Dowsing for Health and Information | Workshop

Crystal Pendulm for Dowsing

“Dowsing has completely changed my life (positively!) in the short time I have been exposed to it. I recently completed the basic SRT course with Jaime who is a kind, thoughtful & patient teacher. I continue to feel calmer, more centred and my health continues to improve. I am so excited about completing the advanced course & continuing to use this wonderful tool!” ZL

Did you know that your body is a highly tuned sensory transmitter and receiver of energy and information, constantly interacting with an invisible field of information that is invisible to the naked eye?

Did you know that your conscious mind often blocks, or screens out, this sensory exchange of information?!

What if you could reliably access this field, and use the insights you gain to transform your health and well-being? Well, you can!

What to expect!

On this dowsing workshop, you will learn exactly what dowsing is, how to use a pendulum and ‘L’ Rods as tools to find information that can radically improve the choices you make in your own life, and how to begin to help those you care about.

To have science tell us that we are part of an interconnected field of superorganising intelligence is one thing. To interact with it on a tangible level is quite another!

Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Simply put, consciously knowing that an energy field exists within you, and all around you, can radically change the perception of your life as you currently know it, and completely alter the way you perceive your place in this Universe.

Jaime is a dowsing expert, and a long-term SRT Teacher, and has been leading the field in the exploration of consciousness. He has taught hundreds of students how to dowse effectively, and continues to works with clients all over the world. He has a passion for dowsing, and pushing the frontiers of this energy-based science.

On this 2 day workshop, Jaime will teach you:

  • the mechanics of dowsing: using breath and intention to focus
  • how to link with the field/superconscious mind
  • how to dowse for information on health
  • how to find and clear negative energies affecting the present life

This workshop is valuable for both beginners and those who wish to expand their knowledge!

Over the two days, you will also learn:

  • How to know the answer to your most pressing questions
  • How to use dowsing to optimise your health, wellbeing and overall quality of life
  • How dowsing proves beyond reasonable doubt the existence of an invisible world of energy that underpins your daily existence
Saturday’s itinerary
  • What dowsing is
  • Who can do it
  • How it works (the mechanics)
  • Dowsing rods as a finding tool
  • The human energy field
  • The pendulum as a tool for finding out information
  • How to focus with detachment
  • The use of dowsing in everyday decision-making
Sunday’s itinerary
  • Fine-tuning your dowsing
  • Identify, clear and rebalance energies affecting your body/life
  • The importance of questioning skills

Truly, we have only begun to explore the vast potentials of consciousness that lie dormant within us all.

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The price is £250 for the weekend workshop! including refreshments, manual and dowsing rods.

You can choose to attend the workshop for the Saturday only or Sunday only for £150. However, please note that the fundamentals of dowsing will not be taught on the Sunday. In order to attend Sunday only you MUST have previous dowsing experience!

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How to book

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Important notice

Please wait until the event is fully confirmed before making travel plans, or incurring any other related costs. An email will be sent immediately to registered participants once the minimum number is reached, thank you for understanding.

Taking it further! Learn Advanced Dowsing Techniques with SRT

This workshop is also aimed at those considering the full training in Spiritual Response Therapy, a master system of dowsing for health and exploring the frontiers of consciousness.

The Basic/Foundation SRT Class will take place in October/November this year. Dates will be set at the end of the workshop for those interested.

Spiritual Response Therapy uses the mechanism of dowsing in an altered state of consciousness, to undo sources of pain, suffering, and limitation, and assist the evolution of human consciousness to rise to the level of joy that should be the essence of each and every human being’s experience.