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rock balance zenAre you looking to heal from mental patterns, such as long standing anxiety, worry or depression, or are you struggling on a very physical level…  with symptoms such as low level tiredness or constant fatigue (ME), skin conditions like eczema, heart burn, disturbed digestion (IBS, gut inflammation), and so forth?  Perhaps you feel burned out, or heart-broken? Or that something isn’t quite right deep down?

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to deeply relax and destress from the enormous pressures of life — whether you’re a mother or father struggling to raise a family, or a business owner, the demands are almost incessant. And then we have the madness and chaos of the world events heaped on top of us! It’s hard to find a safe, authentic space to let go and relax.

Many people today cannot switch off, and their minds are in constant overdrive due to overstimulation.  Hypertension is on the rise… and the amount of people who are experiencing disturbed sleep is rising exponentially.  Perhaps you find yourself in this category?

Sound healing — A real solution to finding one’s vibrancy, courage and direction

You’ll need a yoga mat, blanket, eye cover/cushion, good quality head phones/ear phones, OR good speakers (not computer speakers).

As a sound healer, I have seen the miracle of using sound consciously, time and again…a long time ago a client of mine had a non-union fracture of her femur bone for 13 months, and the surgeon was going to shave the bone down … I used sound healing and applied kinesiology/SRT, a few weeks’ later, the bone started to heal! X-rays confirmed it! 💪

Initial feedback from regular clients:

“Wow.. let me tell you. After the sound session you told me to relax. I felt all my chakras been worked on. Then I felt being aligned with a new frequency. I stayed feeling everything for a total of over 2 hours before getting up.” LT

“Just to say a big ‘thank you’ for today. E*** really loved her session and has been raving about it all evening.  She has asked if she can come with me to sound baths in the future and if she can have another sound bath healing with you. I will let you know how it impacts her over the coming days. I am delighted that she responds so well to your work with spirit. With love and thanks.”

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Cymatics 2

Of course, all of the difficult health conditions are arising out of state of disconnection to our very Being.  I believe that with very challenge comes a real opportunity to evolve and expand beyond the limitations we face, but the journey begins with us, and our decision to step into this moment, and our power.

Sound is a powerful healing method that can provide a real, powerful and lasting solution for those of us who wish to evolve and heal faster.

Whenever we are tuned into this moment, into the Source of our very Being, only then do we begin to truly heal, as opposed to self-medicating, which is usually a temporary stop gap or band-aid (or should be!), and which is largely unsustainable if we truly want to thrive.

When we are in a state of complete wellbeing, we can say that the body is emitting a coherent signal of health health. However, when there is a frequency in our body that is counter to our health, the body is emitting an incoherent signal of health.  It’s a distortion that creates disharmony and which often results in dis-ease at the mental and physical levels.

Book YOUR sound healing session/sound journey today — deeply relax and return to wholeness!

(NB: Sessions are conducted by Zoom, so this is open to you wherever you are in the world).


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When you book, you will see how you begin to rejuvenate and repair on all levels.

Today, sound therapy is gaining more prominence as authentic way to heal not only illnesses of the mind but also to heal the physical body!  It can literally ‘vibrate’ out disease and cause changes at the cellular level. It can even re-pattern the neural networks of the physical brain!

Today, using Cymatics — or the ‘science of visible sound — it has been shown that music IS medicine. A skilled healer and musician can use sound, coupled with clear, focused intention, to project a “healing” sound into the body, reminding the body of its natural resonant frequency, thereby restoring the blueprint for perfect health again.

As a highly conscious sound healer, I have seen the miracle of using sound time and again… the sound is encoded with particular frequencies for repatterining the very structures of the human body – from organs and glands, to various tissues, muscles, blood and bone.  A client of mine many moons ago had a non-union fracture of her femur bone for 13 months, and the surgeon was going to shave the bone down … I used sound healing and applied kinesiology/SRT, a few weeks’ later, the bone started to heal! X-rays confirmed it!

With so much in disarray in the world around us, it’s time to become more intimate with our own consciousness, the spirit world, and the potential for healing and transformation that’s available and profoundly needed right now.

Music/Vibration as Medicine

One of the basic principles of using sound to heal is that every part of the body is in a state of vibration. That means, every system including organs, glands, tissues, muscles and so on… Not only does each part have its own unique frequency, together the parts make up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is unique as a fingerprint.

Look at the beautiful geometric patterns on this page, all created by sound! This isn’t new by the way — this started way back in 1787, when Ernst Chladni published “Discoveries in the Theory of Sound”.  Today, Cymatics, known as the science of visible sound, is rapidly gaining momentum across many disciplines.

Pioneering scientists like John Reid have taken this vital work of Cymatics (the science of visible sound) much further than before.  Reid invented the Cymascope which uses water as a membrane and creates incredible digitised images of the fascinating geometric patterns of sound. (See image ‘Cymatics 2’ on this page).

Pleasing sounds, healing sounds, create beautiful structures… whereas discordant sounds/frequencies cause ugly patterns.  Ponder deeply what’s happening inside you as you both receive and create/project your thoughts, emotions and words.

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We can use sonic frequencies, coupled with clear, focused intention, to project powerful healing sounds into the body, restoring the blueprint for perfect health and wellness.

  • Take a look at the image (above) of a ‘healthy cell’ versus a ‘cancerous cell’. One displays a beautiful geometry of consciousness, and the other is distorted or malformed.
  • In our bodies, millions of cells are being created at every moment, millions are also dying… and some are that in-between state.
  • The potential for disease exists at every moment, and so too does the potential for incredible wellness. This is activated through CHOICE.
  • The new sciences of cymatics and epigenetics are both pointing to frequency, vibration and harmonics as keys to incredible health.

With so much in disarray in the world around us, it’s time to become more intimate with our own consciousness, the spirit world, and the REAL potential for healing and transformation that’s available and profoundly needed right now.

I’ve been working remotely with clients around the world via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype since 2009.

I recommend a sound session every 2 weeks as a baseline for shifting out of anxiety, worry and other frustrating life blocks.

If you wish to heal on a deeper level, I advise working with me 1-1 through energy healing and soul guidance. As your personal coach and mentor, I will listen deeply to your concerns, and each session will empower you to take control of your relationships, health and life.  If you can shift out of unwanted patterns in a few weeks or months, your investment in yourself will be worth it. Your personal health history and, more vitally, your story contains vital information that I listen to in a state of Presence – and receive guidance from my High Self.


Worldwide Praise for Energy Therapy (Testimonials)

“It’s been 7 days since my remote healing with Jaime, and I’m a little bit amazed at how much better I’m feeling. I didn’t doubt that the therapy would help, but I was quite sceptical about the speed at which it’s supposed to start working. After the energy session, I felt this odd sense of peace and wellness for a while and I was able to lie down with my eyes closed, without any anxiety or panic – this hasn’t happened for years! Yesterday I woke up in a rush of anxiety but it didn’t last long. And today I’ve woken up -for the first time in weeks- without any despair or anxiety. I’m feeling light and energised, and I actually feel able to tackle big and small chores without feeling overwhelmed. Here’s something interesting also – for the last several months, I have been pretty much living on painkillers, thanks to an old shoulder injury that returned with a vengeance. I’ve been worried about the impact on my liver/kidneys, of so many meds, while I wait for a physiotherapy appointment. I just realised on Sunday that for the first time in about 6 months, I went for a whole 48 hours without any pain meds- and without any pain! It’s quite amazing!” Simran, U.K

“Jaime is a God send! I originally booked an energy session to help deal with insomnia and feelings of overwhelment. Just two days after the first session I felt much calmer – and to my amazement my insomnia had completely disappeared, enabling me to feel more refreshed, energised and able to deal with life! As these issues had been completely transformed with such success I wondered if Jaime could help with my back and neck pain, I had been working with a chiropractor for the last eight years. After the first session the symptoms were 50% better, on the second session they had completely disappeared. Jaime easily clears and heals physical aliments that have proved difficult to shift via the usual conventional means. Thank you Jaime!” Sarah, Senior Psychotherapist, England

“I just wanted to write to you to let you know of our good news. I am 6 months pregnant with a little girl on the way! Last year was a real struggle in terms of fertility. My husband and I made an appointment at the IVF clinic to get all the information once and for all so as to make an informed and final decision. And bang, the evening before that first IVF appointment we found out we were naturally pregnant after the healing sessions with you… What a wonderful, miraculous turn of events!  Your input, guidance and your amazing remote healing sessions have all truly contributed to a beautiful outcome for me and I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the wonderful work you do in making this world a better place.” Nicole, Lagos, Nigeria

“Since having my session with Jaime I have felt a more clearer outlook to my life. I suffered with dizzy spells on an ongoing basis since giving birth to my son three years ago. The dizziness has gone completely since my session. I have no need to take the tablets my doctor prescribed for me. I also feel so much more grounded and less tired. I thank you so much for giving me some normality as my illness was getting me down and I never thought it would leave. I am now a keen follower of Energy Therapy!” Sara, London, England

“I recently had my second remote healing session with Jaime and had a tremendous experience. I had suffered night and day for 11 months from painful plantar fasciitis in both feet. I’m a massage therapist with a network of extraordinary colleagues, energy workers, and acupuncturists and no one had been able to help me. Jaime was extremely professional and friendly which immediately put me at ease. He is both grounded and intuitive n his approach. In short, my pain was 90% relieved that same day. It was truly astonishing. A week later it’s about 99% gone with only occasional stiffness. In fact, my whole physical structure is being reorganized around this miraculous experience. Thank you Jaime!” Lisa, New York, USA

“I was highly sceptical of the healing session with Jaime as I’m 8000 miles away in Singapore and was wondering how effective could a remote healing be? I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a shot. I was proven so completely wrong!! I’ve started having a craving for salad and ‘healthy foods’, which is quite unlike me and I’ve slept like a log the first 2 nights. I feel more emotionally balanced and my cough is a lot better already. My back pain has lessened a lot too. I went for a massage today (5 days later) & that didn’t leave me screeching in pain. My masseuse who massaged me a week back told me that my shoulders were not tight or blocked anymore.” A Kaur, Singapore

“At times of great uncertainty and distress in my life, I have found Jaime’s work to be insightful, calming and constructive. The result of which-I have managed to obtain clarity and direction. I have spent my life and career working in science and medicine and therefore I have had no experience of such form of therapy before. I don’t know how it works, but it works.” Beth, Doctor, London, England

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