How do binaural frequencies create states of deep healing and peace?

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A binaural tone is created within the brain when it is presented with two slightly different frequencies at the same time. This makes the brain sync with the ‘imaginary’ tone, a phenomenon known as entrainment.

As we all know, the state of our brain directly affects how well we can perform the activities at hand and how we process different types of information. We might not be able to name the dominant frequency (brain wave) we are experiencing at any moment in time but we certainly know if we’re feeling sleepy and lethargic, or supercharged and active! We know when we are feeling blissed out or when we are feeling restless and edgy.

Whether you want to achieve a more focused state, meditate more deeply, get a better night’s sleep, activate your body’s healing processes, you need to be able to change  your brain state at will.

Today, we’re living in an over-medicated world where far too many have to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to try to heal chronic illness, or attempt to get a good night’s sleep, even though it’s well know that pharmaceuticals interfere with key biological processes and damage the body over the long run.

What you might not know is that you can speed up healing in your body and get a good night’s sleep when you listen to specific frequencies that tap you into a particular brain wave and state of consciousness.

The brain is a powerhouse of activity, with the neurons in your brain constantly talking to each other over a complicated interconnected network. When these neurons fire off, they release small amounts of electricity, which can be measured using an EEG, measurable frequencies commonly known as brainwaves. Generally speaking, the higher the brainwave frequency, the more alert and awake you are. We experience lower frequency brainwaves when we meditate, dream and then go into a dreamless sleep (where real healing occurs).

How do Binaural Beats work?

In 1837, a physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that listening to certain tones of sound could actually induce certain states of mind. If you listen to a tone of 410hz in your left ear and 400hz in your right ear, your brain will “make up” the difference and hear an imaginary tone of 10hz. You don’t have to think about it, it’s a natural consequence of the sound your ears are receiving and sending to the brain (instantaneously!).

This imaginary tone is called a binaural tone, and your brain then syncs to that specific frequency.

Binaural research has shown that it’s possible to change how you think and feel simply by listening to certain binaural frequencies. Intuitively we can understand this because we all know just how powerful our moods are affected by listening to music we love.

I’ve personally found some binaural frequencies to be very harsh, and not fit for purpose. There’s a lot of junk out there, so listen to your own guidance as much as any research that tells you what “you’re supposed” to feel or think when you listen to a particular sound/frequency.

Does it resonate? Does it create harmony within you, or do you feel disturbed by it?

Understanding Brain Waves

Our brain waves pulsate and oscillate at particular frequencies that can be measured, just like sound waves, in cycles per second. There are basic delineations of different brain wave states, based upon the cycles per second of the brain.

33hz-42hz – Gamma

Spiritual awakening, universal love and harmony
These brainwaves are a bit of a mystery. They’re the highest frequency measurable by today’s instruments but scientists are a little dumbfounded by them. Gamma brainwaves don’t translate to feeling active and alert. Rather, what’s been discovered is that neurons are firing so harmoniously that people feel like they are having a spiritual experience. This brainwave state has been associated with “aha moments”, integration, synthesis, expanding consciousness and superconscious states of learning.

12hz-20hz – Beta

Reaction, engagement, and sensory experiences
They are found in our normal waking state of consciousness. Beta waves are present when our focus of attention is on activities of the external world. Your brain is actively engaged and you are aware of your surroundings. This is the dominant ‘active’ mode of most people when working, shopping etc.

High Beta-from 23 to 33 hz.

Associated with hyperactivity – and also anxiety.

8hz-12hz – Alpha

They occur when we daydream and are often associated with a state of meditation. Alpha waves often become stronger and more regular when our eyes are closed.

3hz – 8hz – Theta

Dreamy, otherworldly, and surreal
You may have experienced Theta right before drifting off to sleep, during a lucid dream, or during a deep meditation. In Theta, you no longer sense the outside world, but you are aware and conscious of your internal world. They are found in states of high creativity and have been equated to states of consciousness found in much shamanic work. Theta waves also occur in state of deep meditation and sleep.

.5hz – 3hz – Delta

Asleep, regenerative and healing
They occur in states of deep sleep or unconsciousness. Some of the newer brain wave work indicates that a state of deep meditation produces Delta waves in highly conscious individuals.

Your body needs this state to heal and regenerate. When you take a drug to go to sleep, your mind is still active, so you don’t actually achieve it. Instead, using sound and doing yoga nidra are two of the most effective ways of allowing the brain to be restful.

Tibetan Bells

Entrainment has been used by medicine men/women and shamans from different cultures since prehistoric days. The ability to create altered states of consciousness through drumming and chanting specifically. Shamanic drumming encompasses a frequency range of from .8 to 5.0 cycles per second, which is in the “theta” range for brain waves.

Tibetan bells, or Ting-Sha’s, have been utilized in Buddhist meditation practice for many centuries. An examination reveals that the two bells, which are rung together, are slightly out of tune with each other. Depending upon the bells, the difference tones between them create ELFs somewhere between 4 and 8 cycles per second. This falls exactly within the range of the brain waves created during meditation and helps shift the brain to these frequencies. It is little wonder that Tibetan bells are experiencing a worldwide increase in popularity as tools for increased relaxation and reduction of stress.

How to use Binaural Tones

If you want to achieve certain states of consciousness, use binaural frequencies to help. Sound is a powerful gateway to explore our inner dimensions if it is used with awareness.

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