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I was struggling with abdominal pain for over a year. The doctor never had answers, and they just said I had IBS. I tried everything from reading books, researching, physical therapy, etc., and nothing seemed to work well for me. I then started to get acupuncture, and it worked but only for a day or so. Right after that, my abdominal pain would come back. It was debilitating, and I felt terrible. I was desperate, so I continued to do research. I was about to give up. But then I came across Jaime. I'm still unsure how I stumbled upon his website, but I am thankful I did. I booked the 90-minute healing session with him. He was very friendly, professional, and attentive. He showed much more care than any of the doctors I saw. After the session, I was shocked that I felt so much better. A day later, I was 90% better. A few days later, I felt the best I've felt in a very long time. I'm so thankful for Jaime and his energy healing practice.


I found Jaime on Dr. Bruce Lipton website and I am so happy I did. I'd been struggling with irregular menstrual cycle for about 3 years not knowing what is really going on with my body. I went to few doctors and they tried to prescribe me medicine, telling me I might have an early menopause. What they were saying just didn’t feel right to me so I started to look for a more holistic way of healing and I got interested in energy healing and I found Jaime. We started our sessions back in September 2020 and it's now March (so six months). He cleared my energy and gave me great guidance, specifically based around what I shared. He uses a process of intuitive dowsing and listening in Presence. He gave me advice on what foods to give up and what foods to add into my diet, he advised me to be in the nature more, to walk barefoot more, sit against the trees, and come back to trusting my body’s wisdom. So that’s what I did! I followed all the advice as much as I could and still am and after about 4 months my period came back to normal, my energy levels are up, and I'm happier and it feels so good to trust my body’s wisdom, I am happy for the results and I would recommend Jaime to anyone for his caring, mindful approach. I am beyond grateful and am a regular mentee on his mentorship program, learning lots more!


I've been working steadily with the exercises you have given me and drinking my celery juice daily. I seem to have more energy, I noticed my BP has gone down a couple of points, and I've lost some weight too!


Last year I was told I was in early menopause. I’d been struggling for over a year with hot sweats, migraines and out of control hormones. I just didn’t feel myself and the HRT therapies didn’t seem to help.

So, I made a connection with Jaime because I needed to try something completely different. I’ll be honest, I was a little reticent to believe in the effectiveness of remote healing, but I am so pleased I opened my mind enough to try.

The results were astonishing.

In ONE session Jaime turned my early menopause quite literally on its head. After months of symptoms, everything suddenly settled. My cycles have never been so regular and I feel so much better balanced. It completely baffled my GP...

I don’t pretend to know how energy clearing actually works - but I do know I will continue to work with Jaime because I believe he has a tremendous gift and genuinely wishes to heal everyone he connects with.

I’d recommend him in a heart beat.


Thank you for the remote healing session on Saturday. My neck pain has disappeared and the pain in my feet has reduced significantly. I wasn't sure what I was expecting to happen but I was, and still am, really amazed that a lot of physical pain has disappeared!

Wilmot, USA   

Thank you for the online session on Saturday. I've experienced amazing and significant shifts in my energy in the past 36 hours. The tip about touching my heart when I feel angry or upset has already made a significant difference. It is my desire to dwell in and with Love. Also, I enjoyed meditating outside in my garden this morning with your suggested affirmations. The main message that I gained from the session is the importance of daily "top and tail" clearing. Just like brushing my teeth -- part of my daily hygiene.
Oh, also, a new power animal showed up! I was a bit resistant to her appearance at first. Rather, I was not seeing the significance of her appearance right away. After showing up 4 times, I finally said "Aha! You are the new animal messenger" when, while planting my vegetable garden this morning, a beautiful, tiny, neon yellow Spider crawled up my arm. Spider is answering the request you placed yesterday for a new animal to guide me. Spider medicine is Creativity!

California, USA   

I loved working with you Jaime! Just want to report that I feel that i have better aligned focus in my inner electromagnetic grid than before the remote healing session. I now measure my brain waves after every meditation I do and today I got 94% congruency.  The highest i have ever gotten was 72%! I feel like everything I have been working on with effort just started to flow with ease and less effort. I feel a sense of intervention and love from spirit. Your in depth questions and presence created a beautiful healing space. Thank you! Elle

London, England   

I found Jaime at a very difficult time in my life when I was going round in circles in trying to overcome some very major life difficulties. The energy work that Jaime did for me was a huge catalyst in a needed life transformation. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking energy healing and compassionate guidance.

London, England   

Hi Jaime, I am not sure what you technically do, but I do know that you come up trumps when I need some help/guidance/healing. Your online sessions are invaluable! Thank you! I am very lucky to know you!!


I was highly skeptical of the healing session with Jaime as I’m 8000 miles away in Singapore and was wondering how effective could a remote healing be? I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a shot. I was proven so completely wrong!! Miraculously, I’ve started drinking water about 1 litre a day whereas I used to only drink 2-3 glasses a day. I’ve also started eating, and having a craving for salad, which is quite unlike me. I’ve also slept like a log the first 2 nights. I feel more emotionally balanced and my cough is a lot better already. My back pain has lessened a lot too. I went for a massage today (5 days later) & that didn’t leave me screeching in pain. My masseuse who massaged me a week back told me that my shoulders were not tight or blocked anymore. I highly recommend Jaime who is really gifted in energy therapy, psychological counselling and healing and I’m so blessed & thankful to have met him!

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