Intuitive Astrology: November Full Moon in Taurus 2019

The November 12th Full Moon in Taurus is one of the best we have had in a long time. It brings abundant, expansive energy that will open us to receive the rewards of all our hard work.

2019 has been a year for leveling up and prepping for some of the huge cosmic alignments that await us in 2020. Many of us have been called to upgrade our lives, our thoughts, our relationships, and what we are willing to tolerate.

There has been a huge focus this year on setting boundaries and thinking about how our actions affect not only ourselves but the world around us.

It has also been a year where we have been guided to speak our truth, and learn how to express and communicate in a thoughtful manner.

All of these themes have been present as we have journeyed through the months of the year, and now we are about to see the results of our hard work.

Under the November Full Moon, there are many blessings on offer; we just have to open our arms, open our hearts, and know we are worthy to receive.

Full Moons signify the end of a cycle and there is a strong theme of closure surrounding this Taurus Moon.

We may receive some closure we have been looking for since the start of the year. We may also find that issues that have been weighing on our shoulders suddenly get resolved or no longer seem to weigh us down.

There is a huge moment of release on offer under this energy, so if there is something we wish to let go of or bring closure to, we will be supported and guided every step of the way.

Now, we may have to take action in the direction of our choosing in order to get this energy to flow, but know that it is there protecting and guiding us to reach a swift and peaceful conclusion.

Under the potency of this Taurus Full Moon, abundance will also be on offer to us, especially financial abundance.

Abundance is something that is always there for us to tap into, but on this Full Moon, its vibrations will be strong.

Use this energy to ask for a raise, to explore alternate sources of income or to comb through your budget or finances to see where you can save or invest more.

If unexpected bills come up, see if you can approach it with an abundant mindset. Sometimes it also helps to think of money as an energetic “currency”- sometimes it has to flow out in order to flow in.

Focusing on gratitude is also a fast way to get into the vibration of abundance and as we reach the end of the year, it is the perfect time to bring our focus here.

Even if challenges have come your way, even if the year did not go totally to plan, there’s a power in finding something to be thankful for.

See if you can take a moment to go through the year so far and pinpoint one thing from each month that you feel grateful for. Maybe it was the vacation you took in February or watching the leaves fall in October.

Think back to the many blessings that surrounded you this year and celebrate each and every one of them. Honor yourself too for all you have been through, and you will feel closer to the energy of abundance that surrounds the Taurus Moon.

Taurus is ruled over by the Bull, an animal that evokes feelings of strength, stability, focus, and self-assuredness.

The Bull is also used to represent nature and the idea of spirit energy manifesting into something that is material and tangible.

On its base vibration, Taurus energy can be seduced by the material world and the five senses, but on higher levels, Taurus energy can transcend the material world into something deeper.

It can learn to seek what it is looking for within, rather than looking for things outside of itself.

Under this Full Moon, we are being encouraged to take a similar journey, and to think about where we may be too fixated or obsessed with the material world, or where we are being seduced into thinking that we need have or be a certain way in order to be accepted.

We are being encouraged to go beyond the five senses, and to ensure that our feelings of acceptance, joy, and love, come from within first.

It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or how much you have in your bank account, or whether you have the latest phone or not, you are worthy.

It doesn’t matter if things haven’t gone according to plan or you feel that you haven’t achieved all your goals, for you are still worthy.

Repeat that to yourself 10 times over- “I am worthy, I am worthy, I am worthy to have a beautiful life…”

When we stop looking outside of ourselves; when we stop comparing our lives or judging our bodies, when we take the focus off what others can do for us, or what others should be doing for us, and just bring our attention to ourselves, that is when we will start to find the answers we seek.

The people around us are simply triggering things that live inside of us, so instead of getting caught up in the distraction and focusing “out there”, focus inside of yourself. Bring all your problems, bring all your issues, bring everything back to you, and start there.

The Taurus Full Moon is a wonderful point for closure, for release, and for harvesting rewards.

It is a romantic, generous, and abundant Full Moon that will help us all to soften as we wind up the end of the year.

Use this Full Moon to recharge, to practice self-care, to know you are worthy, and to get your finances in order. Open yourself to the gifts on offer, keep an open heart and an open mind, for you never know what treasures may be illuminated under its light.

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November 11, 2019
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