COVID-19: Two Videos You MUST Watch to Deprogram Your Mind!

The past few months have been a rollercoaster for most, with an incredible tightening of control over the usual freedoms we took for granted until the beginning of March 2020, so I want to share two incredible videos that you might not yet have seen, that will show you the bigger picture. 

Most of us are so caught up with our daily lives that we don’t stop to question things, even during this slower paced period of time.

You can find the videos at the bottom of this article, so feel free to skip ahead… I also give you a ton of links/videos resources that I’ve been meticulously researching over the past few weeks, thanks to many friends posting information online.
Right now, we seem to be continually fed a rehearsed script, and we owe it to ourselves to look deeper. We must – or we will lose our freedoms, possibly forever.

This is not a far-fetched idea because, if you will just look at your own life, and the lives of those around you, most of them are already gone – and YOU are waiting for the new Big Brother State to give it back to you.

There is a way back from the fear and the paranoia that has seeped into the deepest recesses of our minds. It is about making the darkness conscious, as Carl Jung once said.

Transparency, sustainability and accountability.

From a conscious standpoint, the hallmarks of a conscious society are transparency, sustainability and accountability.

None of these values apply to the situation at hand.

Transparency and Sustainability

We’ve been fed FEAR PORN every day since Day 1, as we watched in collective horror as the virus spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world, killing thousands of people.

Yet, the deaths have not been anywhere near what was predicted.

Even now, when the number of infections and deaths are declining in many places, we are being told to wait, that “it will get worse” and to prepare for the second wave, to stay inside and so on.

For how long can this particular circus go on for?  Would a sane leader mandate this?

A mind programmed with fear will be easily convinced to wait it out, even as thousands of small businesses collapse, and families starve.

So, which is more enlightened, staying inside, following our “orders” to protect others who are vulnerable whilst we conveniently ignore the plight of those who have no voice, and cannot feed themselves or their loved ones? Or is going back to work to look after our families and loved ones, ensuring that we can support them and our wider community, including looking after the vulnerable(keeping them inside), whilst demanding an end to the tyranny of a continued lockdown the higher choice?

Only those in power, and those with money can wait this out.  That is a luxury that most cannot afford.

I consider myself lucky with clients around the world, that I can work with online… that business has been built up for the last 15 years.  I’ve lost a few recently because of the lockdown but I am in a safe place, so this message isn’t about helping myself.

It’s my understanding that a conscious being would NEVER lock up the entire world, to see it self-destruct, and do NOTHING but spout rhetoric.

Lockdown is not sustainable, period.  It never was. It isn’t scientific either – it’s a theory that’s never been tested.  We are the test!

The lockdown is also based on FEAR, not real data.

The science is, quite frankly, bogus, but the fear is real.  Try to understand the difference.

The mind is actually crap at figuring things out when it’s in a state of panic/fear.  Once it accepts a program or command (like the “you WILL die” program we’ve been given), then it just obeys that order without being able to question it. All actions spring from it.  Make no mistake, the people that decided to lock us all down, almost indefinitely, know it.  And they care not one jot.

Who’s calling the shots, really?

Your personal freedoms have been, and are constantly being, removed as you read this, step by step. You no longer question those who supposedly lead you into the abyss of autocracy.

In case you missed the BIG Picture, here’s what has already unfolded since a couple of months ago.

1) Convince you of an ongoing existential threat (new virus pandemic that is ‘uncontrollable’ and ‘will kill you and/or your loved ones’ alongside persistent media brainwashing)
2) Make sure you believe that removal of freedoms are for your own good  = global lock-down (keep the time line short, and then keep extending it with new data/false data to support the existing belief – see point 1)
3) Make sure that you believe others must comply for your safety and theirs (snitch on anyone not seen to comply)
4) Bring in massive data surveillance (FIVE-G is rolling out now)
5) Track you via Big Data algorithms (AI) and ensure further compliance at all times (we have a mass vaccination program coming, courtesy of BILL GATES whose company Pirbright owns the patent to the actual virus… go figure!)

This mind control programming is actually so subversive that it is happening all the time, right under our noses… and just like the fact that you breathe in and out all day long but aren’t aware of even your breath, you probably aren’t aware of this step-by-step removal of freedoms unless you’ve taken the Red Pill (woken up), and taken yourself out of the Matrix completely… not an easy place to be right now, let me tell you.

Some people are so miserable, they even find enjoyment snitching on others now… this is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, when people were both blinded by propaganda and also scared of going against the new ‘authoritarian’ leadership.

I find it encouraging, however, to find and see others who actually care about humanity’s freedoms and who are alerting humanity to the radical entrapment that the new “status quo” brings…

We are all having the courage to speak out because the longer we wait, the more difficult it will become to prevent it or reverse any of it.  Many voices are speaking out, so you just have to listen.

Did we really fight two world wars to have our freedoms removed from under our noses in the blink of an eye — because the war is on us!  This is possibly the biggest and most subversive coup against humanity ever seen.  (Watch the video below about the Rockefeller document with full script on how a pandemic SHOULD play out).

Those who control the wealth and power are extremely greedy, and are moving FAST. because they cannot afford to have you think too much! That’s why you are being bamboozled with all kinds of distraction techniques and misinformation.

However, the truth cannot be covered up for long.

Who controls the media?

Lately, I’ve heard the term “Operation Mockingbird” on various threads..

I try not to use labels like this because it, quite frankly, puts me off… and I’m sure others will just switch off as well then! However, the idea behind this is that you are being SPOON FED all the same stories across virtually all channels of communication every hour of every day. You then automatically believe it is all ‘factually’ correct!  Why? Because there is ‘the same message’ everywhere… well, surprise surprise.

When you hear something that is so far removed from your ‘normal’, it doesn’t compute, so the mind discards it.  The term is ‘cognitive dissonance’.

Who runs the global media?  Have you stopped to consider this simple fact?  It appears to be so diverse, many publications, differing viewpoints… but the viewpoints are remarkably ‘one dimensional’ at the moment.  

It’s only if you go outside of mainstream, that you start to piece the dots together.

Facebook’s new tactic is to say ‘fact-checked’ for anything it disagrees with, and it uses a faceless ‘authority’ site to tell you that this information is somehow “harmful” to you.

Luckily, they can’t keep up… not with billions of us sharing key info every second of every day.  They didn’t plan for that!  AI is smart but it takes time, plus each post ‘degrades’ with time.  AI can’t read things when “th ere a re ga ps” for example.

WHO controls our governments?

Yes, that’s a pun (read the subtitle again).

Who is calling the shots behind our governments’s decisions?  THE WHO, run by Bill Gates.

What’s his agenda?  Well, like I said, mass vaccinations are the Big Plan – a vaccine for every man, woman and child.  He’s even admitted he doesn’t want herd immunity to happen.  He has also asked for indemnity against the injuries and deaths that will happen.  There’s a global petition on White House calling for investigations into his companies and his interests, and Crimes Against Humanity.  The total number of signatures is already over 262,000 as of today.

Whether or not you think Bill Gates is a criminal, we have to admit the following:

We’ve not being given much say in any of this, have we?  Plus, the amount of power and control being used to limit us, our thought processes, and make us fearful and panicked all the time, is actually very disturbing.  It is actually an abuse of power, clear and simple.

I’ve given you some pertinent links to follow below that helped me, as well as the two videos that will hopefully cause you to think about the larger picture, if you’re not already doing that… take your time, evaluate as you go along.

The freedom to see another side of the coin is not ‘conspiracy theory’… in fact, we need to go beyond tired labels such as ‘conspiracy theory’ when there is clear data that does not fit the mainstream narrative…

If you buy into the label of conspiracy, this allows you to go back to sleep, and ignore what’s actually going on– right in front of you!

A lot of videos have already been removed from YouTube through censorship (the official line is ‘doesn’t follow our community guidelines) but, thankfully, a lot are still up – I guess if they all went, then more people might become ‘suspicious’.

People are also using other platforms like Bitchute and Brighteon, and many are going over to MeWe as Facebook threatens to censor, and even ban, those who think critically.


There is zero accountability by ignorant and deceitful politicians all over the world who seem to be conveniently blaming the virus for their own incompetent decisions.  They are able to sleep safe and sound in their beds at night, without worrying about their next pay check and ‘real needs’.  If they were lining up at the empty food banks, and didn’t have a penny to rub together, I’m sure they’d be changing their tune at lightning speed.

These people at the very top are part of the problem, if not the actual cause of the tragedy unfolding… our governments seem to be answering to a very greedy and corrupt elite, which include names like Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Rothschilds and so on.  The amount of money they own is colossal, and they have fingers in many different pies, all hidden from view – they all own shares in the biggest “sickness companies” on the planet. These companies operate on a disease model, not a health model – Pharma and Vaccines principally, and they are also wiling to poison the Earth, take away our seeds, and give us Frankenfoods (GM).

Gates has funded companies like Monsanto, and he has also given colossal amounts of money to, supposedly a non-profit site, to ensure his agenda comes to fruition.

Despite its “.org” domain name and social-concern branding,, Inc. (Change) is a multimillion dollar for-profit private company, not a nonprofit public charity as many falsely assume. Gets $30 Million Infusion (The NonProfit Times News June 1, 2017)
“…participating in the latest round of funding are Microsoft founder Bill Gates and venture capitalist Sam Altman.”

Two key petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures, one against the damaging Corona Virus Bill, rushed through by Parliament, and the other against Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were quickly and silently removed.

Gates and his friends are using this opportunity to destroy the economy, so they can violate our bodies with mandatory vaccines, and then give us the one two punch with poisonous GM foods!  Why? Because farmers won’t be able to grow enough food, let alone organic foods.

Just step back and you will, quite clearly, SEE all of this… It’s already happening, and will be irreversible if we don’t act NOW.

You might ask, ‘what can I do?’

Well, stop being afraid of ‘the virus’ and start being concerned with the agenda.  Get together with friends and your wider community online, find out what’s happening, who’s out of work, who’s about to lose their jobs and homes, and decide what you want to do about it.

Do not continue to buy into the media FEAR PORN. Unplug yourself from mainstream and start looking at other sources.  Question everything right now, even this – it’s fine.

The contagion model was dumped by the US Surgeon General but the WHO is peddling FEAR again by saying that “there is no evidence to suggest that people who have recovered from the coronavirus then have immunity.”

Of course, ALL the media outlets are shoving this information (“Porn Fear”!) down your throat again… all news outlets moving at the same time.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Fear/control vs Critical Thinking

A genuine leader will tell you to question things, to stand back, to be objective.  It is only an insane dictator-like rulership that would tell you to obey, and not question!

Right now, censorship is rolling out, and there is also insane talk of making certain conversations that question the official narrative a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

This is a SERIOUS removal of liberties!

Video 1: The Corona Virus Epidemic Was Planned by the Rockefeller Foundation

This video was filmed on TV (not mainstream) back in 2014 and shows an investigative reporter called Johnny Vox reporting on a document from the Rockefeller Foundation, published in 2010!  I kid you not, it is downright creepy – the exact scenarios we have witnessed over the past 3 months is there, almost word for word.  Don’t believe me?  Well, just watch.  If I had watched this a few years ago, I would have said ‘conspiracy theory’ and not taken it too seriously… but I just cannot ignore the fact that our lives now match THE SCRIPT.

Video 2: The first documentary movie on CCP Virus

(This video has been ‘fact checked’ by a faceless authority on Facebook, and deemed be unworthy.. but we feel differently).  It may not stay up for very long!

Many questions remain about the origin of the Corona Virus, and the role of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In this hour long documentary, Epoch Times senior investigative reporter Joshua Philipp explores some of the known facts surrounding the CCP virus and the global pandemic. In his investigation, Philipp explores the scientific data, not given any attention by mainstream, and interviews top scientists and national security experts.

From the start, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not been forthcoming with information about the virus. In the early days of the outbreak, medical professionals who sounded the alarm were reprimanded by police for spreading “rumors.” One doctor died shortly after alerting his friends. When the situation became uncontrollable, the CCP said the virus originated at the Huanan Seafood Market, but did it?

But when it became clear that patient zero had no connection to the market, the CCP shifted its narrative… serious questions remain about the CCP’s handling of the virus outbreak and its true impact within China and around the world.

The removal of human rights at an unprecedented rate is alarming.  Your rights to move freely are no longer, your right to communicate freely is also being removed.

Further key videos and resources

Dr Joe Dispenza & Dr Bruce Lipton SHARE THE TRUTH! (what’s really going on):
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Whistleblower: NSA Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’:
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Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. The REAL Enemy. Here & Now:
Dr. Bergman, Corona virus, Who is it killing and why are they dying:
Dr. Bergman, The agenda behind the feardemic
Dr. Bergman, Control of a Virus, or Control of a Population
Control of Chinese Population using 5G tech:
Dana Ashlie’s video, showing footage of people falling down flat on their faces in Wuhan, China before the virus actually broke:
Bruce Lipton Interview:
Dana Ashlie – my 2 cents:
Interview with D Icke:
Dr. Knut Wittowski – the Pandemic is over!
Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University on ‘flawed data’ –
State of the Nation – hypertonicity:
SPECIAL REPORT by Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Humanity is NOT a Virus!
Dr blows whistle:
Hydroxychloroquine rated ‘most effective’ coronavirus treatment, poll of doctors finds:
ICU Nurse speaks out!

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April 18, 2020

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