Awakening with Ayahuasca: how I cured my eczema and healed my life!

lights of the soul ayahuasca

One more step, Mark. Keep going, one more step. Almost there. I repeat this mantra over and over so that I cannot feel the hot pokers searing my body and the knives slashing into my joints. I arrive at the clinic, relieved to see Laurence’s affable smile.

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Treating skin allergies, rashes and eczema by clearing the human energy field

skin allergy on man's chest

Today, we live in an age where allopathic medicine is unconsciously, and even consciously, revered as the new God in treating disease.  Yet, how much […]

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Energy medicine & the journey to an awakened state of consciousness

a man walking up inner steps to awareness

Energy healing modalities (like Reiki for example) and meditative practices like Yoga and Tai Ch’i are powerful doorways to awakening and healing in the true sense […]

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Why you shouldn’t fear cancer… or any other disease or illness!

Two years ago, Angelina Jolie chose to have a ‘preventative’ double mastectomy to avoid getting cancer and then earlier this year, in April 2015, there […]

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Indian Champissage: Combining the power of touch with ‘energy medicine’

Whenever I run an Indian Champissage course, I know I’m in for a treat of a weekend, although I never know quite what to expect, […]

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Empowering Others To Live More Joyfully And Consciously

Our vision is a world where humanity is awake to its vast inner and outer potential and where energy healing plays a key role in a powerful, integrative approach to health and well-being.

Our mission is to educate humanity in realising the energetic basis, and thus interconnectedness, of all life and to help people let go of fear, anxiety and worry by living more joyfully and purposefully in the eternal here and now.

We primarily seek to help others come into greater balance and wholeness through life coaching and spiritual guidance, in-person and remote energy healing sessions, and through our diverse programme of energy healing courses, workshops and retreats.

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