The Law of Attraction Adds Power To Your Thoughts – Wanted or Unwanted

flower of life symbolMost people have heard about the law of attraction but not so many understand it well enough to use it positively when things are going ‘wrong’.

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The analogy I often use with my clients is surfing a wave.  When you learn to surf, it’s best to practice with baby waves before you try to attempt a wave that is bigger. Waves that are even three or four feet in height can have a lot of power behind them.

What about your thoughts?  How much power is behind them?  If you’ve been focused on an unwanted situation for a long time, the chances are that your waves are big, or even HUGE!

Here’s the thing: the Law of Attraction continually adds power to your thoughts, wanted or unwanted. 

You can learn to surf the waves, and even change them so that this power is working for you, rather than against you.

Are you justifying where you are?

Most of us, when we encounter something unwanted, we often justify our position – why we are where we are – and it doesn’t feel very good!

If you don’t get the bonus or promotion at work, if your relationship turns sour, if you suddenly lose energy and vitality in your body, or worse…

Beyond acknowledging the problem, whenever you defend or justify, or rationalise or blame anything or anyone, you remain in a place of negative attraction.  You also give away your power to someone or something outside of yourself, so you feel powerless to change it.

Reminder: the Law is always working – you cannot turn it off.  How the Law is working for you can be determined by two things: the results you are getting in your life, and how you feel about those results.

Actually, the latter is more important.  I’ll explain using the simple example of money, which largely influences our lives whether we like it or not.

One person can earn comparatively little but feel abundant.  They might receive plenty of gifts from others, their money might go a long way, and they may be very content with life.  Another person might earn a great deal of money but feel like it’s never enough. They might have a lot of bills to pay (for the expensive things they’ve bought), their money might seem to evaporate as quickly as they earn it, and they might be very unhappy with life.  As the saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness.

As well, it should be mentioned that the person who starts off with comparatively little but enjoys life to the full will also enjoy having more money when it does start to come (if that’s what they choose to create and have) because that person has built a vibration of abundance within themselves. Their happiness is not dependant on external circumstances.

If you justify a ‘lack’ position – why you don’t have that job, or not enough clients or customers if you’re self-employed, or why you don’t have that nice car or holiday abroad, every word (which is a ‘thought vibration’ expressing through you) continues the negative attraction, and you get more of the same.

You cannot be focused about what you do want whilst explaining, or complaining, why you are experiencing what you do not want.

If you try to figure it all out – i.e. ‘where the problem started’ kinda thing – then you continue to build even more energy (negative thoughts and emotions) around it and this doesn’t feel good.  The type of thinking creates a wall of resistance in your mind and body that prevents your desire from coming to you.

There is a seriously big difference between looking for a solution and justifying the need for a solution by emphasising the problem.  

Clarity through contrast

The conscious realisation that something is not as you want it to be is an important first step, but once you’ve identified that, the faster your are able to pivot and turn your attention in the direction of a solution, the better.

Exploring the problem will only prevent you from achieving clarity. Continually exploring the problem will prevent you from finding the solution because the frequency of the problem is very different to the frequency of the solution.

Take it further: Live the Law of Attraction!

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December 21, 2017
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