Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop (Advanced)

reiki course

The advanced Reiki workshop brings in many of the Japanese techniques for healing the body-mind and covers more advanced aspects of healing work.

It is highly recommended to attend this course before taking the Masters training, but both Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters will benefit from this exploration of healing and consciousness, deepening their awareness and understanding of Reiki, and becoming more sensitive to ‘energy sensing’.

Cost and enrollment

  • Only Reiki Second Degree students and Masters may attend this course.
  • The cost includes the workshop training, a comprehensive manual and your certificate of attendance
  • Cost determined according to whether the course is fully residential or non-residential.**
  • Check our events timetable for dates, teaching venue and cost.

**The non-residential price (typically £250) includes the 2 day training, workshop manual and light refreshments, but does not include any meals or accommodation costs.

Further information

The course includes (but is not limited to):

  • The pillars of Reiki: Gassho, Reiji-ho, Chiryo
  • Byosen – scanning the sick line
  • The three diamonds – Earth Ki, Heaven Ki and Heart Ki
  • The importance of intent (frequency + intent = healing)
  • The importance of being present
  • Kenyoku Ho – dry bathing technique to clear the body and etheric fields of negative energies
  • Joshin Kokyu Ho – single pointed meditation focusing on Ki driven breath to sense and develop the hara
  • Seishin Toitsu – creating a united self
  • Gedoku Ho – detoxification method
  • Transmitting Reiki with your eyes (Gyoshi-ho) and breath (Koki-ho)
  • Connecting with your Higher Self on a daily basis – getting guidance
  • The Antahkarana symbol
  • Dowsing
  • Revisiting the Mental/Emotional cleansing technique
  • Clearing conditioned patterns of the past with the M/E symbol
  • Tenohira (self-treatment) revisited
  • Meditation exercises using the symbols – stepping into the Ki
  • Q&As – group discussion

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How to book

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