The Law of Attraction: Learning to move up the Emotional Scale

law of attraction emotional scaleYour emotions give you precise feedback on where you are in relationship to your Inner Being, or Source of Love and Awareness.

Therefore, if you have no awareness of the inner dimensions of your reality, then some or most ports of your life will probably be an uphill struggle because you can’t effectively manage your own vibration.

Any negative emotion (which is a reaction to ‘what is’) feeds your original thought about what you are experiencing, energising it, and then you have another similar thought that adds power to the first thought, and so on.

When your thoughts and emotions are positive, life will work well for you but when you constantly generate negative thoughts and emotions in response to what is showing up, you will tend to go in a downhill spiral.

Firstly, pick a topic that’s triggering you — it could be money, health or personal relationships.

Above you will see the emotional scale split into two parts (really it’s one fluid scale), as first given by Abraham-Hicks, and you will be somewhere on it with regards to your topic. That is to say, the dominant vibration you are offering will be encapsulated by a word, or perhaps several words that are in close proximity to each other.

Frustration and worry often go together. Anger and Joy do not, they are very different in vibration.

The words don’t matter so much as the frequencies behind the words! When you focus on a particular area of your life, you will find your ’emotional set point’ to be somewhere on this scale because of what you have been living/observing.

You will tend to be towards the top of the Emotional scale, if a particular area is working for you, and you will tend to be at the bottom if an area is not working.  It’s that simple.

When working with the Law of Attraction, most people want to be at the top straight away but you can’t usually jump from feeling grumpy, negative feelings to feeling suddenly positive and upbeat. These vibrations are too different in their frequencies. Your practiced, dominant frequency will ultimately prevail each time.

Another vital key is that you must incrementally reach for better feeling thoughts by focusing on wanted aspects of the area you wish to improve.

This is not usually easy for the beginner because they are very practiced in offering an “unwanted” vibration, rather than a “wanted” vibration. As with all skills, it takes time and patience, along with depth of understanding.

I’d like to share an example with you that has helped many others along the way.

After covering the mechanics of moving up the emotional scale, my students were invited to go home and practice on an area that needed cleaning up.  One of them decided to focus on the area of personal relationships, as she was having a lot of difficulties at work with her boss – ultimately, she felt was being spoken to and treated disrespectfully by her boss, whom we will call ‘Ms X’.

She felt that Miss X distrusted her and often spoke to her with animosity, which was clearly an unwanted situation.

Unwanted situations arise for many reasons but their purpose is to lead to clarity about we really want to bring into our lives. If we can learn to focus quickly and consistently on what we do want, then the Law will work for us, rather than against us.

Many people are so accustomed to giving their attention to the unwanted aspects of their vibrational mix that they find it extremely difficult to focus on the wanted aspects. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of ‘observation’ and ‘reaction’.

The good news is that our Inner Being is attuned to what we want, and is always there for us, and holding a signal of joy that we can re-attune ourselves to. It is the signal we want to follow!

When we deviate from that path, we immediately feel ‘off track’ and experience negativity of all kinds.

As my student focused on the unwanted situation, it was very easy to identify the ‘wanted’ solution. She wanted to be spoken to with love, respect and appreciation by her boss, Ms X.  Don’t we all?

Unfortunately, her initial attempt to move up the emotional scale was hampered by trying to ‘jump’ vibrational ranges. She also tended to magnify her negative feelings by refocusing on the unwanted aspects of the relationship that had gone on for some time.

Here you will see her initial attempt to clean up her vibration by incrementally moving up the emotional scale. My comments in italics.

  • It feels horrible when Ms X dumps this negativity on me! (Starting point, identifying where she is standing)
  • I feel really bad about myself when she treats me so poor! (Feeling worse, magnifies the negative energy here)
  • I don’t understand why she has to be so awful and how she can think it’s okay to behave so poorly! (Feeling worse, blame energy)
  • Strangely, I think perhaps she doesn’t fully realise what she is doing. (Feeling better, shifting to acknowledge another perspective)
  • She operates in the world from a fear and lack perspective and this makes her panic. (Feeling slightly better than the previous statement; trying to see why she might be behaving as she does. However, there is still some judgment to let go of here!)
  • There is so much fear around her ability to communicate and this makes her communication very poor. (Still spinning around in the ‘mucky’ vibration)
  • She is a woman in a man’s world (finance) and has a lot to prove. (Feeling worse, this may be true but it doesn’t help her vibration)
  • But this doesn’t excuse her poor behaviour! (Feeling much worse, moving into blame energy again)
  • I know she can be kind (Feeling improvement again, shift upwards by acknowledging the positive behaviour of her boss)
  • She showed thoughtfulness and gave me flowers and a card for my birthday (Feeling better, using a real life situation to transmute the energy)
  • When I spoke to her about  her communication at the end of last year she seemed to take on board the points I made about her communication (Feeling better, student is acknowledging she is being listened to)
  • But then this happened again last week and I feel we are back at Square 1! (Feeling a lot worse, student focuses strongly back on the negativity and blame)
  • But in the greater scheme I have had opportunity to stand up for myself on that occasion. (Feeling better, acknowledging her own power)
  • I have had opportunity to say what behaviour I will not accept. (Feeling better, student is owning her power, seeing the gift of the situation)
  • I have gotten very angry which is better than victim mode (Feeling better, as this is a true statement, anger is better than powerlessness)
  • I am starting to believe that I deserved to be treated better than this. (Feeling about the same, no change)
  • That I am worthy of respect, love and kindness. (Feeling improvement)
  • I deserve to be treated well. (Feeling about the same as the last statement).

Overall, after the exercise in deliberate creation, my student felt there was some improvement in her vibration but the negative ‘sticky’ or ‘muddy’ energy was still there.

Some of the energy had shifted but not much.

For the beginning student, it is important to keep practicing. Using the power of deliberate thought takes time, patience and practice.

So, during the next class, we refocused on the ‘wanted aspects’ and I guided my student to maintain consistency in moving up the emotional scale.

We started from the beginning again, consciously and deliberately moving up the scale to consciously change her emotional set points around this person/situation.  You can call these set points “emotional triggers”.

  • It feels horrible when Ms X dumps her negativity on me! (Starting point)
  • Maybe she doesn’t realise what she’s doing? (Feeling better, acknowledging awareness of the other person’s perspective)
  • I have seen her be both kind and considerate. (Feeling better, we used a real life event as a touchstone)
  • She showed real thoughtfulness and gave me flowers and a card for my birthday – that was really nice! (Feeling even better, magnifying the energy of ‘wanted’)
  • I’ve realised that her negativity doesn’t have to affect me so much. (Feeling improvement due to more empowering self talk)
  • Only my reaction to her can pinch me off from my Source of Well-being. (Feeling better, acknowledgement of student’s vibrational power, that she is in control of her emotions)
  • I know that as I only give my attention to her positive aspects, only positive aspects can be shown to me. (Feeling better, another statement of truth)
  • I know that X isn’t the monster I’ve made her out to be. (Feeling better, acknowledging her own role in creating this)
  • I know that I deserve to be treated well. (Doing well here, acknowledging self-esteem)
  • I like knowing that I can stand up for myself in a peaceful way. (Feeling better)
  • This is a chance for me to know and demonstrate Who I Really Am! (Feeling much better now, feeling empowerment)
  • I now allow myself to see the best in Ms X. (Feeling better, statement of clear intent)
  • As I change my point of attraction, I will only rendezvous with X when she is in a better-feeling place. (Feeling even better, statement of vibrational truth, taking creative control of the situation)
  • From this point of attraction, Ms X will begin to see and appreciate only the best in me! (Feeling very good here, understanding the nature of vibration, and how we attract certain experiences based on our vibration)
  • As I maintain my connection to Source, Ms X benefits from my expanded perspective. (Feeling good, acknowledging statement of spiritual truth)
  • I really do appreciate many qualities in my boss. (I asked my student to list some here… to magnify this perspective)
  • I appreciate many aspects of the work I do. (I suggested she try to list some – e.g. security, stability etc)
  • I realise that, for the most part, I am respected by my colleagues and my boss. (Student feeling very good, virtually all of the negative energy had shifted by now)
  • I also respect and honour them. (Student feeling happy… demonstrating compassion, tolerance and forgiveness)
  • I deserve to be treated well, and I AM. (Student now fully aligned with her desire, enjoying feelings of love, freedom and empowerment!)

So, after her own efforts, and having a second attempt with guidance, my student managed to clean up her vibration around a situation that had been troubling her for many months.

Then, synchronistically, within just a few days of changing the energy around this situation, her boss suddenly and dramatically changed her behaviour towards her.

My student was so excited to share this with the group when she returned to the following week’s class.

This idea of conscious, deliberate focusing underpins the magic of cleaning up one’s energy, and seeing different results in one’s own life.

This is ‘THE SECRET’, demonstrated.

Life is fluid, flexible, and ever changing. We are constantly changing but, if we keep unconsciously choosing the same reactive patterns, then nothing appears to change for us.

Lao Tzu said, ‘If you do not change direction, you will end up where you are heading.’

We can demand that others change – but really, it’s up to us.  When we change, everything else changes!

Even if a particular situation doesn’t change in the way we would hope, then we find we are no longer affected by it. Often, I find, it does change given enough time.

When we fully connect to our Inner Being, or Source of Love and Awareness, often our troublesome situation may change even beyond what was hoped for, and we end up giving thanks for the “contrasting” situations in our life!

“What you think (and how you feel because of your thoughts) and what manifests in your experience always match. You get what you think about, whether it is something wanted or unwanted.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

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July 12, 2015

Jaime Tanna

Jaime Tanna is an international teacher and energy therapist specialising in the healing arts. As the visionary founder and director of Energy Therapy, Jaime is an experienced Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Intuitive, and brings a wide array of different skills to the healing table. Coming from a family of pharmacists and doctors, Jaime grew up with a strong allopathic model of the world but quickly saw the limitations of that paradigm. Today, with clients and students throughout the world, Jaime specialises in personal and spiritual development, yoga and meditation, and clearing and rebalancing the human energy field inspiring clients and students to connect to their deepest being to create a life lived on purpose, and with joy!

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