Rebalance your body with 5 key reflex points!

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Have you noticed that whenever you are overtired or under the weather your feet may start to ache in particular places? Did you know that these points on your feet are powerful gateways to rebalance the entire body?! Learn about 5 key reflex points to counteract daily stresses… you’ll be amazed!

To a skilled reflexologist, the feet and hands are a real-time map — just like a Sat Nav shows the roads and flow of traffic as well as any congestion! — showing what is happening at the ‘energy level’ and can be used to bring the body back into balance very quickly!

reflexology hieroglyph


But you don’t have to be a reflexologist to massage your own feet! At the end of a long day, take off your shoes, give them a quick wash in the shower or bath (or a foot basin) and use these 5 key reflexology points to rebalance yourself, following my tips below… you’ll feel refreshed, and your feet and body will thank you for it!

Using a fairly deep pressure with your right and left thumb, walk them up and down the foot, feeling for any sore spots underneath your thumbs. Don’t press too hard, and walk your thumbs mindfully, listening to your body’s response at each ‘step’.

When an area is out of balance, you will typically experience tenderness to the touch. These blockages (crystalline deposits or ‘crystals’) restrict the flow of blood and energy to a particular ‘reflex’, and impede the natural healing mechanisms of the body. They can be quite painful to the touch.

If the build up of crystals has been happening for some time, you may find extreme tenderness, or perhaps a lump. Proceed gently, and as you continue to massage the chronic area, you will break down the lump into individual crystals that you can start to feel under the thumb. It may be painful, so remember to breathe deeply and avoid tensing up if at all possible!

Refer to the foot chart on this page (below) to see if a sore or tender area corresponds to an area of your body where you are experiencing discomfort or pain – this can bring you one of those wonderful ‘aha’ moments!


  1. Centre of the big toe (Pituitary Reflex):
    If you want to choose just one reflex to massage — choose this one! Our glands are responsible for overall health, and many ailments can be traced back to an imbalance in the glands. Known as ‘the master gland’, the pituitary regulates the entire endocrine system. Top Tip!  Press deeply into the centre of the big toe to locate this point, you may need to feel around a little, but in most cases, you will know when you have found this point! This technique is also very good for relieving insomnia!
  2. The inside (medial arch) of your foot (Spinal Reflexes):
    You will find the reflex points for the spine on the inner arch of each foot.  The various systems of the body are affected by the flow of energy along your spinal column, so it is common to experience some tenderness in at least a few of the reflex points of the spine. Top tip! If you are feeling tired or in need of energy, simply sweep your thumb along this inner arch from the heel up to the big toe to energise your system.
  3. Mid-section of the sole of the foot (The Colon – see diagram).
    If you need to stimulate a bowel movement, look no further than your feet! Locate the reflexes for the colon on the diagram above. Massage with your thumb up the ascending colon (right foot), along the transverse (both feet) and then down the descending colon (left foot) to follow the natural flow of the body and increase circulation to the bowels. Top tip! Working this area is really beneficial for babies and young children suffering from constipation/digestive issues. Just remember, children are very sensitive and receptive to healing so use only a very gentle touch.
  4. Ball of the foot (Solar Plexus Reflex – for Relaxation).
    Just underneath the ball of the foot, at the centre line you will find the reflex for the solar plexus.  This reflex connects to the entire nervous system and can stimulate a profound relaxation effect, as well as a soothing effect on the nerves and the abdominal region. Top tip! Work both feet at the same time for grounding and relaxation. As you hold the reflexes with each thumb, begin to increase the pressure applied, coordinating your movements with the breath. Deepen the pressure as you inhale, and release the pressure on the exhalation.
  5. Base of the toes, on the top of the foot (for Lymphatic Drainage)
    The reflex area for lymphatic drainage can be found at the base of the toes on the top of the feet. Apply medium pressure with your thumb in sweeping motions across and upwards (in between the bones) towards the base of the big toe to ‘drain’ away toxins. This technique can be used across the entire top of the foot to help detoxify the body, stimulating the removal of toxins and waste. Top Tip! Drink plenty of good quality water after working on any of these reflexes to help your system get rid of any toxins and flush them out of the body.

By learning how to feel and balance reflex points on the feet, the corresponding body part will naturally rebalance itself! This isn’t diagnosing, it’s more about ‘listening’ to the energy flowing through the body’s meridians, organs and glands.

If there’s an energy imbalance, you’ll know about it!

foot reflexology chart


Often clients are really surprised at the quick and tangible effects of a reflexology treatment! Many clients comment that they have never felt so relaxed before, and they can often feel energy moving around the body as I work.

I had a client visit my practice who was experiencing chronic headaches, and a great deal of discomfort with her back. She was hopeful that she would get some relaxation and relief from her high levels of stress but really didn’t know what to expect. Towards the end of the treatment, as I was working on the reflexes of her spine (found along the inner arches of the feet), she actually felt and heard her back crack! When she got up to leave at the end of the treatment she looked at me in surprise saying her headache was completely gone!


  • Go natural – leave your shoes off at home! Keeping our feet closed off in shoes, cuts us off from one of the natural ways our body knows how to rebalance
  • Walking barefoot outside in nature: walking whilst allowing the feet to have unrestricted movement not only gives your feet a natural massage, but also massages the ‘reflexes’ and pressure points on the feet. Additionally, you will receive the huge benefits of ‘grounding’ as the body draws up massive negative ions from the Earth’s surface, reducing free-radical damage.
  • Massage your feet regularly Cultivate a daily practice of “tuning in” to what your feet are saying. You can massage them in bed, or in the bath, or in the shower (be careful not to slip and fall!). Simply notice any areas that are tender, and allow yourself to probe deeply into the feet, nurturing the feet with a deep and connected massage. Remember to breathe and let go as you work some of the tension out of the feet.

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May 28, 2016

Jennifer Tanna

Co-founder of Energy Therapy, Jennifer Tanna is an international teacher and therapist specialising in the healing arts. Jennifer is a practising and certified Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Indian Champissage Tutor & Reflexologist. She specialises in stress management and personal development inspiring her clients and students to connect to their inner passions and create the balance they need to relax, reconnect and revitalise!

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