Healing Moon Meditation

 This wonderful meditation by Anthony William, the medical medium, cleanses the mind of poisonous thoughts racing through a busy mind and clears toxic emotions stored in the heart.

If you struggle with meditation because it’s hard for you to sit quietly, you just can’t figure out a way to create the time to do it, or you’re in too much pain or too stressed to clear the negative barrage of thoughts from your mind, more traditional forms of meditation (e.g. sitting meditation) may be challenging or not work for you right now. This is where this particular Soul Healing meditation can come in very handy!

To start the meditation, you simply need to focus on your intention to reconnect with the moon as an energy source – and, if it fits within your existing understanding, a living Being. Indeed, drawing energy from the Sun and Moon was recognised by the Ancients, including enlightened yogis and seers – and is a powerful way to heal.

Each night, or as many nights a week as you can, just gaze softly at the moon for five minutes. (If you’re not able to do it for that long, even doing it for 30 seconds will be helpful.)

First orient yourself to the wonder that is the moon and spend a moment appreciating it. Really take the time to feel the moon’s energy – know where it is in the sky in relation to you and how it’s magnetic force can help you heal and hold more light in your body.

You have a pranic body that is deeply connected to the physical, and this is the body that actually draws in the healing force.

As you stare at the moon for a few minutes or as long as you’d like, feel that it is clearing your consciousness of any and all weeds. These weeds are the toxic thoughts, emotions, and stresses that are stored within you, influencing the decisions you make, the thoughts you think, and the feelings you experience. These weeds also affect your faith, trust, and compassion, so the more weeds you have, the harder it is to navigate our way through life in a way that’s truly in your best interests.

The moon doesn’t have to be bright or full to do this meditation but, of course, each Full Moon is a powerful time to choose to do such a meditation.

You can sit or stand, as you wish – all you need is to be able to see it and experience an intimacy with the moon for those few minutes.

“The moon has a magnetic frequency that gives it the amazing ability to draw out darkness for the time you do this meditation, giving you a fresh start instantly, even if you don’t feel it yet yourself. Your soul starts to heal, your spirit starts to heal, and your heart starts to heal. Wounds you’ve collected from trust being broken, betrayal, or difficult situations you’ve had to bear, even illness or physical suffering, can start to mend. The more you do this meditation, the more profound its effects will be over time. Over time, you may feel yourself renewed and moving in a new and healthier direction.”

The Healing Moon Meditation is really that simple and that profound — and it’s right there for you every time you wish to use it.

There are many meditations that Anthony William has shared that can help you access miraculous healing benefits in just a few minutes, making them realistic for almost anyone. They also provide a way for you to deeply connect with the beautiful earth we live on and its perfect design to support us through our trials and hardships. These Soul-Healing Meditations are given in his first book “Medical Medium.”

Check out his extraordinary work here: https://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/

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October 14, 2019
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