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Spiritual Restructuring, affectionately known as SpR, is a dynamic healing system which works with the energetic and physical structure of the human body. SpR uses advanced dowsing techniques and/or applied kinesiology to indentify what needs to be corrected, releasing tension trauma and spasm in the muscles, soft tissues, organs and glands. Learn Spiritual Restructuring today for yourself and others!

“Completing a course in Spritual Restructuring with Jaime at Energy Therapy was a brilliant and uplifiting experience. My body, mind and spirit felt fantastic and I can now carry our the work for others too. I’d been looking for an energy therapy to understand more deeply and I highly recommend Spiritual Restructuring, or SPR.” JE

How does SpR work?

Gentle and non-invasive, SpR works synergistically to faciliate realignment, giving relief from pain and discomfort, encouraging total relaxation and a sense of well-being.

SpR is carried out by means of finger-testing (applied kinesiology) and/or by using a pendulum. Through this “applied intuition”, one can quickly ascertain which the areas of body which need to be corrected, using light tapping movements along with specific breath techniques.

“It was a really special week! Jaime guided us seamlessly through the different parts of the course, and by the end of it, everything seemed to fall into place as if I’d been doing this stuff for ages! I feel confident that I can take this therapy into my own practice, and feel that it has widened not only my understanding of the body, but it has deepened my connection with spirit in all aspects of life. I would highly recommended both his SRT courses, and then the SpR course – regardless of whether you want to use the skills professionally or not, they will expand who you are, and give you a whole new perspective.. On everything! Thank you Jaime.” SW

The method is simple, pain-free and amazingly effective! Many people experience pain somewhere in their body and this can be quickly alleviated through simple on- or off-the-body corrections.

Your amazing body

the female body

The body has its own innate intelligence and knows what it needs in order to heal itself. Spiritual Restructuring recognises the body’s capacity to self-correct as a fundamental principle of all healing that occurs during and after a treatment.Spiritual Restructuring frees discordant energy trapped in the body, allowing healing to take place. By unblocking one muscle, the entire body may come into alignment and energy may begin to flow freely again.

Spiritual Restructuring corrects muscle imbalances which allow the bones, tissues, glands and organs to return to their proper positions. It is a safe, gentle and non-intrusive way of working, quickly releasing stressful body memories, including “psychic wounds” and discordant programmes held in the body’s various systems.

We are, at our core, pure energy. An SpR practitioner works with SPIRIT to bring adjust and balance to all systems of the body including the vibrations of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the Self.

Immediate relief for pain and injuries

When there has been injury or trauma, the body tends to immobilise the area to protect it from further movement and pain. When the holding pattern becomes habituated, muscles can remain chronically tense even after the initial cause of the pain has disappeared. Body alignment techniques are done gently on and off the body, to stimulate gentle, effective release of the holding pattern, thus allowing a person who has suffered with chronic pain over a prolonged period to get immediate relief.

“Wow! Thank you so much for the SpR! For the first time in a year I can stand on my tip toes! My foot has improved considerably… totally marvellous!” AW

Course Structure

This class runs over six days which is often split into two long weekends. Due to the content of the course, taking the SRT Basic course is mandatory, and the SRT Advanced is preferred.

On the course, you will learn:

  • how to identify and release energies that have created problems and have contributed to mental, emotional and physical trauma;
  • how to find and correct muscle imbalances to allow the bones, tissues, glands or organs to return to their proper positions;
  • how to correct the flow of breath in the body;
  • how to access and release stressful body memories through meditation

plus a great deal more!

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Physically and spiritually adjust the vertebra, sacrum, hips, ribs, head, and torqued or jammed joints to improve freedom of movement
  • Release tension in over-extended muscles using gentle touch
  • Clear and balance emotional energy
  • Apply healing to all the major organs and glands
  • Release discordant programming to bring about harmony between the physical brain and the mind.
  • Where applicable, suggest information on what foods to use to support the various systems of the body

Further feedback for Spiritual Restructuring

“My back is much improved, quite uncanny! Still not sure how it works but the improvements speak for themselves. I am pain free since it has taken effect and considering I was bedridden less than a week ago it is quite remarkable.”

“I suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain due to a lot of work-related stress and tension, and wanted to clear it. As Jaime started the treatment, I immediately felt an incredible sense of peace wash over me and had a profound sense of floating, which was truly wonderful in itself! When the treatment had finished, Jaime mentioned other corrections that he had been guided to correct, such as my knee… my knee had always troubled me when running but I hadn’t even mentioned it. He also made an energetic correction to my small intestine, which I knew of through medical diagnoses but never told him about!” ME

Read client and student feedback

Cost and enrollment

  • At least SRT Basic Class is required. Students MUST be able to work with their High Self and stay clear of blocks/interferences.
  • The cost includes extensive SRA approved manual & your course certificate.
  • Cost is £690 for the 6 days’ training.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place.

How to book

Check out our events timetable to book your place on the next exciting Spiritual Restructuring course!

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If you have any further questions about the course, please feel free to contact us.