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“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” Rumi

Spiritual Response Therapy, affectionately known as SRT, is a dynamic tool for changing consciousness under the guidance of the Higher Self. Using a set of charts and a pendulum to access the subconscious mind, this quick and effective method of healing has helped thousands of people world-wide.

Although helpful, no previous experience of energy healing or dowsing required. Each person will take from the course what they need.

“The positive changes are incredible. The way I act, the way I think, and the way I see life and my relationships now is much more light, joyful, easy, and understanding. I feel absolutely clear!” KG

The Basic and Advanced SRT classes will teach you how to discover and clear discordant programmes (i.e. limiting beliefs, perceptions and judgments) and energies to establish much greater health, happiness, harmony and prosperity on all levels of expression.

SRT empowers you to become aware of yourself as a spiritual being, so you can effecively reprogram the conscious mind. With this expanded awareness, you can bring forth tremendous spiritual guidance and experience real and lasting change in all your personal relationships.

“SRT has completely changed my life (positively!) in the short time I have been exposed to it. I recently completed the advanced SRT course with Jaime who is a kind, thoughtful & patient teacher. I can feel my connection to Spirit improving by the day and generally feel calmer, more centred, and my health continues to improve. I am so excited about continuing to use this wonderful tool to keep myself clear of blocks. Thank you Jaime for facilitating this!” ZL

Cost and enrollment

  • Open to all, no previous training required but some understanding of energy work will be useful.
  • The cost includes extensive SRA approved manuals and charts & your course certificate.
  • Cost varies depending on whether the course is fully residential or non-residential.
  • Check out our events timetable for dates, teaching venue and cost.

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Become part of a worldwide family. SRT Practitioners are now found in over 50 countries, through following the Spiritual Response Association’s accredited programme of Basic and Advanced teaching modules.

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Articles on the power of SRT

Learn more about SRT and dowsing to clear life energies in our Articles Section, where Jaime regularly write articles on SRT, giving unique insights on this system of healing and elevating consciousnesss, as well as bringing together a unique array of stories of clients’ personal healings, and giving client and student feedback.

Articles of interest include:

Why learn SRT?

Working with SRT, the multidimensional-self joins the physical-self. This is how higher communication is given and received, and higher thoughts flow through as a strong, intuitive knowing. SRT helps you to access your own Divine Wisdom, anytime you want or need it. You can End Emotional Turmoil, Have More Connected Relationships and Feel Radically Alive!

“At times of great uncertainty and distress in my life, I have found SRT to be insightful, calming and constructive.” BC

“I’m noticing many old negative patterns of behaviour disappearing. Patterns i’ve been trying unsuccesfully to change for years.” JW

SRT brings freedom from limiting perspectives and beliefs and cuts the ties of the past that lock us into unnecessary pain and victimisation. It is easy to blame others for where we are standing… sometimes it seems hard and unfair to take responsibility for where we are.

“I truly feel as though I have woken up from a deep sleep and that my subconscious mind has been cleared of all its cobwebs.” AW

“I now seem to have developed a stronger ability to rise above situations which dragged me down in the past and to stay focused on the higher perspective.”

“I now feel increasingly more aligned with the ability to see the higher purpose at work in everything.”

  • Your relationships will be forever changed to be more connected and affectionate, so you can gain freedom from end, guilt, and resentment
  • You’ll be able to be creative in life, not reactive, enabling you to feel empowered to bring your gifts into the world
  • Happiness will no longer be elusive, or a fleeting experience, but rather, a choice and a decision that you can make just once but embrace for the rest of your life

You are here because the greater part of you knows it is time to enact change in your life. The question is, are you willing to take the decision to heal your life? Without your co-operation, without making a decision to change how you are viewing life, nothing can change for you. The first step begins with your own very personal commitment to yourself.

SRT helps you to live your life as your Higher Self.

What will you learn?

You can look forward to a rewarding, dynamic 8 days of learning about yourself. 4 days are dedicated to the Basic course, and further 4 days are dedicated to the Advanced course. Classes run in the UK and Cyprus, and are either fully residential or non-residential.

SRT touches on vital, spiritual concepts that underpin the entire system but its essential focus is always you, the student. You are the Divine Being who has come to learn about you, your multi-dimensionality and your role here on Earth.

Living a spiritually centered life

What really matters in our lives is the following:

  • The ability to enjoy a fresh stream of new solutions and insights
  • Being in touch with who you really are, which is beyond the roles you play every day.
  • Seeing a situation past your own point of view.
  • Empathy with others and genuinely feeling where they are coming from?
  • Feelign connected to a reality larger than yourself
  • Seeing/knowing the underlying purpose and value of your existence
  • Following a vision of life that can sustain you for years to come

Following the spiritual path, through learning SRT, can help you achieve this.

SRT Basic Class

Students will learn to recognise and clear basic reasons for a “programme” – i.e. a limiting belief, perception or judgment. The programmes which naturally come up to be cleared are those which are negatively impacting the present moment. Once the programme and resultant discordant energies are cleared, students feel lighter, more in tune with themselves and the world seems like a warm, friendly place again.

  1. INHERITANCE – A belief you pick up from someone else or bring in with you from another life. For instance you may inherit the beliefs of your parents and grandparents through the genes as far back as 9 generations.
  2. IDENTIFICATION – How you see yourself in relationship to another or how you see them. Also how you see yourself.
  3. IMPRINT – A statement given to the subconscious mind by yourself or another person during an emotionally charged time.
  4. EXPERIENCE/TRAUMA – Any painful experience that has a high negative charge on it.
  5. BENEFIT – A pay-off. May be justification, self-punishment, getting attention, protection, etc.
  6. CONFLICT – A want colliding with a taboo.
  7. SELF-PUNISHMENT – Beating one’s self up.
  8. ORGAN LANGUAGE – How the body is used or how it is affected
  9. PAST LIVES – Whether or not you believe in past lives, once the energy is cleared from the past life, most people feel different!
  11. FUTURE LIVES – Alternate dream lives
  12. DISCARNATE/ENTITIES & BLOCKS – Souls with negative energy that have not left the Earth plane and may be causing you blocks or difficulty.
  13. FEAR

SRT Advanced Class

The Advanced Class is the second part of the initial training in SRT, concentrating on developing better personal energy management and maximising core SRT skills to keep oneself clear of negative programming.

The course is intensive but fun, deepening spiritual concepts covered in the basic section and introducing new concepts and advanced techniques to make the clearing process much easier and quicker. The Basic course gives students a clear, solid foundation in energy clearing/healing, so they can assimilate advanced concepts and techniques much more quickly.

The Advanced SRT class covers:

  • a review of the basic course (13 basic reasons for a programme)
  • in-depth explanation and study of all the charts, particularly archetypal energies and spiritual realms charts
  • brain restructuring to restore mind/body co-ordination
  • homotoxicology (to clear all toxins from the body)
  • how to complete a full clearing

Further details

After the Basic class, students are given a certificate of attendance, and are then eligible for the Advanced training.

A recognised certificate of completion is given on satisfactory completion of the Advanced SRT course, allowing enrollment onto the Spiritual Response Association’s accredited Self-Mastery Programme and Intensive Skills Class.

Newly qualified practitioners are strongly encouraged to work with the system on themselves, family and friends before commencing work with clients.

After completion of the Advanced course students are welcome to attend SRT review meetings via Skype. These online meetings are run so that all students and graduates can present challenges they are having, “meet” with like-minded individuals and feel supported throughout their personal and spiritual development. SRT is a powerful catalyst for change!

How does it work?

“SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly find and release the discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives.” Robert Detzler

The conscious mind programs the subconscious with beliefs, perceptions and judgments. Learning how to consciously tap into a higher form of awareness, students work with a pendulum and SRT Charts to find and clear negative programmes that cause unwanted subconscious responses.

Following the SRT system ensures a clearer understanding of the cause or causes behind any difficulty, illness or blocking energy. High Self will indicate what needs to be cleared. The SRT Charts are used to determine the number of programs running and on what chart the program is listed.

Elegance of the SRT system

Your core beliefs create your reality. We are only limited by what we believe is possible.

Those of us who have awakened to our spiritual identity, or are in the process of awakening, deeply realise that we must constantly ask for help in reprogramming our belief structure, aligning it with what we wish to create in this world.

The system of SRT is profoundly simple to use, validated by current breakthroughs in quantum science, and enacts change in an instant. SRT gives us a clear and simple methodology to release discordant energy and outdated information from the cellular memory.

Everything that you create in your life is an outward manifestation of your internal beliefs, attitudes and perceptions. By going within and changing your beliefs, your experience of reality changes.

Our beliefs can be conceptualised as complex layers going right back through the time line. All of these beliefs have served us at some point in our evolution but they are a filter through which we view our world. By changing our beliefs, no matter how deeply they are held, our perceptions change and life often changes beyond what we believed possible.

As we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our inherent ability to direct our consciousness, we remove the layers of limitation to create a higher, grander vision for ourselves and our loved ones. YOU can live as you intended to live when your soul first decided to come here, to play, laugh and sing and fully experience all of the magic this amazing world has to offer. Earth is the Heart Planet, the highest planet of this ONE Universe, and you have chosen to come here to evolve in ways the mind alone cannot understand. It is your SOUL purpose.

The clarity that can be found by working with this system will support changes in any area of life. A person wishing to make changes will see how easy it is for them to review and clear their past thoughts, feelings and actions which are still affecting them in the present, and change even deeply held karmic and genetic programs back through the family and ancestral line.

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