‘What the Health’ Netflix documentary turning viewers off meat and dairy, onto vegan

'What the Health' Netflix documentary turning viewers off meat and dairy, onto vegan“What the Health” is the latest documentary from film-making duo Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, who made “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” in 2014, a groundbreaking environmental documentary uncovering the most destructive industry facing the planet today – animal agriculture.

“What the health” is another emotionally charged behind the scenes look at the food industry of today – but much more directly relevant to the viewer.

“What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick. What The Health is a surprising, and at times hilarious, investigative documentary that will be an eye-opener for everyone concerned about our nation’s health and how big business influences it.”

Huge influence on consumer choice

Since its release earlier this year in March 2017, and particularly its release on Netflix in June 2017, the documentary has been quickly gaining viewers.  Everyone’s talking about it, and the film is causing many people to think about where their food comes from, and what it contains.

You cannot walk away from the film untouched, unless you absolutely do not care about your health and want to carry on eating the same damaging foods regardless.

The dangers of a diet high in meat, dairy and animal byproducts are real, and the growing sickness industry proves it.

Facts to ponder from the film

  • Worldwide we are looking at approximately 350 million people with diabetes
  • 1 out of 3 medicare dollars is spent on people with diabetes
  • 1 in 10 healthcare dollars is spent on people with diabetes
  • World health organization report has classified bacon & sausage as carcinogenic to humans
  • American cancer society encourages eating processed turkey and canned meats
  • In the us 1 out of every 4 deaths is from cancer
  • Two thirds of adults are either overweight or obese
  • 70% of deaths and morbidity are largely lifestyle related & preventable
  • Most kids by the age of 10 in the US have fatty streaks in their arteries
  • In the next twenty five years 1 out of every 3 americans will have diabetes
  • Diabetes is not caused by eating a high carbohydrate diet or sugar
  • Carbohydrate consumption is inversely related to diabetes
  • If a child gets diabetes, 19 years could be taken off their lifespan
  • One serving of processed meat per day increased risk of developing diabetes by 51%
  • American diabetes association features recipes for red & processed meats
  • Over 17 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease
  • The amount of people who die from cardiovascular disease is the equivalent of four jumbo jets crashing every single hour, every single day, every single year
  • Within minutes of eating dead meat bacteria toxins, the body gets a burst of inflammation, stiffening or paralyzing the arteries
  • Blood vessel dementia caused by clogging-up of arteries from steady stream of fat and cholesterol
  • The leading source of sodium in the american diet for adults is chicken
  • Heterocyclic amines (“chemicals in meat cooked at high temperatures”) are clear-cut carcinogens
  • Men with a high prognostic risk and a high poultry intake had a 4-fold increased risk of recurrence or progression
  • The number one dietary source of cholesterol in america is chicken
  • Eating 1 egg per day is just as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes per day for life expectancy
  • The number one source of saturated fat is dairy
  • The egg industry funds studies that confuse consumers
  • The strategy of the meat, dairy & egg industry is to confuse the public, to introduce doubt
  • Four worries of fish: pcb’s, mercury, saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Fish have become mercury sponges
  • Toxins bio-accumulate in fish flesh
  • 93% of dioxin exposure comes from eating animal products
  • Commercial animals are largely fed genetically modified (gmo) corn and soy
  • Eating organic meat will not help you avoid contaminants
  • Most of the world’s gmo crops are consumed by livestock with dairy cows consuming the most per animal
  • There is a strong link between dairy foods and autoimmune diseases
  • Most people in the world are lactose intolerant
  • Us government is encouraging americans of color to eat foods that it knows is going to make them ill so that it will benefit dairy farmers
  • Children are suffering from conditions linked to dairy consumption
  • Milk is a hormonal fluid
  • Dairy products have pus
  • Milk does not build strong bones
  • Countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis
  • Dairy linked to many different types of cancer
  • Only 5-10% of cancer is genetic
  • Dairy products increase the risk of cancers related to your hormones
  • Dairy can increase a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer 34%
  • Susan g. komen funds pink ribbons on dairy yogurt containers
  • Casomorphin may play a role in sudden infant death syndrome (sids) and autism
  • Human breast milk has 2.7g/liter of casein compared to 26g/liter for cow’s milk
  • There are at least 450 drugs that are administered to animals
  • Pharmaceutical industry sells 80% of all antibiotics made in the united states to animal agriculture
  • 3,000 people die each year in the united states from food borne illnesses
  • 23,000 people die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • World health organization said that we are nearing a post-antibiotic era in medicine
  • Swine flu (h1n1) originated in north carolina
  • 10 million pigs in north carolina produce the waste equal to 100 million humans
  • Is the equivalent of the entire human population of the eastern seaboard of the united states flushing their toilets into north carolina
  • Liquid pig manure is pumped into waste pits that leach into rivers and streams and then sprayed unfiltered onto nearby fields
  • There is a disproportionate number of hog facilities located near communities of color and low income communities
  • Dead hogs are processed into feed and fed back to the hogs
  • Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector
  • Raising animals for food is the leading cause of rainforest destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones and fresh water consumption
  • American diabetes association diabetes diet and meal plan recommends foods associated with causing diabetes
  • Low fat, plant-based diet is more than twice as powerful at controlling and/or reversing diabetes, than the ada diet recommending meat and dairy
  • Studies referencing the link between exposure to dairy at a young age and type 1 diabetes
  • Cow milk protein causes antibodies in the bloodstream that attack the pancreas
  • Usda dietary committee members have received money from animal products, sugar and alcohol industries
  • Usda admitted that eggs cannot legally be labeled: nutritious, low fat, part of a balanced diet, low calorie, healthful, healthy, good for you, or safe
  • Animal products are promoted through federal (usda) commodity checkoff programs
  • Checkoff programs are responsible for meat & dairy slogans
  • The dairy checkoff program gives money to market cheese heavy products (example: $12 million to domino’s)
  • Dairy industry spends at least $50 million promoting its products in public schools
  • Meat and dairy spend at least $557 million annually promoting their goods through checkoff programs
  • Meat and dairy spend at least $138 million lobbying congress
  • Ag-gag laws criminalize whistle-blowers who photo-document abuses by the animal agriculture industry
  • Big tobacco has paid $400 billion to state medicaid programs\
  • American egg board considers egg-alternative hampton creek a “crisis and major threat” to the future of the american egg industry
  • We have a $5 billion stent industry
  • We have a $35 billion statin drug industry
  • In the u.s, treating chronic disease is a $1.5 trillion industry
  • $. 5 trillion is the gdp equivalent of the tenth richest country in the world
  • American cancer society, american diabetes association and american heart association accepting millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies
  • The pharmaceutical industry spends more money on lobbying than any other single industry
  • Testing shows 88% of pork chops, 90% of ground beef and 95% of chicken breasts sampled were contaminated with fecal bacteria
  • All protein is initially made by plants
  • Plants are loaded with protein
  • Most americans get about twice the protein they need
  • Most americans get less than half of the fiber they need
  • Human milk has the lowest protein content of any other species
  • The largest, strongest terrestrial animals on the planet are all herbivores
  • Vitamin intake, overall nutrition go up on a plant-based diet from a meat-based diet
  • The food that you eat determines the bacteria that live in your gut
  • Humans closest living relatives are chimpanzees, whom get 97% of their calories from plants
  • You can stop and reverse heart disease with plant-based diets
  • When people adopt a fully plant-based diet their cholesterol levels plummet within a few days
  • When people adopt a fully plant-based diet blood pressure comes down
  • 99.4% were able to avoid major cardiac events by going plant-based
  • By getting rid of heart disease, the united states would save $48 trillion, 3x the gross domestic product
  • We took 174 consecutive patients with high blood pressure and all lowered their blood pressure enough to eliminate the need for medication
  • Crohn’s disease & multiple sclerosis remission rates best ever achieved from plant-based diet
  • Suppression of human prostate cancer and breast cancer cell growth given the blood of a vegan, in vitro
  • We are not taught about the power of food in medical school
  • There was a bill introduced mandating physicians get 7 hours of nutrition training every 4 years
  • Academy of nutrition and dietics puts out nutrition fact sheets from the industries themselves
  • If you eat meat the chances of getting diabetes are about 1 in 3
  • If you eat meat chances of getting cancer if you’re a man 1 in 2, if you’re a woman 1 in 3
  • If you eat meat your chances of gaining weight about 2 in 3
  • There are no studies showing that eating eggs and meat in moderation can turn your heart disease around and get better
  • There is nothing in an animal-based diet that you can’t get in an healthier form somewhere else
  • The healthiest, cheapest, safest source of vitamin b12 is a fortified food or supplement

Top Athletes Go Vegan!

The film makes it’s K.O at the end because most people continue to think – quite erroneously! – that they can’t reach peak performance as an athlete on a vegan diet… wrong! Not only can you reach peak performance, but you can excel far beyond what a meat-based, dairy-loaded diet will offer.

In the film, the following pro athletes feature:

  • David Carter, Former NFL Defensive Lineman now bench presses twice what he did before – because of a vegan diet!
  • Timothy Shieff is a World Champion Free Runner and Ninja Warrior who adheres to a vegan diet.
  • Mu Jin Han is an ‘Ageless Drug Free Athlete’ who started training at 40 years old!
  • Tia Blanco is a professional surfer (ISA World Surf Champion) who follows a vegan diet.
  • Rich Roll is almost 50 and is an ‘Ultra Endurance Althlete’ completing FIVE Iron Man events in a row!
  • It’s no surprise then that the trend of people worldwide trying to eat healthier and focusing more on what they put in their bodies is not only true, but now unstoppable.

The meat and dairy industries are already fighting back, leaking disinformation/misinformation to discredit the film and put ‘doubt’ in people’s minds. Don’t forget, their livelihoods are at stake, so they will surely play every dirty trick in the book to ensure that people don’t continue to make the switch!

Watch the trailer now!

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July 27, 2017

Jaime Tanna

Jaime Tanna is an international teacher and energy therapist specialising in the healing arts. As the visionary founder and director of Energy Therapy, Jaime is an experienced Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Intuitive, and brings a wide array of different skills to the healing table. Coming from a family of pharmacists and doctors, Jaime grew up with a strong allopathic model of the world but quickly saw the limitations of that paradigm. Today, with clients and students throughout the world, Jaime specialises in personal and spiritual development, yoga and meditation, and clearing and rebalancing the human energy field inspiring clients and students to connect to their deepest being to create a life lived on purpose, and with joy!

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3 responses to “‘What the Health’ Netflix documentary turning viewers off meat and dairy, onto vegan”

  1. Kathleen Rothman says:

    We need more people taking action to open the minds & eyes of those afflicted !
    Peace & Warmest Wishes to you <3

  2. Marion says:

    Why the push to go vegan? If you need to supplement in any way it is not a complete diet for optimal health. Some people do well on a vegan diet, some do well on a vegan diet for a time and then a few years down the track start developing major health issues due to ,effectively, malnutrition. There are also many people for whom a vegan diet is down right dangerous for good health. I am concerned that you have taken the worst practices of eating, and animal husbandry as your reasons to declare the whole deal bad. We have a wonderful world that provides incredibly varied and nutritious vegetation, fruits, nuts,grains and meat that provide all that a human body needs for full functionality. Regardless of how we choose to eat, we need to be aware of where our food comes from and how it is produced so we can reconnect with our mother earth.

    • Jaime Tanna says:

      Thanks Marion, however, if you watch the film, you will see that we have been told many lies. Without this film’s hard hitting approach, many people would just carry on regardless. We feel people should watch the film and decide for themselves. They should, at least, reduce meat, dairy and fish intake to just 10%. That is more than enough for any concerns they might have about not getting ‘enough’ nutrients, protein and so forth. Over time, they can decide if ‘going 100% vegan’ is really for them. Reducing meat, fish and dairy intake to just 10% of one’s overall diet would dramatically improve everyone’s health and save the planet simultaneously. It would be bad for the dairy industry’s profits and the meat industry’s profits. Humans eat far more than they need (hence the obesity and diabetes crisis) and they don’t listen to their bodies – just take a look at the health crisis worldwide. Both humans and the planet are simultaneously getting sicker and sicker, and failing to address the root cause. It’s surely time to look at ourselves, and our eating habits – which ‘feed’ these greedy, self-serving industries which are destroying our planet.

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