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March 28, 2018    Singapore   

I was highly skeptical of the healing session with Jaime as I’m 8000 miles away in Singapore and was wondering how effective could a remote healing be? I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a shot. I was proven so completely wrong!! Miraculously, I’ve started drinking water about 1 litre a day whereas I used to only drink 2-3 glasses a day. I’ve also started eating, and having a craving for salad, which is quite unlike me. I’ve also slept like a log the first 2 nights. I feel more emotionally balanced and my cough is a lot better already. My back pain has lessened a lot too. I went for a massage today (5 days later) & that didn’t leave me screeching in pain. My masseuse who massaged me a week back told me that my shoulders were not tight or blocked anymore. I highly recommend Jaime who is really gifted in energy therapy, psychological counselling and healing and I’m so blessed & thankful to have met him!

December 1, 2017    Paphos, Cyprus   

For 3 years now I have been eagerly participating in Energy Therapy's yoga classes on the beach. I am extremely happy to share that my journey has certainly been an incredible one! Jaime & Jennifer make a Super team, with their great expertise. I have achieved Amazing growth in my yoga practise on All levels-mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically! I am deeply grateful for sharing my life with them and wish them the best of luck in their new adventures in Bali!

May 5, 2016    New York, NY   

I recently had my second remote healing session with Jaime and had a tremendous experience. I had suffered night and day for 11 months from painful plantar fasciitis in both feet. I'm a massage therapist with a network of extraordinary colleagues, energy workers, and acupuncturists and no one had been able to help me. Jaime was extremely professional and friendly which immediately put me at ease. He is grounded in his approach and trusting of his intuition and connection to Spirit through this work. In short, my pain was 90% relieved that same day. It was truly astonishing. A week later it's about 99% gone with only occasional stiffness. In fact, my whole physical structure is being reorganized around this miraculous experience. I am looking forward to working with him again soon and am thrilled and grateful to have a new and trustworthy healing facilitator in my life. Thank you Jaime!

October 19, 2015    Limassol, Cyprus   

I decided to have a healing session with Jaime as I felt blocked by obstacles within my job and other aspects of my life! I must say it was the best idea ever! I had my first treatment with Jaime which started with a very thorough consultation, followed by the energy treatment, which was an intense experience that also relaxed me greatly - but the after effects were simply amazing! I hope this peaceful and relaxed inner sensation will never stop! I highly recommend Energy Therapy! It's great to have Jaime and Jennifer available and I'm looking forward to attend some courses with them!

September 15, 2015    Florida, USA   

I intuitively knew about the law of attraction since a child. I saw it working and lived it. However, somewhere along the way I lost it in the hustle of the world of adulthood. I found myself in a well that I could not climb out of and did not know why. Energy Therapy with Jaime and Jennifer offered me the chance to take some law of attraction coaching sessions. They helped brighten my day and set me on a path to improving my mind, body and soul. They taught me how to climb out of the well that was simply an illusion of my mind. If there is one thing you want to do to improve your life, take a class or coaching session and illuminate your way. Jaime and Jennifer speak with you on a level that is kind and informative. They are full of information and ideas to guide you and always willing to help you. Do yourself a favor treat your self to this class and create a glowing new you!

August 6, 2015    London, United Kingdom   

I really enjoyed my reflexology session with Jennifer. It was my first and truly enlightening. The purpose of the session was to prepare my body for labour and encourage my baby to arrive on due date. Following the session, baby was very active through the night and I had to get up and move about quite a bit to channel her energy! In the morning I noticed my feet weren't as swollen as they had been in recent days. Jennifer also gave me sound advice to help me connect with myself and my baby and lovely affirmations which work really well for me and which I plan to put into practice from today during quiet moments. A few fears and anxieties to do with labour had surfaced in recent days so the session with Jennifer was very timely. Thank you!

April 22, 2015    London   

I just wanted to tell that I feel amazing since my remote healing session and treatment with you. All the pain in my back has gone and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm much more positive and tackeling all the things I need to do. Even better than having a session with my chiropractor. Thanks so much!

March 15, 2015    lford   

Jaime is a fantastic teacher. Learning about energy work can be an intense experience at times but Jaime made it so easy and pleasant. His involvement with students is much appreciable. Jaime is absolutely passionate and dedicated for his work. I'm extremely pleased and glad under his tutelage. Jennifer is an excellent teacher in her own right and an excellent support to Jaime's classes. They see every comfort for their students, serving them with love and warmth. I would highly recommend everyone to develop their skills with Jaime and experience wonders!! I can't thank you enough with my words Jaime and Jennifer, keep up the great work!!

December 30, 2014    London   

Jaime is a God send! I saw Jaime for face to face sessions in London and now (for the last year)have clearing and healing sessions remotely (via skype). I continue to benefit enormously through working with Jaime. He easily clears and heals physical aliments that have proved difficult to shift via the usual convential means. Jaime is gentle, understanding and has great insight and intuition. He is a joy to work with! Thank you Jaime!

December 2, 2014    London   

I completed my Usui Reiki Masters (Shinpiden) training with Jaime. The course was a truly uplifting, nurturing experience in my spiritual journey with Reiki, and I feel my conscious awareness has shifted to a much higher level since taking the course with Jaime. As well as this, I feel I have expanded in my sense of self and have gained knowledge of healing techniques to work with. Jaime's caring, gentle and non judgmental approach as a Reiki Master over the four days of the course was a powerful and uplifting experience. He made me feel relaxed and at ease throughout, and now I feel a great joy and love of life. Using the master energy has been an invaluable part of my healing in challenging times giving me more clarity and focus to move forward from the past. Thank you Jaime!

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