Unknown factors that cause cancer! What you MUST know!

According to Anthony William, cancer is still a “mystery illness” – basically, it is not understood by present day medical science and research. Rarely do researchers consider all the elements that had to come together to create this disease, and the elements they do suggest, such as genetics, are not accurate.

Two Major Factors: Toxins & Viruses

There are two major factors that must be present in your body to create the possibility of developing cancer. The first is a toxin and the second is a virus (such as EBV) or multiple viruses in your system.

“Most viruses don’t actually want to hurt you, they usually just want to live forever in your body, but as they are fed toxins and damaging foods, they proliferate and can cause a multitude of illnesses, including various cancers… When toxins are present in your body, any virus you may have has food to feed on. A virologist may tell you that viruses do not eat anything, but this is incorrect. Without the fuel they thrive off, like toxins, certain foods that I discuss in my books, and adrenaline, viruses are not able to proliferate. If you have toxins in your system, but do not have a virus, you do not have to worry about developing the majority of cancers (asbestos is one exception as someone can develop cancer from exposure to it without having a virus). If you do have a virus in your system, and you rid toxins you of your body, you don’t have to worry either. You can protect yourself from cancers. Having said that, these harmful substances can still cause other unpleasant symptoms and conditions to arise.” Anthony William

You may not think you have been exposed to many toxins during this lifetime, but you can also inherit toxins. Heavy metals from a thousand years ago can be passed to you through your family line.

This is not passed down via your genes, but actually occurs during pregnancy itself and can affect the egg.

It is critical to be aware of the fact that we are passing down more chemicals and toxins than ever before in history and medical science and research are not aware of this. As a result, most of the general public aren’t aware of it either, which is what Anthony is trying to change by getting this information into your hands and in his groundbreaking book Thyroid Healing .

If you have both toxins and a virus in your system, there are ways to bring down both your toxin load and viral load, so that you can help avoid the possibility of developing cancer.

If you have both factors present in your system and toxins continue to accumulate in different areas of the body, the virus may proliferate and lead to cancer in the future.

There are endless variations and combinations within these two groups (viruses and toxins) that lead to the countless cancer diagnoses.

Do you know people who have smoked for thirty, forty or fifty years and have never developed cancer? In these cases, these fortunate individuals will have had toxins in their system from smoking, but did not have a virus, the second critical factor, which contributes to the development of cancer.

However, many other detrimental health issues aside from cancer can arise from smoking.

Another person who wasn’t a smoker may have breathed in a lot of hairspray throughout his or her life, have a virus in his or her body and develop lung cancer at some point.

Someone else may never use hairspray, never smoke a day in his or her life, and may still develop cancer because of exposure to toxins from other sources and a virus within his or her system.

Every body is different.

Fortunately, we have the power to protect ourselves. We are not imprisoned by our genetics because it’s not true that genetics determine whether we will have cancer, despite this being the prevailing belief in medical communities today, one that is continually reinforced through our media and in hospitals, putting people in fear.

You can get your copy of Thyroid Healing here.  Mandatory reading for anyone who’s ever lost a loved one to cancer, is going through a cancer battle themselves or for those who wish to take back control of their health – without the need for shockingly expensive and invasive, unhelpful treatments.  And, yes, that includes chemo.

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September 22, 2018

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