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A working definition

Energy therapy is the science and art of clearing the cellular memory of the body by addressing imbalances in the human energy field. This promotes health, vitality and relaxation at all levels of one’s being, preventing disease from manifesting in the first instance, and helping to heal disease which is already present.


Empowering Others To Live More Joyfully And Consciously

Our vision is a world where humanity is awake to its vast inner and outer potential and where energy healing plays a key role in a powerful, integrative approach to health and well-being.

Our mission is to educate humanity in realising the energetic basis, and thus interconnectedness, of all life and to help people let go of fear, anxiety and worry by living more joyfully and purposefully in the eternal here and now.

We primarily seek to help others come into greater balance and wholeness through life coaching and spiritual guidance, in-person and remote energy healing sessions, and through our diverse programme of energy healing courses, workshops and retreats.


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Test Post

Hello, This is a test

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A message from the Universe: Life works out when you TRUST! 

Sunrise over the mountains

So I just took a much deserved 3 day trip to the Cedarberg here in S Africa and stayed at a place where you can […]

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The incredible story of Dr Edward Bach

The incredible story of Dr Edward Bach

Dr Edward Bach was a British doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath, and spiritual writer, best known for developing the Bach flower remedies, which are still in widespread […]

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Massive “Horse” Lies Spouted About Nobel Prize Winning Treatment

In recent days, another big, fat lie has been allowed to circulate unchecked and unverified in headlines across the media landscape. “Ivermectin: Why Are U.S. […]

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Graphene Oxide found in the COVID Vaccines! Everything you must know!

Graphene Oxide found in the COVID Vaccines! Everything you must know!

For the past two months, critical new information has come to light from various sources, predominantly from La Quinta Columna in Spain, and key interviews on […]

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