Top US Virologist Blows Whistle On COVID-19

Judy Mikovits, PhD, is a biochemist and molecular biologist who has worked in top government labs on the Ebola, HIV, and coronaviruses like SARS. When she refused to participate in a cover up, she was threatened and briefly went to jail, where they demanded she write a confession, and she refused.

This is a brilliant expose on how viruses are discovered and genetically engineered for profit. Dr. Mikovits exposes fraud at the highest level in the CDC and other agencies that the public believes keep them safe from infectious diseases.

Here is a brief overview of the information that Dr. Judy covers in the video — it was removed on YouTube because they are actively censoring almost all information that counters the narrative we’ve been fed by the WHO/CDC/Fauci etc and is back up now! We’ve also posted it here on Brighteon so this important interview isn’t lost.

Plague of corruption: The link between vaccines and sars-cov2

Dr. Judy Mikovits explains that sars-cov2 cannot be called COVID-19 because we cannot say that pathogen caused that disease, unless every person with the pathogen has the disease, and that’s not true according to the data.

There are co-factors: roundup (Glyphosate), F-I-V-E G radiation, Contagious cancers. 

Judy has been leading the lab of anti-viral mechanisms for 20+ years before moving to Pharmaceutical companies to develop diagnostics and treatments based on how these viruses cause disease.

“We’ve never been able to make a vaccine for the common cold, or HIV… 12 year olds are getting shingles because the chicken pox vaccine doesn’t produce life-long immunity like a natural infection. That’s what’s wrong with germ theory… it’s proven wrong as far as it’s the immune response.. the immune system that you need. And so healthy people, we don’t wear a mask to develop our immunity. We are prolonging the disease by keeping everybody inside by preventing them from going outside… what possible reason could you have for not going on the beach? How do you ground yourself?”

“The measures they put on have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with making you sick, and controlling you, and forcing body to say ‘I want the vaccine.'”

“If you get the vaccine, not only will you get sick and maybe die, but you will spread that further throughout the world.”

“This is vaccine driven… All of the worst outbreaks of smallpox were the vaccine programs… there was a vaccine program associated with the Ebola outbreak because when you vaccinate, not only do you carry all that animal tissue, with all of their pathogens, but your immune system just flames up. There’s too much garbage in those shots.”

There isn’t one vaccine that has ever produced a lasting memory immunity like I have to measles and to chickenpox. 

“Vaccines cause the pandemics, the epidemics, they cause the accelerated evolution of new viruses. We are creating these things in the manufacture and development.”

“Mouse viruses got into humans and are now causing cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune diseases, all the things learned in mouse research.”

“Foetal tissue is somebody else’s DNA and proteins, and you’ll make auto-immune responses to that.”

“You are 36% more likely to get the Corona Virus if you got the flu shot.”

“We don’t need a vaccine if we have a bunch of people walking around immune.”

People are fearful, or not fearful, and forced by the government… that’s stressful. That is horrible suppressor of immune function. There is no public health reason for this mask for a Corona Virus. Healthy people aren’t coughing. If you are sick, you aren’t going to cough 6 feet… so it has no public health benefit. It’s not impermeable. if you have a plastic mask on, you are activating your dormant viruses of all kinds which take out the immune system and suppress it, and literally driving your own disease.”

“It’s from within, not from without. A dormant retrovirus is not expressed… pulling sequences out of your nasal passages and scraping the epithelial cells in your throat, and getting a little bit on that swam, seeing RNA, that’s not a virus. A virus has a package, an envelope. RNA is not infectious and transmissible.”

If they inject you with RNA, that can cause disease… that’s what they are finding with vaccines. Why would you inject a pathogen in you blood supply when you have a God given immune system, your skin? If your nasal passages aren’t all dried out and you don’t have water droplets, there’s nowhere for the virus to live. It does NOT live in the air, it does NOT blow in the breeze.”

Her new book, “Plague of Corruption” she gives us the whole truth.


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April 28, 2020

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