The COVID lie: Is humanity experiencing a state of psychosis?

Right now, the world is rushing towards creating a vaccine for a disease that is already on its way out.

Despite the overall decrease in deaths, the mainstream media puppets keep pushing their stories of ‘covid spikes’ and lockdowns, constantly reminding everyone of the threat of severe punishment for non-compliance of mask wearing and social distancing and so on.

Why do the media constantly ignore the fact that infection rates are useless without pairing it against the death rate?  If the whole world became infected — and there’s a good chance that this virus might have spread to everyone already — and nobody else died that would mean the disease was a non-issue… irrelevant! This is something Dr. Wittkowsi, an expert in pandemic analyses, has stated since the very beginning, ominously being censored for it on both YouTube and Facebook.

Science has become ‘scientism’ – a particular dogmatic brand that is pushed at every turn, and lauded by mainstream as the ‘right thing to do’. Actual science, and other scientific viewpoints, are dangerously ignored.

It can be said that our FEAR of the disease is worse than the actual virus – we have allowed those in charge to rip apart the fabric of society to such a degree that perverted normals are now ‘normal’.  The deep psychological damage, the suicides, the inability to earn a living to feed one’s family, all of this is conveniently ignored by the God of Scientific Materialism.

Fact 1: the virus was downgraded from an HCID back in March.

Fact 2: we are past the peak in many places and the virus is on its way out globally

So why the Big Push for a Vaccine that looks set to be the most dangerous in history? Is this the last chance that the Cabal (elite shadow that run our governments) have to force humanity into an endless cycle of lockdowns and forced vaccines whenever a flu-like virus appears?

Let’s face the hard truth: a rushed vaccine will NEVER be safe enough for those who are awake to the dangers of vaccines in general.

This alarming moving of the “goal posts” is a terrible idea to begin with, based on the faulty assumption that safety protocols (which aren’t even that safe anyway because they don’t even use a true placebo) can be disregarded because of the urgency of a pandemic, or should I say PlanDemic, given the official death rate of 0.26% max and well below 0.01% for those under 65 who are otherwise healthy.

In the UK, the death rate has been reported to be ‘alarmingly high’ at 44,517 — BUT  the mainstream media (puppets of the Pharma-Vaccine industry) don’t focus on the fact that LESS than 300 people under the age of 65 have died ‘with Covid’.  Worse, the number may even be lower given that ‘with Covid’ is not ‘from Covid’ as well as the fact that data was double-counted, and at least half that number may have died from isolation and/or not having access to medical care.

It is an under-reported fact in mainstream that the older people who died already had pre-existing conditions (i.e. co-morbidities), some of them in the last stage of life.

The facts presented as the ‘whole truth’ are actually distortions of truth… just so that the ‘plan’ of global elitism can continue unabated – with many people silently giving up their freedoms for the illusion of safety.

Given that there is so much confusion and distortion, why are so many readily accepting distorted facts as ‘truth’?

So why is the majority of humanity still operating under a deep fear of a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate (it might even be higher)?

Psychosis is defined as conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with REALITY.

Reality, from a mindful perspective, means seeing life as it is appearing right now.  Not walking around in your head, playing out lots of future or past scenarios that have nothing to do with life as it is unfolding now.

How can otherwise healthy people be so scared of life – and of themselves and others?

Most people are not even aware of their breath, so making them fear something invisible by blowing up the story over and over again about ‘infection rates soaring’ is an easy way to keep people trapped in a practically endless loop of fear and victimisation.  Remember that the vicious, uncontrolled porn fear from the February/March period has imprinted on people’s subconscious minds.

When you operate from an imprint, you don’t think rationally.

It’s even easy to convince such people that useless cloth masks are actually necessary, even though they cause a drastic weakening of the immune system!

Are the worldwide draconian measures of mandated masks, more (local) lockdowns, and now the grim possibility of a forced, rushed and dangerous vaccination — all for a disease that has a death rate of 0.26% at its most serious —  a type of mass psychosis?

If we lived in a conscious society where we spoke the truth, and nothing but the truth (so help us God), and where politicians as well as the scientists answering to those politicians were truly held accountable, and where the mega-trillion dollar industries producing solutions were liable for any and all harm caused to any man, woman or child, would we be in this unfortunate position of fearing our bodies and despair and uncertainty about our ability to create our future, rather than being told what our future will look like?

Where does the responsibility for our health ultimately lie?  This is another big question that this ugly worldwide handling of the pandemic is forcing us all to consider.

For those who are awake, each of us already know that each person is ultimately responsible for his/her health, not some outside force, and we cannot blame others for our health or lack thereof.

When we understand that we pass viruses between us all the time, and that our bodies can easily handle them, then the largely irrational fear will drop away, like clouds in the sky.  Even this apparently deadly COVID virus has a recovery rate of 99.8%!  Let that FACT sink in.

Why on earth would you walk around in fear of this virus if you were usually healthy?  And even for those who have pre-existing health conditions, there is power in knowing there are plenty of steps you can take to help boost your body’s natural ability to fight off most diseases.

The reductionist, materialistic paradigm of ‘scientism’ that reinforces the message that we are just ‘sentient’ pieces of meat that constantly need an outside intervention to prevent our ‘stupid’ and ‘faulty’ bodies from getting ill is JUNK science.

There is plenty of evidence that shows that being in fear — and its corollary, panic — cripples your immune system, making you weaker and more susceptible to disease! So why aren’t those pushing fear being arrested, or held accountable for their terrible leadership at the very least?

Are the media going to be held accountable for their constant brandishing of porn fear and imprinting us with messages of doom all the time, for shaming ‘normal’ behaviours, and for making us question our sanity when we see absurd contradictions in the laws – like letting convicts out but putting ordinary people in jail, or advocating that BLM protests are ‘legal’ whilst shaming those who protest against the lockdowns killing their family businesses and starving their children.

Gas-lighting has become the ‘new normal’.

Many now fear a dystopian reality where irrational draconian laws are being passed to ‘control’ a virus that cannot be controlled, and media propaganda and Big Tech censorship happens daily.

These media puppets should go and look at the Nazi propaganda that led to one of the biggest holocausts the world has ever seen.  Back in the 1930s, propaganda was used to label and shame the Jews. Now the same ugly mechanism is being used to shame those who are awake, who dare to question the false narratives that don’t actually go along with the real data.

Remember, the mainstream media has been gas lighting those who are not wearing masks (phase 1) — i.e. if you don’t wear a mask then you’re a bad person, even if you point to studies that show mask wearing is harmful.  Next, they will shame those who do not take the highly experimental and dangerous RNA vaccine.

Unfortunately we live a deeply unconscious society for the most part, where this type of madness is seen as ‘normal’.

Perhaps it’s time for humanity to ask for the red pill!


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Senator Scott Jensen targeted by the Minnesota Medical Board for speaking the truth about COVID-19!

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More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.

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July 8, 2020

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