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The decision to become a Reiki Master demands a level of full commitment from the individual to his/her spiritual growth and self-mastery. Becoming a Reiki Master means you are dedicated to bringing through more of your own Light and wish to further develop many spiritual qualities such as empathy, insight, love and compassion.

The Usui Reiki Master course honours the Usui/Tibetan system of natural healing and brings with it an expanded sense of Self, along with a unique set of healing tools to work with.

Spiritually there is a much stronger connection with Reiki and creation unfolds many magical moments in what one would have previously considered mundane. This results in a greater ability to love life, and consequently one attracts greater love and well-being. Those who regularly use the Masters’ energy find it an invaluable healing energy at times of emotional turmoil, stress or change, bringing insight and clarity of mind, helping to let go of the past.

Ideally, the student should have had at least six months’ experience following his/her Reiki Second Degree course and self-treating with Reiki will be an integral and normal part of daily life.

The focus of the Masters course is to help you, the student, reconnect and deepen your own  spiritual practice, so you can utilise this spiritual energy more effectively in helping you create the life you truly want; this becomes effortless as the True Self makes itself known and the ego begins to fall away as you become more and more present in the ‘here and now’.

A Master Teacher certificate and Usui lineage is awarded on completion of all four days, so long as there is adequate demonstration of healing techniques, and the attunement process. As well, Jaime and Jennifer provide support via Skype and email to all their Reiki masters after the training has finished.

Each Master Teacher training with Energy Therapy is structured yet flexible, creative, stimulating, and lots of fun!

Reiki Master Course information

The course material includes (but is not limited to):

  • The Role of the Reiki Master
  • Teaching Reiki
  • Reiki Meditations
  • Using Crystals and Stones with Reiki
  • The Crystal Grid
  • The Reiki Master Symbol
  • Reiki Master Attunement
  • Tibetan Symbols
  • Tibetan master symbol attunement
  • Tibetan healing symbol attunement
  • Reiki Psychic Surgery
  • The Antahkarana Symbol and its usage
  • The Hui Yin Point and Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  • The Violet Breath
  • Receiving Reiju Empowerment
  • Giving Reiju Empowerments
  • The Kotodama
  • The Attunement Process
  • Attuning Others
  • Self Attunement
  • Distant Attunements
  • Practical Attunement Work
  • How to give healing attunements

“Jaime made me feel comfortable and welcome from the outset of my Reiki training. The atmosphere was calm and the training was both enlightening and empowering. I feel I have learnt the intrinsic value of Reiki and how to apply this to my own life and to those around me. Jaime went out of his way to make my Reiki Masters course special for me and the powerful healing session is something I will always remember!” WM

Cost and enrollment

  • Open to Second Degree students (with 6 months+ experience)
  • The cost includes your full training, comprehensive manual and Reiki certificate, recognised by the UKRF and CThA
  • Cost determined according to whether the course is fully residential or non-residential.**
  • Check out our events timetable for dates, teaching venue and cost.

**The non-residential price (typically £800 for the 4-day Reiki Master training) includes your comprehensive training manual, course certificate, as well as a printed Reiki Master Teacher Manual, with all the information you need to go out and teach Reiki yourself.

What happens after taking the Master attunements?

The Reiki Master has a much greater appreciation of the abundance and the graciousness of the Reiki energy. This results in a feeling of increased safety in body, and develops within the Reiki Master very spiritual qualities such as wisdom, understanding, strength, patience and a desire to share this well-being with everyone encountered. The Reiki Master is more motivated from the heart than from a need for ego gratification or from greed. Such destructive qualities are replced by love. It is not unusual for Reiki Masters to start another career or set up their own business.

Reiki is entering a new phase of heightened public awareness and the energy available through this system of awakening has increased significantly, in line with the evolutionary shifts occuring on our planet today.

See Jaime and Jennifer’s Reiki Master lineage.

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