10 Simple Truths for Living More Consciously!

When Anita Moorjani almost died from Cancer, she came into contact with a profound wisdom within, and now she teaches others how to let go of fear to live a much more conscious, connected life.

These 10 truths are simple but powerful.  See if you can incorporate them into your daily routine – and do a “spot check” each day to see if you’ve gone off path in some way.

1. Have an Open Heart and Mind
When people express hurtful behavior towards you remember that it is a sign of projection. When confronted by these people, it’s best to have an open heart and have compassion towards them.

2. Always Love Yourself
Loving yourself is key to allowing yourself to live a full and happy life. It is okay to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love the reflection staring back; the better you treat yourself the more you will be able to experience and give in this world.

3. Unconditional Love Equals Respect
The more you love and accept yourself, the more you will be able to love others without having the urge to change them. If a person treats you poorly, recognize that you are not responsible for that person’s thoughts or behaviors.

4. Don’t Give Your Power Away
It is important to learn to be in tune with your inner guidance. Guidance can come in all sorts of forms such as a song you hear on the radio when you turn it on, bits of conversation you overhear in line at the supermarket, or an interview you read in a magazine or watch on television.

5. The Ill-Care System
When faced with illness, use your guidance system to help guide your decision making. Don’t take in any new information from the outside world for at least a day or two to make it easier for you to hear the promptings from your internal guidance system.

6. Is it really a Coincidence?
Try becoming more compassionate towards those who judge lightly so you can work on opening your heart and extend that compassion towards those who judge harshly. Learn to follow your hunches when you feel guided to go somewhere or do or say something. Stay open to the possibility of making synchronistic connections with others.

7. There is only love in the other realm, not judgment.
Always ask and watch for signs from your loved ones in the other realm. Signs are as varied as the souls who send them, but they could include the unexpected appearance or unusual behavior of an animal, a light turning on without anyone touching it, or interesting cloud formations that remind you in some way of the person who has passed. Remember, there is no judgment once you pass, there is only love.

8. Everyone Has An Ego
It is important to look within and reflect on your life to begin to discern where your ego knob and awareness knob stand so you can begin to tune both. Whenever you feel fear or anxiety, remind yourself that no one or nothing can deprive you of the God-force that lives within you and feeding that God-force through self-care will only help you connect with your God-nature more readily.

9. Strength in Women
Make a commitment to empower children to have a voice and teach them to respect all sexes. If you are female, make a point to write down your strongest feminine traits (i.e. intuitiveness, empathy, and compassion) and reflect on how they contribute positively to the world. If you are male, make a list of the strongest feminine traits of those women who are closest to you and reflect on what gifts those traits have brought you as well as others.

10. Keep Striving For A Positive Mindset
Having negative thoughts doesn’t mean you are a negative person; you’re simply human. Allow yourself to feel and acknowledge negative emotions so you can move through them without getting stuck.

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September 26, 2016

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