Transforming Consciousness Through Sound |  Advanced Healing Energy For Our Evolving World

transforming consciousness through sound - advanced healing energy

Sound is a dynamic frequency that has the innate capacity to bring about tremendous shifts in consciousness. No musical experience is necessary for the course, only a willingness to learn.

As an accomplished sound healer, musician and teacher, Jaime will cover concepts in detail to ensure a good understanding of the principles and techniques involved, as well as allowing plenty of time for practice and sound-based meditations.

What will you learn

The nature of the course is both active (yang) and passive (yin). There will be meditations where you can just relax and enjoy the pulsating harmonics and rhythms of the instrument being played. On other occasions you will be actively using sound to shift your own personal frequency.

You will be introduced to an ancient and powerful technique called overtoning, learning how to in-tone specific harmonics for healing and also shown how to project these outwards to help balance and heal the physical and subtle bodies of another person.

“I felt that every layer of discord was being shifted by the vibration of the sound.”

“I experienced what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening.”

This uniquely crafted course helps to transform your consciousness through sound! You will find it restorative, rejunvenating and reconnecting on all levels of your being…

“Jaime is a wonderfully sensitive, caring and empathic teacher and his presentation of the material greatly enriched my learning experience. Jaime is very calming and spiritually knowledgeable, so whether one is in class or chatting over lunch, the result is that you feel you are gently being reconnected to Source.”

Vocal toning and chanting is an important part of the training and takes the student to ever higher levels of consciousness and light which is validated by the Mahayana Buddhist tradition where the bodhisattva Avalokitesvhara is said to create the “Sound that illumines the world”.

The vocal harmonics produced through overtoning not only resonate the physical body and the etheric fields but also vibrate different portions of the brain. Just as it is possible to project healing energy through touch, we can do the same with our voice.

Course structure

This three and a half day intensive covers:

  • What is sound from a healing perspective
  • How sound creates form
  • Correct use of breathing. Learn the difference between low, mid and high breathing. Learn the yogic breath.
  • Digeridoo meditation & introduction to breath control. Gentle intro to playing the didgeridoo!
  • Introduction to toning – the basics.
  • The important of silence in sound work.
  • An introduction to Shamanism, using the Drum
  • An experiential exploration of the seven major chakras through toning.
  • Invocations & the importance of calling in protection.
  • Self-scanning/scanning through Sound.
  • An introduction to the harmonic intervals.
  • A string meditations
  • Intro to tuning forks.
  • The Angel Chakra
  • Crystals and Crystal Singing
  • Sacred Chants
  • Intoning The Divine Name! What is it? Why is it so powerful and how you can use it to powerful effect in your life today!

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance from Energy Therapy. This can be used towards CPD qualifications.

If you would like to further develop as a sound healer, consider taking Reiki Drum (taught at Reiki Second Degree) and Karuna Reiki (taught to Reiki Masters).

  • The workshop is open to everyone.
  • The cost includes four days’ training, comprehensive manual & certificate of attendance.
  • Cost is typically £490.
  • The course runs from 9am-6pm each day.
  • Lunch is one hour; and there is a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break for teas, coffees and biscuits.

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How to book

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