How could tantric massage boost your relationship?

I used to think Tantric Massage was only for professionals who want to offer sexological bodywork to clients for a living.

However, then I discovered it has another incredible potential that not so many people consider. It is an absolutely amazing tool for couples to learn together to upgrade their love life!

I made this discovery one year when myself and my partner were assisting on a three-week massage training in Greece. Though there was the option to change partner, we found our preference was to stay with each other. We were deeply in love and just wanted to touch each other all of the time! The blend of giving and receiving tantric massage all day, eating delicious Greek food and swimming in turquoise ocean waters really brought us to heaven on earth! We couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with one another.

But it was not only the training itself, but knowing the skill of Tantra Massage can bring a whole extra element to your love life as a couple.

Very often, couples focus their love life around the act of sexual penetration itself. Which, of course, is a wonderful way for a couple to bond. However, a whole other element is introduced when they also include whole evenings dedicated to one partner giving to the other. Many types of giving pleasure and foreplay have a giver and receiver, but even so it is often still a two-way interaction between the two. In Tantric Massage, it is very clear that one will receive and the other partner dedicates the time to giving touch to the other. It is a a total giving-receiving dynamic.

This can bring several benefits to intimacy, such as:

  • When one is given permission to receive fully, then an even deeper level of relaxation and surrender can be possible then when one is involved in an exchange.
  • Through relaxation combined with stimulation, as in tantric massage, the body is more likely to experience full-body pleasure and energy flow. This is an essential part of the full-body orgasm. If the body is too contracted, then full-body orgasm cannot be attained.
  • The giving partner can enter the attitude of devotion, treating their beloved like a human god/goddess. To be touched with such honour and devotion can be profound experience for many.
  • Often in relating dynamics one partner becomes more often the active partner or the giving partner. Through practicing massage exchange both partners get to experience both roles and expand their possibilities together.
  • We tend to fall into certain types of touch that we give. However, there are so many different ways of touching that are possible! Different rhythms, tempos, styles, pressures, body parts…touching another person is like playing a musical instrument! Too often we fall into limiting patterns and habits, but by learning massage we expand our repertoire.
  • One of the benefits of a tantric massage training for couples is that the couple get to be guided by a facilitator…something that is very unlikely to happen in their usual sex life!! In this respect both partners get to try out new things. There is less responsibility from one another to “do the right thing”, as there is a method. This can bring a very potent way for couples to explore new ways of connecting together.

If you are a couple wishing to explore this together, then check in with a group leader before joining to see if that training enables couples to work together (some professional trainings work with switching partners so that the trainees get the experience of working with different types of body).

And if you want to take it to the next level, then choose a location in a beautiful holiday destination. That way your bodies will unwind even more deeply, and you will get to create a romantic experience together to boost your love life and create an experience you will never forget!

The Art of Tantric Massage, December 5-22, 2017

the art of tantric massage with dates

16-day training in tantric massage set on an idyllic island in Thailand. Led by international Tantric teacher John Hawken together with Jenni Smallshaw, plus daily Sexual Energy Qigong with Shashi Solluna. This course is couples-friendly and includes a couples’ discount rate. Click here for more info…

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September 30, 2017

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    Very much excited… Reading about tantric massage.eagerly wanted this massage.plz can u come to India?!

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