Face Yoga Exercises That Make You Look and Feel Younger! [VIDEO]

face yoga eyebrow lift

Most people today have heard of yoga, unless they’ve been living under a rock somewhere, but not everyone has heard of “face yoga”… yet! 

“Face yoga” is a series of exercises that promise to do for your face what yoga does for your body: relax and tone muscles… is one of your eyebrows raised as you read this? That’s face yoga, kind of 🙂

However, face yoga doesn’t require a class or a mat – the only thing you need is, well, your face, and a daily commitment. The last part is vital to this to work because face yoga counteracts your habitual patterns which cause your face to age – saggy skin, puffy eyes, crow’s feet and so on.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with “aging”, and having some character in your face, rather than looking like a plastic doll – but most people deep down would like to keep their youthful appearance! Wouldn’t you?  If you’re 40 or older, it’s a safe bet that you’re noticing some changes in your face and body.

The aim of Face Yoga is to “tighten” the appearance of your face without having to go under the knife or needle, or using Botox.

It’s a pain free way to work out while looking fresh-faced and younger!  And it’s authentic, something that Botox can’t claim!

The founder of this global movement is Fumiko Takatsu, the creator of Face Yoga Method (FYM).  After surviving a car accident that dramatically altered her appearance and caused her to feel very self-conscious and also worried about the effects of aging, she tried the usual cosmetic lotions, creams and any promising facial product but saw virtually no change in her appearance.

Then a small voice in her head said to make some rather strange movements with her mouth and face – and she listened, experimenting daily.  Within a short time, she had achieved remarkable results!

Now she has a worldwide following, particularly in Japan, but she is now taking her method stateside as she lives in the USA with her husband and child. For a woman approaching 50, she looks remarkably like someone in their mid 30s, perhaps even early 30s!

By practicing the follow face movements daily, you will be able to tone, lift and rejuvenate your facial muscles. You will strengthen your cheeks, tighten your neck, lift your eyes + brows and so much more.

It’s time to say namaste to your face with our roundup of face yoga poses you should try tonight and tomorrow morning!

By the way, it’s not just women who can try this – men can too, of course! The results are no less remarkable!

Watch the video – and then try the additional techniques shown below.

1. Firm Up your Cheeks: This move will tighten up your cheeks. You’ll need to take a big breath in and puff it internally from cheek to cheek. Repeat this 10 times for 5 to 10 seconds each. Afterward you’ll feel your cheeks are a lot tighter and stronger. Ready for all the smiling (or frowning) your day has planned for you.

face yoga tone laughter lines

2. Lessen Laughter Lines: One of the moves long-practicing facial yogi Ranjana Khan swears by is sucking in your cheeks to get rid of laugh lines. (via Into the Gloss)

face yoga eyebrow lift

3. Eyebrow Lift: Why pay a lot of money to sit in a chair and get Botox when you can get the same (if not better) results by doing this routine daily? To fight the aging of your eye + forehead area, pull back on specific pressure points in these spots.

face yoga eye bags

4. Lessen Eye Bags: It can be a nightmare fighting to hide under-eye circles. In addition to using makeup to cover up the bags, perform this stretching exercise to get crow’s feet to fly away.

face yoga for the neck

5. Neck Lift: By performing this simple exercise daily, you’ll be toning and lifting the neck area, leaving people guessing your age for years to come.

Is face yoga just all about looking younger?

You might start off being attracted to face yoga for the physical health benefits, just like normal yoga attracts people.  However, if you’re looking for something deeper, face yoga offers that too – in abundance.

The whole body is an interconnected system of energy.  By freeing up the energy in your face, this will have an energising and liberating effect on your body, mind and emotions.  Seriously.

Even doing just the warm-up sequence that Fumiko teaches, plus making the ‘wow’ sound and mouth shape, will dramatically ease tension in the face and body, with myriad positive effects for both mind and body.

Face yoga isn’t skin deep.

Some, if not most of the exercises might appear and feel “weird’ but they are well worth the DAILY effort.

Learn Face Yoga!

On our membership platform, we’re teaching you all about Face Yoga, and Energy Medicine. Take a free trial for 14 days!

Stay younger, feel fit and healthy and challenge yourself to grow in a positive and unusual way!

Images courtesy of https://www.brit.co/why-you-should-try-new-weird-workout-trend-face-yoga/

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September 13, 2018

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