Humanity’s Blossoming: The rise of the Lotus Flower

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The symbol of the Indian lotus (often called ‘lotus flower’) has been a spiritual symbol in the East for thousands of years. The spiritual meaning of the lotus flower is, perhaps, even more relevant for humanity today as we go through tremendous upheaval in virtually every area of our lives.

The lotus flower grows from the bottom of muddy streams and ponds to rise above the water and blooms in a display of breathtaking brilliance. It represents being fully rooted in the material world (the earth) yet continually aspiring towards the divine (the sun). The lotus flower lives in the muddy water yet remains unsoiled.

This is the path of the human who is awakening – to work through the ‘mud’ of life, and rise above it – for the benefit of all mankind.

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May 28, 2014

Jaime Tanna

Jaime Tanna is an international teacher and energy therapist specialising in the healing arts. As the visionary founder and director of Energy Therapy, Jaime is an experienced Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Intuitive, and brings a wide array of different skills to the healing table. Coming from a family of pharmacists and doctors, Jaime grew up with a strong allopathic model of the world but quickly saw the limitations of that paradigm. Today, with clients and students throughout the world, Jaime specialises in personal and spiritual development, yoga and meditation, and clearing and rebalancing the human energy field inspiring clients and students to connect to their deepest being to create a life lived on purpose, and with joy!

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One response to “Humanity’s Blossoming: The rise of the Lotus Flower”

  1. Cat Lynn says:

    I really enjoyed that explanation! Thank you for sharing your insight and expression with us!

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