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yin yang mosaicIn our daily lives, we all hope for the positive to occur – happy relationships, right work and abundance, good health.  It’s natural.  We are wired to want to have the best that life can offer us and when our experience is diminished in any way, we feel negative emotion because it runs counter to our broader perspective.

However, we might have forgotten to understand the bigger picture — that we are creating reality through our thoughts and feelings, words and actions.

In order to experience the best life has to offer, we have to become conscious of our innermost vibration again.

Today, there has been an explosion in yoga and meditation precisely because everyone’s stress is turned up to maximum.  There is so much chaotic thought bouncing around, so many opinions about how to live, what do do, or not do, that it sometimes becomes impossible to listen to your personal truth — and your personal truth is the most important (for you).

Digesting other people’s thoughts all the time can lead to indigestion – and there isn’t an over-the-counter remedy for that kind of pain.

So, coming back to what we say we want to experience, it may be useful to acknowledge that we live in a dualistic universe.  We know ‘hot’ because we know ‘cold’ and we know ‘up’ because we know ‘down’.  In the same way, we know what we want when we get what we don’t want.  When we don’t have our health, we want our health back, when we’re struggling to make ends meet, we cry out for an abundance of money to thrive (instead of just ‘survive’).  We know ‘right’ when we experience ‘wrong’ in our lives.

Of course, ‘right’ is a fluid concept… it is determined by our level of understanding, our beliefs (which largely stem from our upbringing) and our level of consciousness (determined by how often we tune into our Inner Being).

Our perception of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ will often change with new understandings – and with spiritual growth.

I’ve found the Tarot is a really useful tool for going beyond overly simplistic interpretations of life.

As the seer lays out the cards, you will obviously hope for the ‘good’ cards, the ones that are positive and encouraging.  You want to know if your situation looks ‘good’, or not.  Favourable, or unfavourable.  (To understand exactly how this process works, read my article here).

You might recoil in disappointment if a ‘nasty’ card appears, or if the reading gives a negative outcome.  It is difficult, for example, to look at the imagery of ‘The Tower’ (people tumbling to their death) or ‘The Devil’ with poise and calm.  Deep down, you may want to look away!  We all want to avoid what’s painful, difficult or downright scary.

Yet, truth be told, the good and the bad are so mixed in life that these terms finally become meaningless.

If you lost your money, or inheritance, and struggled to ‘make it’ but then later became the successful leader of a cutting-edge, visionary company because of that failure and the immense challenges you had to navigate, would you honestly call the totality of your experience ‘bad’?  Perhaps, at the time you didn’t know what the future held, yes, you might have been cursing out loud, feeling bad for yourself and so on. However, with time, and that broader awareness of success and seeing things in context, you would learn to see that initial experience of loss and failure very differently, and perhaps even be grateful for it.

The cards in the Tarot are not good or bad in and of themselves.  The only describe (archetypal) energies or influences that are present in your mind, and in your life.  It is up to you, the Soul, to use this information to make conscious choices about your life, and how to proceed.

Although, for example, the Tower can show a shattering breakup or downfall of some kind, in business or in a personal relationship, you don’t have to view this as an overtly negative thing.  Perhaps you’ve been looking for change?  Perhaps you’ve known all along this was coming?  Perhaps you couldn’t find a way out? Sometimes the explosion of feeling, or the dramatic shake-up, provides you with welcome relief, clearing the air as it were.  It frees up your mental and emotional energy.

Death becomes (new) life.

It is the clarity that a reading brings about a situation that gives you the power to mold ‘future’ events along the lines of your choosing, should you so desire it.  The clarity comes from the ever-present wisdom of your Inner Guide.

Since a good reader will always seek to empower you, the more fearlessly you can face your situation, the more you will see ways to move through it, and to change it.

You are a powerful, creative being that can use the data creatively. By understanding the energy patterns in and around you, you can play with them as you see fit.

“If you were a sculptor on your first day of sculpting, you would not take your big clump of clay and throw it down on the table and say, “Oh, it didn’t turn out right.” You would mold it. You would get better at it. You would get more clay. You would get different-colored colored clay. You would find a way to continue to evolve in your creative endeavor.” Abraham Hicks, Ask and It Is Given

Finally, always remember that any ‘outcome’ that is pictured in a reading is one projected for now, based on the thoughts, feelings and actions you have taken (or failed to take) thus far.  If you identify the core energies or forces at work, in your own psyche, as well as in your situation, then you can seek to alter or change them – particularly your own energies.

The future is never fixed.  Each moment gives us 360 degrees of perception and choice, so a new decision point within you will allow you another perception, and choice.

The outcome of your unfolding story is not a certainty, but a possibility.  Even when the outcome is positive, you are still free to change it, add to it, recreate it as you wish.  And this is how it should be.

At the deepest level you know what your situation is all about. The Tarot simply acts as a mirror, to allow you to recognise what you know, so you can act c consciously. As you learn in life, and having a gifted seer read the Tarot for you, that mirror becomes clearer, and you perceive at ever deeper levels.

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February 25, 2019

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