10 Incredible Health Benefits of Celery Juice That You Don’t Know About: Fight Autoimmune Disease, Restore Adrenals, Eradicate Strep, Detox Your Liver And More!

Drinking fresh celery juice is quickly becoming known as as THE to-go protocol to revitalise your health! 

Thanks to the pioneering work of Medical Medium Anthony William, celery juice’s miraculous powers are becoming much more widely known — and unlike the well known (but highly misunderstood) healing plant Cannabis, celery is legal to grow, eat and share.

Of course, there is no such thing as a one-stop solution for every ailment or disease that is troubling you.  You are a triune being and you need to take care of body, mind and spirit.  Your thoughts — and the emotions you feel as you think them — matter!  That is, they become ‘matter’ when given enough repetition and energy. Taking care of your physical and energetic health go hand in hand.  You cannot separate out ‘physical health’ from the rest of you.

You cannot expect to continue dominant behaviours and habits that go against your inherent well-being, such as smoking cigarettes, eating a meat-heavy diet, drinking alcohol (yes, even socially!), forgetting to exercise, eating fast foods and not drinking enough water and/or not eating enough high water content foods, and expect to thrive!

In Medical Medium Celery Juice, Anthony William shares all the ways celery juice can support you in healing as you take care of yourself, eliminating foods and substances that make your sick over time, and incorporating more healing foods.

Below are just ten of the incredible health benefits celery juice that you probably don’t yet know about!

1. Critical for chronic acid reflux
Acid reflux means 3 things are happening: low hydrochloric acid production, unproductive bacteria such as strep and e. Coli & a weakened liver. Celery juice helps improve these.

2. Fights autoimmune disease
Pathogens are the true cause of the inflammation that’s mistakenly considered autoimmune. Celery juice’s undiscovered sodium cluster salts can break down & flush out these pathogens.

3. Helps restore adrenals
The undiscovered sodium cluster salts in celery juice help keep your adrenals stable & functioning.

4. Contains undiscovered sodium cluster salts that reverse illness
Celery juice’s undiscovered sodium cluster salts act together as an antiseptic. When they make contact with viruses & bacteria—troublemakers responsible for chronic illness—the salts begin to break down the pathogens’ cell membranes, eventually destroying them.

5. Neutralizes & flushes toxins out of the liver
Celery juice’s sodium cluster salts bind onto neurotoxins, dermatoxins, & other viral waste, as well as troublemakers, & draw them out of the liver.

6. Helps eradicate strep bacteria
Strep is responsible for many conditions, like acne, UTIs, SIBO, yeast infections, & more. Celery juice helps destroy strep.

7. Kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles viruses
The white blood cells of the liver’s personalized immune system add the cluster salts to their cell membrane coatings, making them toxic to viruses.

8. Brings down toxic liver heat
Celery juice purges a sluggish liver while bringing down liver heat.

9. Powerful weapon against SIBO & bloating
Celery juice is a powerful stomach acid replenisher so that gastric juices can kill strep, which causes SIBO. It also breaks down rotting protein & rancid fats in the stomach & small intestinal tract, helping bloating.

10. Repairs hydrochloric acid & liver bile production
Celery juice strengthens hydrochloric acid & bile production & strengthens the liver, which then allows for better bile production.

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March 11, 2019

Jaime Tanna

Jaime Tanna is an international teacher and energy therapist specialising in the healing arts. As the visionary founder and director of Energy Therapy, Jaime is an experienced Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Intuitive, and brings a wide array of different skills to the healing table. Coming from a family of pharmacists and doctors, Jaime grew up with a strong allopathic model of the world but quickly saw the limitations of that paradigm. Today, with clients and students throughout the world, Jaime specialises in personal and spiritual development, yoga and meditation, and clearing and rebalancing the human energy field inspiring clients and students to connect to their deepest being to create a life lived on purpose, and with joy!

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