Neurologist Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD talks about face masks

  The following is a transcript of the highlights (by Henna Maria) from Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson’s recent extremely pressing video message, that was translated on-air […]

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The Covid Vaccine and Transhumanism: Ready to be reclassified as a GMO?

September 13, 2020
COVID ,  0 comments Jaime Tanna

These are unprecedented times, where we can no longer take the word of so-called trusted sources as truth. Indeed, we live in a topsy turvy […]

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PLANDEMIC — Could THIS Be The Most Important Documentary, Ever?

August 20, 2020
COVID , Health , Spiritual Growth , Vaccines ,  0 comments Jaime Tanna

The first part of Plandemic broke all records, with a billion views worldwide! That number would be impressive enough as a standalone fact, yet given that […]

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Are the new ‘biosecurity’ measures coming into play the slippery slope to a Chinese style app?

According to the BBC, the UK government’s new Joint Biosecurity Centre is to take a more prominent role in co-ordinating the response to Covid-19. This […]

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The COVID lie: Is humanity experiencing a state of psychosis?

Right now, the world is rushing towards creating a vaccine for a disease that is already on its way out. Despite the overall decrease in […]

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DNA vaccines change your genetic makeup—true or false?

Jon Rappoport is a world class investigative reporter who has been reporting on new types of technology that could be used in a coming COVID-19 […]

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Do Masks Even Work? Can You Be Forced To Wear One? Dr. Kaufman Weighs In!

Since the Corona Virus outbreak we have seen the rhetoric change quickly from ‘flatten to the curve’ and ‘stay home, save lives’ to ‘new normal’ and ‘wear […]

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President of Tanzania John Magufuli declares Tanzania free of Covid-19

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has declared the country “coronavirus free” thanks to prayers by citizens. “The corona disease has been eliminated thanks to God,” Mr Magufuli […]

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Lockstep: Rockefeller plan details government takeover through pandemic martial law

A Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network whitepaper published in May of 2010 reveals a planned scenario in which governments around the world would be […]

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