Others cannot negatively affect you

others cannot negatively affect youWhenever you notice you are in a downward spiral of thought and emotion, simply stop and ask yourself, “what do I really want here?”

Any negative emotion simply means your Emotional Guidance System is alerting you to the fact that you currently have thoughts and feelings that are out of harmony with what your Source or Inner Being knows to be true.

In truth, others truly do not have the power to negatively affect your experience; it is always your negative thought and feeling about another person or situation that causes you to feel bad.

You cannot feel judged unless you also judge yourself. You cannot feel rejected unless you reject yourself. You cannot feel criticised, or diminished, unless you criticise or diminish yourself.

If you foster the false belief that another person’s behaviour or the circumstances of your life are the reasons for your happiness or unhappiness, then you will always feel the need to control everything and everyone around you — an impossible task!

Your inner guidance is not saying to control others; it is saying to guide your own thoughts and feelings back in harmony with your what your Inner Being knows to be true.

Remember to come back to your Broader Perspective on every subject that is important to you. Your Source holds the perspective of Love in all situations, which is the only truth there is.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Course in Miracles

When you understand and apply this powerful truth to every circumstance of your life, you will first see improvement in your own thoughts and feelings, and then outer conditions will change to match your new vibration. It is Law.

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January 4, 2018

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Jaime Tanna

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