Beef and Dairy Industries in “Death Spiral,” Will Collapse by 2030, Report Says

The beef and dairy industries are on a path to collapse by 2030, according to an extensive 76-page report by independent think tank RethinkX titled, […]

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Jaden Smith Urges 8 Million Fans to Ditch Meat

  Last week, musician and entrepreneur Jaden Smith urged his 8.1 million Twitter followers to ditch meat. “Dear meat eaters: let’s start doing #MeatlessFridays where […]

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Jaden Smith launches pop-up food truck, “I Love You” Restaurant, for the homeless in LA!

At only 21 years old, Jaden Smith – son of celebrity couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith – is making impactful moves. This weekend, he launched the […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Terminates’ Myths About Protein In Vegan Documentary

July 4, 2019
Cannabis , Health , Spiritual Growth , Veganism ,  0 comments

Austrian-American actor and bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, says he ‘terminates outdated myths about protein, strength, and performance’ in the newly released vegan documentary called “The Game Changers”. […]

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Sweet Potato Pizza Crust! Delicious and Healthy!

April 23, 2019
Recipes , Veganism ,  0 comments Jaime Tanna

Sweet potatoes are an incredible health food, so you just have to try this recipe from Anthony William, the Medical Medium! My wife and I […]

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Here’s Why Vegans May Smell Better Than Meat Eaters

Since the skin is biggest elimination organ of your body it makes perfect sense that what you eat affects how you smell. The latest research […]

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Yogananda’s guru Sri Yukteswar was a Jnanavatar or “Incarnation of Wisdom”.

The Science of Yoga is still the highest science – far outreaching what we even know today. Paramahansa Yogananda’s guru demonstrated incredible knowledge of Self […]

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Half A Billion Fewer Animals Were Killed Per Year Since 2007 Because People Are Eating Less Meat

Have you transitioned to a plant-based diet? Do you make an effort to reduce the amount of animal products you are consuming on a regular […]

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The Healing Mushroom Therapy Guide (Part 2): Reishi, ‘The Mushroom of Immortality’ and Lion’s Mane for Enhanced Mental Performance

  Reishi and Lion’s Mane benefits are ‘kind of a big deal.’ Mushrooms, such as Reishi and Lion’s Mane, are mind-body medicinal fungi that are […]

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