Reiki Master Lineage

reiki students practising movement of ki outsideJaime Tanna received his first Reiki attunement in 2004, training with accomplished reiki master and musician Zoe Martlew, following the Takata style of Reiki. After an intense period of training he became a Reiki master in 2005, and began teaching in earnest in early 2006.

Witnessing the healing of his clients and exponential spiritual growth of his students, Jaime was guided to take Karuna Reiki® at the end of 2006, and a series of remote energetic attunements known as Lightarian Reiki in 2008.  In 2010, Jaime chose to  formally retrain and complete the Japanese way of healing and attunement with acclaimed Reiki author and teacher Penelope Quest.

Jennifer Tanna was initiated into Reiki by Jaime in 2007, taking her practitioner training in 2007 and master practitioner training in 2009. She then went on to study and complete her master training with acclaimed Reiki author and teacher Penelope Quest in 2010.


Usui Sensei
Kan’ichi Taketomi
Kimiko Koyama
Hiroshi Doi
Andrew Bowling/Richard Rivard
Penelope Quest
Jaime & Jennifer Tanna


Usui Sensei
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Furumoto
Carol Farmer
Leah Smith
William Lee Rand
Alan Sweeney
Sandra & Edward Dought
Amelia Summerfield
Sandra Ditta Herrmann
Zoë Martlew
Jaime Tanna

Learn with Jaime and Jennifer

If you wish to begin your journey with Reiki, studying under the expert guidance and tutelage of Jaime and Jennifer, please visit our Reiki First Degree course page, or contact us for more info.  If you have already initiated been initiated into Reiki and wish to take Second Degree or Masters training, please contact us.

More about Jaime and Jennifer

Today, Jaime and Jennifer are both accomplished Reiki master teachers and healers in their own right, bringing together a vast array of disciplines and tools including other energetic healing methods. In addition to the traditional form of Reiki that is widely taught around the world, Jaime also leans strongly towards ancient shamanic techniques such as drumming and chanting, both of which integrate seamlessly with Reiki.