of Creation

In ordinary waking consciousness, we tend to perceive our self as separate from the world, and so we are free and can walk about within […]

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RELATIONSHIPS – 5 Steps to take your power back!

The quality of all our relationships is pivotal to how we live and experience life. Yet, many of us feel less than fulfilled in the […]

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happy family on beach playing and having fun

Creating With Joy: The Be-Do-Have Paradigm

Most people believe that if they “have” a thing – e.g. more time, more money, more love etc –  they can finally do a thing […]

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law of attraction emotional scale

The Law of Attraction: Learning to move up the Emotional Scale

“What you think (and how you feel because of your thoughts) and what manifests in your experience always match. You get what you think about, whether […]

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