Did Anne Frank reincarnate as Barbro Karlen? Unbelievable ‘Past Life’ Memories Prove ‘Life After Death’ is Real!

Anne Frank Barbo Karlen ReincarnationAnnelies Marie Frank (known simply as Anne Frank) was a German-born diarist and writer, and one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Anne Frank died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945 and less than ten years later, in 1954, Barbro Karlen was born to Christian parents in Sweden.

Astoundingly, when she was less than three years old, Barbro told her parents that her name was not Barbro, but Anne Frank. Barbro’s parents had no idea of who Anne Frank was!

Barbro relates that her parents wanted her to call them “Ma and Pa,” but Barbro knew that they were not her real parents. Barbro even told her mother that her “real parents” would soon come to get her and take her to her “real home.”

During her childhood, Barbro told her parents details of her life as Anne, which her parents thought were merely fantasies. However, in addition, Barbro had nightmares as a child, in which men ran up the stairs and kicked in the door to her family’s attic hiding place.

Barbro is evaluated by a Psychiatrist

Barbro’s “past life” memories worried her parents and at one point they deemed it necessary to have her evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Barbro, though, by this time, had learned that it was not wise to talk about the other world she lived in, the world of Anne Frank, as she noticed that everyone “got tense” when she described her memories to them.

When she saw the psychiatrist, she made no mention of her memories of being Anne and was deemed a perfectly normal little girl.

Barbro’s Elementary School Teacher Discusses Anne Frank

When Barbro was seven or eight years of age, she became confused when her schoolteacher began talking about Anne Frank in class.

Barbro thought to herself, “How could the teacher know about Anne Frank, since Barbro knew that she was Anne Frank?”

Barbro began to realize that Anne Frank was a famous person.  “How could that be,” she thought?

Barbro was having spontaneous memories of a past lifetime and had no one to talk to, no one who could genuinely help her with her confusion, traumatic memories and nightmares.

Barbro’s Past Life Phobias Related to Anne Frank’s Holocaust Experience

Most interestingly, since childhood, Barbro had a fear of men in uniforms. As an adult, if stopped for a traffic violation by a police officer, Barbro would have such anxiety that she would consider fleeing.

In order to get over her phobia of uniforms, as well as to work with horses, Barbro in adulthood decided to become a mounted Swedish police officer.  After completing her training with the Swedish Police Service, Barbro did become a mounted police officer and she worked with police horses for over a decade.

In addition, Barbro has had an aversion to eating beans since childhood, which the Frank family existed on for nearly two years. Barbro would also only take baths, not showers.

It is well known that the Nazi’s would lead prisoners into large rooms telling them that they would be given showers.  Instead of water, poison gas was piped into the room to kill the prisoners and the bodies burned.

At 10 Years of Age, Barbro Leads her Parents to the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank reincarnation case AmsterdamBarbro received her first validation of being Anne Frank when she was ten years old, which she describes in her book, And the Wolves Howled.

Incredibly, Barbro was able to find her way directly to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam without directions!

For the average tourist, it is very easy to get lost wandering the streets of Amsterdam, yet Barbro’s past life memories of streets of Amsterdam were crystal clear.

When she was ten, Barbro’s parents took her on a tour of the major cities in Europe, including Amsterdam, the city where the Frank family lived.

During World War II, Otto Frank and his family had to go into hiding in the attic of the building where Otto had his business, for the Nazi’s had invaded the Netherlands and were persecuting Jews.

The Frank family hid in this attic for about two years, until they were discovered by the Nazis, arrested and sent to concentration camps.

The only survivor was the father, Otto Frank, who subsequently was given Anne’s diary, which he later had published.

After the war, the hiding place was made into a museum, which is called The Anne Frank Museum.

By the time Barbro was ten, the Diary of Anne Frank had been published in Sweden and while in Amsterdam, her father wanted to visit the Frank House. At their hotel, he took the phone off the hook and asked for a taxi to take them there.

Barbro suddenly exclaimed: “We don’t need a taxi, it’s not far to walk from here!” Barbro was so certain that it didn’t occur to her parents to object, they just meekly followed her as she walked off.

“We’ll soon be there, it’s just round the next corner,” Barbro told her parents.

Indeed, they arrived at the Anne Frank House after a ten minute walk through the twisting streets of the city. Upon their arrival, her parents stood there speechless and just looked at one another.

Past Life Memories: Barbro Knows Where Anne Frank’s Pictures should have been Found

“That’s strange,” Barbro said, when they stood in front of the steps up to the house. “It didn’t look like this before.”

She looked wonderingly and her parents didn’t know what to say. They entered the house and went up the long narrow staircase. Barbro, who had been so carefree when showing them the way, suddenly went quite white in the face. She broke out in a cold sweat and reached for her mother’s hand. Her mother was quite horrified when she felt Barbro’s hand, which was as cold as ice.

When they entered the hiding place the same irrational terrors overcame Barbro as she had experienced so many times in her dreams. She found it hard to breathe and panic spread through her body. When they went into one of the smaller rooms, she suddenly stood still and brightened up a little.

Barbro looked at the wall in front of her and exclaimed, “Look, the pictures of the film stars are still there!” The pictures of the movie stars that Anne had clipped and affixed to the wall, which Barbro saw at that moment, made her feel happy, almost as if she had come home.

Her mother stared at the blank wall and couldn’t understand this at all.

“What pictures? The wall is bare?”

Barbro looked again she saw that this was true. The wall was totally bare!

Her mother was so confounded that she felt driven to ask one of the guides whether she knew if there had been pictures on the wall at one time.

“Oh yes,” one guide replied, “they had only been taken down temporarily to be mounted under glass so that they wouldn’t be destroyed or stolen.”

Barbro’s mother didn’t know what to say.

“How in the world could you find your way here first of all, then insist that the steps outside were different and then see the pictures on the wall when they weren’t there?”

Barbro’s mother was full of questions but Barbro was quite incapable of saying even a single word. She just wanted to get out of there as she couldn’t stand it a moment longer!
Her legs felt like jelly as she went down the stairs. She had never before in her life felt so wretched. The tears ran unrestrainedly down her face, and her legs would not carry her. When she reached the bottom step her legs gave way, and she fell.

Barbro’s Parents Accept that She Had a Past Life as Anne Frank

Barbro relates that these incidents in Amsterdam finally made her parents believe that she is the reincarnation of Anne Frank.

After all, how else could she know how to get to the Anne Frank House on the family’s first trip to Amsterdam, and without directions? How could she know that the stairs had been modified?  How did she know that pictures of movie stars, which Anne Frank had clipped from magazines, should be found on a specific wall inside the house, when these pictures had been removed for mounting?

Barbro’s mother responded by becoming very spiritual in her outlook and a firm believer in reincarnation – the empirical evidence, presented through her daughter’s memory, was undeniable.

Barbro’s father, on the other hand, seemed annoyed. Barbro relates that her father responded by saying: “I can’t deny that you have somehow been here before. Perhaps you have lived before and have reincarnated, but you are the only one!”

This is a typical response from many who insist that Souls do not reincarnate due to their religious beliefs. If reincarnation is accepted, it is only accepted as being an anomaly. Barbro understood that her father’s strong Christian world view was being threatened and his reaction was one of disbelief!

Barbro was much happier from this point on, however, as she had her mother’s full support and could talk to her candidly about her past lifetime as Anne Frank without being rejected, or her sanity called into question.

Most men today (but not all) usually have a much harder time embracing the holistic, multidimensional reality of this Universe as they are trained to believe in only what reductionist science can prove, and what they can see/validate through their five senses – which is very limited!

Past Life Talent: Barbro Karlen is a Childhood Writing Prodigy, like Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a childhood writing prodigy. She became the most famous victim because as a teenager she wrote a book, a diary, that addressed universal themes, such as the nature of man and man’s tendency to be good or evil.

Children around the world have been instructed to read The Diary of Anne Frank to learn about prejudice, which has made Anne’s diary the second most read book in the world, next to the Bible.

Barbro Karlen was also a childhood writing prodigy. Barbro relates that learning to write was a great gift.

As a child, she could not speak to anyone about her past life memories, but once she learned to write, she could have discourses on her writing tablet.

One day, when she was eleven or so, a family friend read a few of her compositions and realized that this was worthy prose. Barbro was asked if her casual writings could be sent to a publisher, which she agreed to.

At the age of twelve, her first book of prose was published. This book, Man on Earth, became the best selling prose/poetry book in Swedish history!

Barbro became a little celebrity, debating theology with ministers and theologians on television programs. In her teenage years, she had a total of nine books published.  These books, written in her youth, have been translated into multiple languages, much like the Diary of Anne Frank.

Barbro’s Past Life Memories Recede, then Reemerge when She Encounters Reincarnated Nazi Guards

After her adolescence passed, her past life memories began to fade, which was a relief to Barbro, as now she felt she would finally lead a normal life.

However, in her forties her past life memories began to emerge again. Barbro began having negative interactions with a mounted police officer, who seemed to be persecuting her.  These interactions triggered the rekindling of her memories of being Anne Frank and in particular, she recalled vivid scenes from a concentration camp.

Barbro suddenly realised that this police officer was a reincarnated Nazi guard at the Bergen-Belsen concentration! Although these past life memories were painful, they gave Barbro the will to write her book, And the Wolves Howled.

Barbro relates that she wanted to show that though these guards, these wolves, participated in her persecution in the Anne Frank lifetime, she would not allow them to hurt her again in contemporary times. She wanted to share with others that the soul perseveres and in this way, to provide comfort to others who may be suffering.

Barbro Meets her Past Life Cousin, Buddy Elias!

After her book, And the Wolves Howled, came out, Barbro received a great deal of attention and publicity in Europe.

Buddy Elias, who passed away in 2015, was President of the Anne Frank Foundation and the last living relative of Anne Frank, arranged to meet Barbro, though he did not reveal who he was in relation to Anne Frank or the Anne Frank Foundation.

He wanted to meet this person who claimed to be the reincarnation of Anne – you see, Buddy and Anne Frank were cousins and they played together in their youth.

Buddy arranged the meeting through Barbro’s publisher, who only told Barbro that Buddy was a fan.

Barbro relates that when they first saw each other, she and Buddy fell into each others arms and cried together. Barbro says she had instant recognition that Buddy was someone she knew and loved from the Frank lifetime!

They spoke for two hours at the time of that first meeting and remained very good friends up until Buddy’s death. Barbro would stay at Buddy’s home in Switzerland whenever she visited Europe and Buddy would stay in Barbro’s home when he visited her.  Buddy passed away on March 16, 2015.


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October 27, 2016

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