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reiki drumming in nature

There is a sacred relationship with the Divine through sound, and we have always felt this knowing deep within us and we consciously or unconsciously express this through our words (prayer) and our song (music). The mass spiritual awakening that humanity is experiencing today is leading more and more of us to once again explore this sacred connection to sound.

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The drumbeat is one of the oldest and most sacred sounds that we can use to access consciousness and healing. When combining Reiki with sound, the Divine wisdom inherent in the Reiki energy merges with the sound waves and creates a beautifully safe and sacred environment for healing to occur.

From a spiritual vantage point, the healer (traditionally called a “shaman”) knows that everything is alive and “ensouled”. The word ‘shaman’ is borrowed from the languange of a shamanic people, the Tungus of Siberia, and is usually translated to mean ‘one who is exalted, or lifted up’. This clearly implies the ability to connect with a force or presence that transcends the physical body.

Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming, says that “a shaman is a conscious dreamer who has developed the ability to enter the dreamworld at will to communicate with dream guides, to journey across time and space and into other orders of reality, and brings back gifts of healing and insight for the benefit of others.”

You can experience conscious dreaming for yourself through Reiki Drumming, also known as Reiki Drum Technique.

Reiki drumming is a blending of healing traditions from the east and west, as well as ancient shamanistic ceremonial practices. Shamanic drumming, when combined with Reiki, becomes a powerful tool for awakening more fully to our Divine purpose here on earth.

There are effectively three “types” of drum healing that the practitioner can offer:

Reiki Drum Healing Session

A Reiki Drum Healing Session generally lasts for a shorter period of time than a normal Reiki session. The practitioner gently drums over the body of the client and stops when intuitively guided to do so. Just as Reiki is limitless Love, the intentions for drumming with Reiki and the healings that can take place from them are limitless as well. The drumming is followed by normal hands-on Reiki to help further integrate the healing which has begun through the powerful rhythms of the drum.

Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming

Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming is a way of treating negative conscious mind habits. The technique can be used to overcome bad habits, or to focus the mind on achieving a particular goal in the most empowering way. Drumming facilitates the energetic shift necessary to positively affect both the conscious and subconscious mind. The client focuses their mind on the issue in question whilst the practitioner drums gently over their body. After a period of time the practitioner incorporates normal hands-on Reiki to integrate the healing.

Reiki Drum Journey

The Reiki Drum Journey is a technique to facilitate altered consciousness for the client to access information for change in any area of their life. Journeying is a cross-cultural healing method that has been practiced by shamanic healers throughout the ages. A Reiki drum journey can help you connect spiritually to another point in time or space, or an aspect of your consciousness for the purpose of finding answers, resolving issues, or positively impacting a situation. Journey allows you, the client, to connect with your deep inner wisdom and knowledge. This technique can be exceptionally empowering and healing on all levels. The practitioner incorporates normal hands-on Reiki to integrate the healing.

Please read client feedback on Reiki Drumming.

Therapeutic Effects of Reiki Drumming

Drumming reminds our body of its ideal vibratory rate, which is in harmony with the pulse of the earth and the Universal flow of creation. Reiki combined with the rhythm of the drum helps to indentify and remove energy blockages, reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system, creating a deep sense of emotional well-being. It can improve focus, clarity, learning and memory, and help to unlock the creativity within. Reiki drumming has both preventative and therapeutic benefits and is a purifying process.
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Reiki drumming affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously, helping to bring them into harmony while raising the vibratory rate to levels which may allow the body to accelerate its innate healing abilities.

There have been many scientific research studies conducted to discover the effect sound and drumming have on the human body and psyche. Biofeedback research indicates that even brief heartbeat drumming can double alpha brainwaves and reduce modern day stress, which is known to depress the immune system over long periods of time.

“Research further demonstrates that drumming accesses the whole brain, synchronising the two cerebral hemispheres, engaging both logical left brain and intuitive right brain. It has been shown to generate dynamic neural connections in the brain, even when there has been significant damage such as after stroke or with Parkinson’s Disease. Other studies have noted that IQ scores have improved with control groups after playing drums.”
Sarah Gregg, Reiki Drum UK.

Studies have linked drumming with positive effects on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, emotionally disturbed teens, recovery addicts and trauma patients. Drumming has been shown to alter endocrine and immunologic response. Research demonstrates that cortisol levels, blood pressure readings, heart rate and blood flow are all postively affected, natural killer cells are more active and drumming aids the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates assisting in pain control.

You can learn more about sound healing through our article the science behind sound.