COVID-19: Do Draconian Measures Signify A Move To A Totalitarian Global State?

Is anyone else buying the official dogma? Excuse me, narrative?

What we’re seeing, quite clearly, is a totalitarian system subversively imposed on us, step by step.  Yet, like watching a magician who does his tricks right in front of his audience, we can’t see the sleight of hand!

First lockdowns happened in Italy and France, causing millions of people to live out a daily nightmare in deep fear – fear of the virus, with isolation being imposed upon them.

Today, I’ve just seen major announcements by the UK and South Africa to lockdown those countries (and I am currently in the UK) for an ‘initial’ three weeks.

Having watched some compelling evidence that we are going towards an Orwellian state, it’s vital to get the truth out there before we all accept this level of paranoia and fear as ‘normal’.

Ask yourself, do you now accept as ‘normal’ the heightened security (military and police presence) and the wearing of masks, social distancing, self-isolation and so on.  To what degree have you internalised this as ‘the way it must be?’

The governments and faceless “experts” are making these draconian rules for everybody — AND we sorely need to question what these so-called experts say because they are part of the very system that created and spread the unnecessary fear, just so the system can later do what IT wants without any critical questioning of motive.

Looked at with a critical eye, the ensuing panic and madness is helping to cement into our minds a different order of reality.

We are being told not to question authority any longer, and the narrative we’ve being fed is a constantly fear-based one, with logic being used to justify the tightening of the proverbial noose around our necks.

In today’s speech by the UK Prime Minister, the public has been told they should only leave to go for exercise, shopping for necessities, medical reasons, and travelling to and from work if needed.

Weddings and baptisms should not go ahead (can you imagine?). Places of worship, where people find solace together in God or a Higher Power, has been banned as well. From tonight, only supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies can be open and people will only be able to leave the house once a day to exercise and once to go to the shops. (Well, at least we can get out, eh?)

We are being treated like criminals (‘house arrest’), and the programming is so subversive because no one feels they can can go against it – it is a matter of conscience now.  We will be destroying the NHS, overloading those on the from line!  We will be spreading the virus, and killing each other, and being totally irresponsible – and nobody wants that.

Lots of deep programming has now happened since January that has led us to accept ‘our fate’ and we’re not even questioning the fact that these measures are continually destabilising our trust in our own bodies — and, worse, EACH OTHER.

The medical system is being made to look like GOD, or at least A SAVIOUR.

Do you know anyone who’s genuinely happy?  I don’t… any fleeting happiness is immediately overshadowed.  This is the biggest coup against humanity today, is it not?  And it’s spine-chillingly brilliant.

Would a government that truly cared about you be SO controlling?  Remember, in an abusive relationship, the victim often hates what’s being done but stays anyway – and, quite perversely, may love the abuse as a sign of ‘love’.

See the correlation?  (Just step back).

Here’s an excerpt of the UK PM’s speech:

people will only be allowed to leave their home for the following very limited purposes:
– shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible
– one form of exercise a day – for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household;
– any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person; and
– travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home.
That’s all – these are the only reasons you should leave your home.
You should not be meeting friends. If your friends ask you to meet, you should say No.
You should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home.
You should not be going shopping except for essentials like food and medicine — and you should do this as little as you can. And use food delivery services where you can.
If you don’t follow the rules the police will have the powers to enforce them, including through fines and dispersing gatherings.
To ensure compliance with the Government’s instruction to stay at home, we will immediately:
close all shops selling non-essential goods, including clothing and electronic stores and other premises including libraries, playgrounds and outdoor gyms, and places of worship;
– we will stop all gatherings of more than two people in public – excluding people you live with;
– and we’ll stop all social events , including weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies, but excluding funerals.
Parks will remain open for exercise but gatherings will be dispersed.

I understand that it’s phrased carefully, with just enough sympathy for you to feel it’s absolutely necessary, or they wouldn’t be doing it.

I’ve seen that the vast majority of people, at least where I live, being cautions, and most places are shut.

This move is nonsensical, and rooted in distrust.

Basically, what the power elite wants is to cripple all form of social contact for the foreseeable future (AT LEAST 3 weeks), and slowly but slowly small and even some medium sized businesses will collapse as we have the ‘creep’.  Let’s see, I’m not judging… but 3 weeks can become 4 weeks, and it can become 6 weeks, or much worse.

Right now, we don’t have any real say, because we’ve all given our power away.

The government, of course, will be seen to be doing its bit.. it’s “promised” to help, to give out money to protect the economy (which was created by us yesterday) and if you fail, well, it’s your own fault. Of course, the government will be sad to see individuals and families struggle, but what can they do?  They don’t make the rules, do they?  They are just trying to save lives.. after all, the medical system is the ONLY ONE capable of such things. The human body is faulty and stupid, and it’s dangerous to think otherwise.

Let’s just forget about the all the evidence that points to the fact that the human body is highly intelligent!

We Are Social Beings

What do people usually do in times of crisis?  They come together to join hands, literally and metaphorically!

We always do best when we are united, not split up into tiny fragments.

What kind of ‘new normal’ do we want?  This is the vital question!  Not the virus – which is going to do what it’s going to do for God’s sake.

I hear all the time ‘the hospitals can’t cope’ – well, of course they can’t.  They weren’t designed to!  The government has been getting rid of beds for the past few decades, reducing staff, moving parts of it into private hands as well!

And now it “cares”, all of a sudden?  It is the ‘saviour’ of all of us, is it?

Who caused the mass fear and panic, and the rush to the hospitals?  The media narrative.

Let’s ask a basic, very human question: What if we all took care of each other instead of relying on the state to save us?

We are all very capable of helping our loved ones through even the worst  of illnesses and sicknesses most of the time – but we’re being told a scare story… you’ll get sick, you’ll kill your loved ones (so you’ll be to blame), you won’t be able to fight this virus and you need the governmental solutions that are coming (vaccines).

We must wake up from our lethargy and distinguish between catching the virus itself (remember, thousands of people have got better WITHOUT medical intervention) and the overreaction or under-reaction of the body itself.

The global mainstream media is constantly whitewashing the death statistics since it’s easier to scare us that way! Why don’t they encourage us with statistics of how many are RECOVERING?

The greatest coup against humanity to date?

The human ego in all of us lives in constant fear of death – and what is the ego?  It is you as the body, along with your thoughts and emotions.

This is deeply understood by all those who have the (military) power, and it’s used all the time to control the ‘enemy’.  In this case, us.

The public is the enemy, not the virus.  Do you see?

A subtle shift in awareness can see this very easily.

How the ego operates

Firstly, the ego fears psychological death — so it attacks anyone with a different opinion, particularly anyone who doesn’t conform to accepted narrative.  So, we’re going to fight against those who ‘don’t listen.’

Do as you’re told!

Secondly, it lives in constant fear of physical death, the ultimate annihilation for the ego.  From a spiritual vantage point, all forms dissolve. Some dissolve quickly, some more slowly, but we will all face death sooner or later, is this not true?

Today’s Western society lives in a deep fear of death – death is, in fact, hidden away in the closet and rarely looked at.

Today, the constant flashing up of an “increasing death rate” into people’s minds is causing more and more panic, more and more doubt in ourselves and our bodies.

Please don’t believe for a second that THE SYSTEM now suddenly gives a sh*t about the old, the frail or vulnerable.  It really couldn’t care less – it’s a joke.  If it cared, it would be cocooning them, helping them feel safe, giving them vital nutrition, informing them how to boost their immune systems and deploying technological medical advances to keep them safe upfront.

Also, suddenly all the governments who never had the money to support us (the public) can now suddenly create — out of thin air — trillions of dollars (pounds/euros whatever)?  Why?

So… we can be DEPENDANT on THEM as we spiral downward into a massive depression.  Make no mistake, it’s coming as we sit back and just follow the narrative.

This rolling out of ‘problem reaction solution’ is now unfolding before us and controlling everyone’s behaviours – and it’s a flashpoint.  You, apparently, can harm me, and i can harm you etc.  TRUST is being eroded between us.

This self-isolating for long periods of time does.  It BREAKS the human spirit.

The way the ‘control’ of the ‘virus’ is being handled is a chilling coup against humanity.

Skewed Data and What About 5G?

According to, “serious doubts about the accuracy of COVID-19 testing methods, results, mortality rates, and the supposedly unique and extreme lethality of this virus are starting to emerge… A recent study released by Italy’s national health authority found that nearly everyone who was pronounced dead from COVID-19 was already struggling with serious chronic disease(s).”

But the most brilliant analysis of the data and the GLOBAL PICTURE to date comes from a lady called Dana Ashlie, who has meticulously researched the rather inconvenient link between 5G and the spread of the virus globally.  Do you know 5G was very active in Wu-han when the outbreak happened?

Pharma and Compulsory Vaccination

Pharma and Vaccine companies benefit from a sickness and disease model, and they will do anything to protect it.

Right now, many people rightly refuse to vaccinate for the flu, and for other types of diseases where they feel it isn’t necessary  — but NOW it will become mandatory by law to have everything Big Brother (the Global State) tells you to have.

And because everybody is broken up into teeny, tiny pieces, we are feeling our most vulnerable and alone.  But it’s “for our own good” and we will “save the world”!  How poetic!

Soon to be in a theatre near you, pharma will unveil the ‘magic bullet’ solution, injecting us all with adjuvants that contain (amongst other things) aluminium and  viruses from monkeys and foetuses — but it will be for our own “bodily health” and to “protect us” from each other, even though we face economic collapse.

It seems we will do anything to save ourselves at this point.

Is the human spirit BROKEN?

Again, if we care to piece the puzzle together, we’ll see that the narrative is about:

  1. Making us fearful — and keeping us in fear
  2. Giving us a powerful TOP DOWN solution to remove the FEAR later on
  3. Making sure we never question the narrative from the top ever again – so that we are ‘humbled’ before the system and Pharma (the God/Saviour of humanity)… we all need a saviour right now, don’t we?  (Not).

Job Done.

Bill Gates recently stepped down from Microsoft to concentrate on more “philanthropic efforts” and that particular individual will only invest his money where hundreds of trillions of dollars in return can be made.

Mandatory human vaccines fit the bill for this particular agenda because Gates set up the Gates Foundation to deal with developing new vaccines.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome, and Mastercard recently committed up to $125 million in seed funding to speed-up the response to the COVID-19 epidemic — and this very small investment pales in comparison to the colossal return he will make when the vaccine is announced and the world world is ready to have it injected for fear of getting the virus again.  Do the math.

Most people have bought the narrative of self-isolation and the “problem reaction solution” is firmly rooted in place, all in the proverbial blink of an eye.

Time has moved quickly, and we haven’t had a chance to literally ‘catch our breath.’

On social, I’ve seen people talking about how the skies are clearer, how the birds are singing, how everything is healing… well, this might be true, and I love that! But please, DON’T think for a moment that the well-oiled machine of Pharma, GM foods, Vaccines, the ongoing destruction of our Rainforests, the killing of our wildlife, Big Oil and Gas exploration (fracking) and so forth isn’t going to kick back in if we are unable to take care of ourselves because we are facing financial losses of immense proportions.

If we descend into the pit of hell where we can’t even take care of ourselves, then survival issues kick in, and the wider humanitarian issues disappear overnight, and your government knows this:

  • Organic foods, gone … or will be too expensive to buy.
  • Many or most small family businesses gone.
  • Sustainable businesses and industry gone.
  • Green energy, gone – or very limited access to it – or, worse, controlled by those who currently have all the power.
  • Yoga studios, gyms and other ‘health’ places gone – or seriously reduced, with dependancy on meds being practically the only choice.

Anyone else seeing what I’m seeing?

The Global State is coming to ‘save’ you

I believe in the basic good of humanity BUT we still have war/genocide on this planet, torture, toxic pollutants, death by medicine, and God only knows what else. We have been asleep at the wheel, allowing these systems to pollute our minds and, right now, we are witnessing the final blow.

Those who truly run this world – and i’m talking about people with TRILLIONS in their pockets, which is NO small thing – are seeing just how much we will accept. Right now, I’m seeing friends on facebook towing the ‘party line’.  The language is telling:

  • Stay At Home
  • Do the ‘right’ thing
  • Flatten the curve

We just accept and repeat, don’t we?

The three lines above are actually the voice of the Collective Ego talking to us, TELLING us not to think for ourselves, not to question THE PLAN.

The collective ego, if you don’t already know, is utterly mad and dysfunctional.

Your spirit would NEVER do this to you – the spirit empowers you to take care of yourself by facing death head on.  Even if you cannot overcome death, the coming together of humanity is a salve that would immediately bring DEEP PEACE.

But your government knows that, and doesn’t want it.  Stick to the agenda.

Watch the sinister conversation from Event 201 on Dana Ashlie’s video… how they simulated a CV pandemic, and the measures they would take to break us down, and to then gain our trust.

Remember, just two weeks ago the UK Prime Minister was telling the UK people that they would absolutely not have any draconian measures imposed upon them – and that this approach was based on clear science.  We were told, very clearly, that we would not be following Europe’s or China’s example.

Now look at the colossal change in a very short space of time… step by step the noose is being tightened around everyone’s necks.

But, don’t worry, it’s for our own good!

People look at the news and thus they say things have got worse… but WHY have they?  It is because of the virus alone?

NO!  It is the separation from each other that is KILLING US.

We are very good at swallowing this meticulously crafted story, are we not?

Over and over again we go back for more.

The link between 5G and 60Ghz causing harm to humans is clear.  People in Wu-han were falling over dead with 5G, having seizures, and heart arrhythmia, and also a dry cough that attacks the lungs.  Since when did a ‘pneumonia like flu’ be totally dry?  See Dans’s video.

But practically no one in mainstream media has been alking about it, or is talking about it.  Complete silence, in fact.

Collectively, we need to wake up right now and see this nightmare for what it is — a colossal taking back of mind power BY THOSE IN POWER.

The Flu – where has it gone?

According to Dr Vernon Coleman, a former GP and the author of over 100 books, the World Health Organisation estimates that the number of people dying from ‘seasonal influenza’ each year is between 290,000 and 650,000, and that, in a bad year, well over half a million people die from the flu. In one bad winter month, the death toll from flu could approach 100,000.

That’s not the number who get it. That’s the number who die from it.

And the “deadly” coronavirus? Today, the official figure is 16,000 people have died of the coronavirus since the first diagnosis was made, and about 6,000 cases are in Italy, one of the worst countries hit.

Italy has had 5G.

But we’re not asking the right questions.  In fact, very few are questioning anything at all.

We live and walk in a collective nightmare and we seem incapable of getting ourselves out of it.

Open your eyes humanity – the boogeyman is not real.

We CAN cope with illness and even death from a virus, but a “living death” imposed on us by an Orwellian global society will be far, far worse… and, ironically, lead to even more deaths over the long term.

For a start, when you are in fear or depressed, your immune system is drastically weakened, that’s a hard fact to be concerned about!

Nobody “at the top” is bothering to tell you how to strengthen your immune system. Why?  Nobody is discussing the link between 5G, the frequency of 60Ghz, and the outbreak of CV. Why?

Because that would be self-defeating! It would empower you!

It’s best to tell you to hide behind the warm skirt of Big Brother until it tells you it’s 100% safe to come out.  Then you do ANYTHING the state tells you!

Today, we have allowed SECRECY to be allowed, instead of TRANSPARENCY.  It’s astounding – and, even now, we are still blind as to the true motives going on behind the scene.

David Icke, is his analysis correct?

A new video was recently posted featuring an interview with the famous David Icke.

I leave it to you to witness the unfolding events on the world stage, and to see if any of his comments stack up!  I don’t resonate with everything Icke says, but I do resonate with a lot of it.  The unfortunate thing is that he is labelled as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and most people switch off when they hear those two words together. In fact, so do I!

But we have an opportunity to go beyond labels and seeing the information ‘as it is.’

Just listen, and then playback what’s happened since January in your own mind.  Do you see the correlation?

The ramifications of the lock-downs: Psychology 101

Will we all hide in fear of this particular virus for another 4 months (to 18 months!!) whilst the world economy collapses and people hit absolute rock bottom?  Who is going to be there to pick up the pieces?

NOT the governments of this world, let me tell you that unequivocally now.

I’m not anti-government, but I AM anti BS.  I’m against the FEAR being spread daily.

The only weapon we have is truth and love – both will always dissolve fear.

Truth might NOT be comfortable to hear – because most people have been conditioned not to question their government(s)?  Even highly intelligent people…

We can “self-isolate” for a short while but it will only damage us further because a very deep fear that has been sown into our minds.

Think about what it’s going to you.

Healing ourselves: making the decision to have courage

We have to make the individual and collective effort to face the virus with courage, not fear.  And to handle it with more grace – something that the governments of this world will never be able to give us.

We must not allow our very livelihoods to collapse because of guilt and fear.

If we stay connected, with each other, we may make a new decision about whether to return to work sooner – right now, I don’t see anyone petitioning the governments.

Sure, we will have some sicknesses and even deaths, but we will NOT be imposed upon by an invisible tyranny.

WE must remember that our bodies CAN kill the virus — and that’s the CORE message we need to hear right now – but we’re not hearing it, ever.

We also need to give ourselves permission to drop the fear, and the guilt of the virus spreading and “killing others.”  This separates us from being connected and powerful.

And finally, remember that nobody can control life and death, least of all our governments and experts.

Today, we can choose to stand in our power and become an enlightened society, or we can descend into the hell of an autocratic technocracy, where we are subservient to a medical, faceless God.

We have FORGOTTEN the strength and power of the human body – and the fact that it can fight off diseases, even pandemics.  Not everyone will survive but, together, we will be stronger.  Doing what we are collectively doing today, we will be totally broken and unable to even function.

WE are being PLAYED.


Updated 23/03/2020

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March 20, 2020

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