Use your sexual energy to regenerate your body and mind!

The creative principle within you has a twofold purpose.  Firstly, when directed to the genital area, men and women feel an instinctive desire to have sex – to mate, or ‘merge’, with another.  The creative impulse is natural and powerful because it is nature’s way of propagating the human race! The second purpose is to awaken the spiritual centres in man/woman, for supreme liberation from the illusion of matter (called ‘maya’). This, despite millennia of teachings on this subject, has largely been forgotten.

Today, there is a constant overemphasis on the sexual act.  Just a casual glance at the headlines on the array of different men and women magazines shows just how obsessed Western society is with materialistic instincts and obsessive desires – and, if you care to look around you, you will see that this kind of advice isn’t helping people become any happier.  A moment’s lust is not the answer to satisfying the deep longing of the Soul to merge with its Creator.

According to one US website, “around 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The number is similarly high in many other developed nations.

According to recent European statistics:

  • Some 2.1 million marriages and 943 thousand divorces took place in the EU in 2013.
  • The marriage rate in the EU has declined from 7.8 per 1 000 persons in 1965 to 4.1 in 2013.
  • The divorce rate increased from 0.8 per 1 000 persons in 1965 to 1.9 in 2013.

A profound, empirical energetic understanding of ‘love’ and the ‘sexual instinct’ is more relevant and necessary than ever before!

Vibrationally, you attract more of the same because you carry your tendencies with you – if you separate from, or divorce, someone and then dive straight into a new relationship, the face may change but the relationship will stay broadly the same because of you.  You cannot avoid Universal Law.

 You have to work on YOU first if you want to have real and lasting success in any intimate relationship.

This article will give you the insights you need to create a spiritually ideal life with another person.  Ditch the gossip magazines and the internet porn!

Controlling, not forcing, the sex instinct

In terms of the natural impulse to mate, remember, on the outer level of form, the man (masculine archetype) is incomplete – and longs to merge with the feminine aspect of creation.  The woman (feminine archetype) is similarly incomplete and longs to merge with the masculine aspect of creation.  This merging of yin and yang also explains gay or lesbian relationships where one partner will typically be more ‘male’ and one more ‘female’ in their energy.

So lifelong intellectual study will not enable you to control such the all powerful sex instinct.

Anyone who is relatively young (20s to 40 years old) will feel driven by the sex instinct.  Some people are even bound to their primal urges into their 50s, 60s and beyond, particularly men – due to the fact that men’s sexuality is concentrated in the genitals, whereas the whole body of the woman is erogenous, men will be even more susceptible to blindly following their sex instinct.  Anyone with the slightest bit of discernment will understand this by evaluating this truth for themselves.

This attachment to lust is not a healthy mental state to indulge in, contrary to popular belief!

The healthy state is one of relaxed self-control – yet this is not a forcing of energies that go against nature.  You cannot ‘fight against yourself’.  This is about self-awareness.

What do you choose?

During the arousing of sexual desire, there are five choices available to you as an individual:

  1. Dissipation of creative energy through masturbation or sexual intercourse – both are weakening, so repeated lustful indulgence causes disease in the body and mind, and premature old age.
  2. Use of the creative energy for having a child – this is not a ‘matter of fact’ perfunctory action as most religions would have us believe, and is a turn off to both the materialist and the spiritual adept.  You can enjoy the sexual act and harness your physical, mental and emotional and spiritual energies towards ‘oneness’, a supremely blessed state of being.  The mystical practice of ‘tantra‘ is good to follow if you are interested in cultivating this awareness.
  3. Use of the creative life energy to create ‘spiritual thought power’ by sublimation and transmutation.  It is not necessary to dissipate the creative energy; rather, at the moment of passion, one can immediately engage in creative pursuits instead – artistic, literary, inventive, or even business related.  Where awareness goes, energy flows… so by diverting one’s awareness, the creative energy is channelled into the brain and converted to higher forms of intellectual and spiritual expression.
  4. Using the creative energy for sports or physical exercise/labour.
  5. Withdrawing the energy through the breath, away from the creative organs upward to the region of the medulla oblongata (the ‘mouth’ of God).

Raise your energy up the spine – to create states of bliss

To raise your energy up the spine, practice doing the following:

  1. Put your mind on the area where the sex organs are and draw a deep breath slowly, imagining the breath starting from that area.
  2. Imagine with the inhaling breath that you are reversing the downward flow of life energy, drawing it away from the coccyx (‘root chakra’), upward through the spine to the spot between the eyebrows.  This is the mystical third eye, where the three master glands (pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus) are located.
  3. Hold the breath and mind inbetween the eyebrows for as long as you can comfortably (there should be no strain) and imagine yourself absorbing the passion and life current into the reservoir of energy already established there.
  4. Repeat three times with your eyes closed (when your eyes are closed, your attention is not distracted).
  5. During relaxation, think of the physical instinct as having been expelled from the body naturally.
  6. Get out into the fresh air of nature.

In addition, remember;

  • Daily exercise is important as it refreshes the body and mind.  Get outside for a walk each day – and twice a day if possible!  Sloth keeps us tied to the slavish instincts of the body and mind.
  • Eat little or no meat – meat is very heavy in consciousness and drags you into repeated sense indulgence, most of it negative.  The duality of pain/pleasure then plays itself out.
  • Avoid alcohol which creates mental and physical weakness.
  • Eat raw, organic nuts (if you can) and an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables.

Creating a ‘spiritual marriage – one that lasts and is ever joyful!

Do not stay in a dead marriage.  This is far worse than ‘being alone’.

If you are fighting with another person, first look within yourself.  Do not simply run away from another person – first do the inner work.  Then see what results manifest through that new awareness.

You will know if the marriage or partnership can be transformed.

A husband and wife should be loyal to each other and try to make each other happy, whilst working on themselves all the time.  It is not the other person’s job to make you happy but you can certainly contribute to the other’s happiness or erode it through egoic tendencies that are present within you.

The spiritual wife should not forsake the unspiritual husband, nor should the spiritual husband forsake the unspiritual wife – they should try to help each other so long as it is possible to do so.  Contacting the Divine within in meditation is the only way to do this – you cannot give from an empty well, the well must be replenished each day the bounteous overflowing love and wisdom of the One Spirit.

By indulging in repeated physical lustful acts is a sure way to gamble away the untold spiritual joys of life  The excitement felt in the physical sex act is nothing compared to the bliss that follows by regulating and withdrawing this creative impulse up into the brain region.  In doing the latter, spiritual and intellectual qualities are gained: love, consideration, patience, sympathy, determination, keenness, calmness, and self-realisation.

In married life, respect for each other’s views lead to happiness.  Married, or cohabiting, partners should refrain from contradicting each other before others and from quarrelling between themselves over little things.  Never discuss your troubles with others, expect for a qualified spiritual teacher or marriage counsellor.  If you share your troubles with others, they will hold in their mind your troubles and see you both in the wrong light.  These astral thought forms then become harder to dissolve.  The energy of discord is magnified!

The highest love is unconditional – it is not withdrawn at the slightest hurt.

Love also cannot be wrested from another person, it can only be received as a spontaneous heart-felt gift.

Love grows and thrives in an atmosphere of tolerance, forgiveness, and trust.  It is marred by jealousy and/or suspiciousness.

In distant closeness love lives, in wrong familiarity it dies.  Indeed, the ratio between love and physical indulgence is that the greater the love, the less the physical craving born of neediness, and vice versa.

Husband and wife (or cohabiting partners) should feel love and happiness whenever they see each other, and not the physical instinct only, otherwise they will inexorably march toward the pitfalls of boredom, dislike and separation.

Welcoming a New Soul into the Temple of the Body

A husband should view his wife as a clean and beautiful temple for creating a new soul, and the wife should keep her body temple free from unclean thoughts.  The specific nature of the mental state of parents during a period where they are seeking to create a child is a magnetic force that draws a particular type of disembodied soul ino the mother’s womb (‘body temple’).

Thoughts concentrated upon the physical invite in sensually inclined souls.

Souls with a highly developed nature refuse the invitation of degrading physical lust only.

The Hindu scriptures are rooted in observance of the Science of Yoga – and clear seeing.  They are not idle observations – and one can prove them for himself/herself by penetrating observation and wisdom.  They say that the during this period, a current of life force is generated which serves as an energetic doorway through which disembodied astral souls may enter.

Souls with a higher, more refined vibration will not enter through this door of life current if the vibrations are of a low passionate mentality.  Only sensually addicted souls will enter.  Just look at the nature of the different souls in the care of their parents and look to the dominant characteristics of the parents to see the truth of this.

Higher souls generally prefer to wait, rather than take a rebirth in an undesirable place.  So all couples – whether husband and wife or cohabiting partners – should cooperate spiritually, mentally and physically to invite in a sacred soul into the ‘cell temple’ of sperm and ovum that they create.

After creating one or two children (possibly more), husband and wife should consider their union as one of Nature and Spirit, of feeling and knowledge.

As Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda reminds us, “Marriage is meant principally for spiritual union, and incidentally for material union. Elderly parents should commune only on the spiritual plane, intoxicated with mutual love, satisfying physical cravings by mental loving.”






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June 14, 2018
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