Five Steps to Becoming More Conscious And Present! Heal Emotional And Mental Pain Through Energy Psychology!

five steps to beooming more conscious and presentHuman beings are good at avoiding pain… and we have invented very creative ways to ‘opt out’. The main activities that blot out our emotional and mental pain are consuming alcohol, smoking, taking pharma drugs, over-eating, over sleeping, too much sex (solo or otherwise!), playing video games, watching too much T.V. and, yes, being addicted to our phones.

Basically, if you don’t like time ‘alone’, where you can just ‘be’, you can be sure that the noise of your life is a way to avoid the pain.  If you’re doing something too much – even yoga! – then it’s an addiction, which is a form of escapism.

Right now, take a moment and call to mind something that stops you being present… what do you do that stops you looking inside?  What makes you opt out, switch off, go on automatic?

What are you escaping from?

Is there a nagging, critical voice in your head? If so, who did you learn that from?

Complete this sentence…

“What stops me being present is…”

Here are some suggestions that I find works to help me become more conscious, present and alive in my day to day. Hopefully they will do the same for you!

Five Keys To Transformation

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1) Notice the unnecessary time and energy drains

Notice what you are wasting your time and energy on, and write them down… if it doesn’t make you feel alive, if it doesn’t bring you joy, then ask yourself, ‘how can I let go of this?’, or ‘how can I change my perception of this?’

2) Break unconscious habits one step at a time

Notice how much the mind is restless… peace comes when thoughts subside, when there is no mind.

You might decide to drink fresh herbal teas (mint, thyme, rosemary etc) during the day instead of coffees …

Choose not to constantly flick through various TV channels or social media after 9pm at night; another time, you might decide to commit to reach for fruit in the evening instead of eating sweet things – biscuits, cookie, cakes..

Choose to relax your mind in the evenings by taking a few deep breaths and do something nurturing instead, like reading a good book, having a bath, going for a walk and watching a beautiful sunset….

Calm the mind down!

3) Set aside time daily to focus on your thoughts and emotions – the ones that mean something!

Dedicate a few minutes to conscious breathing/meditation each day, some creative journaling time, goal setting, or artistic activity. Become aware of your thoughts and how you are feeling, and make a note of this.

4) Learn to move from unconscious reaction, to conscious responses in your daily interactions

Commit to witnessing your mental and emotional state as you interact. Do this for all interactions and you will begin to create a space where you have a choice in how to respond (rather than just responding out of habitual response like Pavlov’s dogs!). You will begin to move out of unconscious reaction and choose how to best interact with the people (and technology) in your life.

5) Spend some quality time outside in nature

Nature is very healing, so simply creating time to walk outside, somewhere “green” like a park (without your phone or ipod in tow!), and/or watching the stars at night can be very restorative to your whole being.

You may be surprised how much inspiration or release you can get from spending time in nature each day.
Just minutes undivided attention outside, appreciating the nature around you can refresh and revitalise mind, heart and body.

Make a commitment to yourself to take time each day to integrate some or all of these tips into your life.

You might already be doing one or more these things but, together, they have a hugely transformative power!

Each day, call to mind at least ONE thing that you can do to help you be more present in YOUR life, and commit to it! Make it your go-to habit!

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August 5, 2017

Jennifer Tanna

Co-founder of Energy Therapy, Jennifer Tanna is an international teacher and therapist specialising in the healing arts. Jennifer is a practising and certified Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Indian Champissage Tutor & Reflexologist. She specialises in stress management and personal development inspiring her clients and students to connect to their inner passions and create the balance they need to relax, reconnect and revitalise!

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