Didgeridoo Healings


jaime-didge-optiThe didgeridoo also produces near infra-sound of 0 Hertz, falling well below our typical hearing range, to create states of super-relaxation and access to higher consciousness.

Since typical brain waves operate in the 3-18 Hz range, the vibrations of the didgeridoo are low enough to alter the chemistry of the brain in a positive, life-affirming way.

People find the range of sounds deeply touching, inspiring, magical, earth-centered, ancient, haunting, powerful, primal, other worldly, mesmerizing, calming, enchanting, soothing, mystical, hypnotic, relaxing and primordial, to name but a few experiences.

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What to expect

The didgerdioo awakens ancient feelings and memories, whilst at the same time creating positive currents which are soothing and healing. The hearing range of humans tends to diminish with age because we unconsciously block out the many harsh sounds that arise from living in a technology-driven, urbanised environment. Listening to the harmonics produced by the didgeridoo can help us tune back in to our bodies and improve our ability to hear “more” sounds again.

A didgeridoo healing is combined to great effect with Reiki. The client is asked to lay on their backs on a yoga mat and is covered with a soft blanket. After the client is invited to close their eyes, whilst the didgeridoo is played on and around the physical body – this creates changed in the energy flow of the body, including the major chakras.

The sound portion of the healing is followed by ‘hands-on’ Reiki to help integrate the healing shifts that have already taken place.

Entrainment – A core principle of Sound Healing

One of the basic principles of using sound as a transformative and healing modality is that every part of the body is in a state of vibration, every organ, tissue, muscle, bone, system etc. Together they make up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is unique as a fingerprint. This personal vibratory signature encircles the whole body with an electromagnetic field, which clairvoyants perceive as the human aura, and which can be recorded by means of Kirlian photography.

When we are in a state of wellbeing or “sound health”, we can say that the body is emitting an overall harmonic of health. However, when there is a frequency in our body that is counter to our health, it creates disharmony which often results in dis-ease.

Using an externally created sound, such as playing the didgeridoo, coupled with clear, focused intention, it is possible to project healing sounds into the body, reminding the body of its natural resonant frequency and thus restoring the blueprint for perfect health again. This principle is commonly known as entrainment.

You can learn more about sound healing through our article the science behind sound.