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Don't Want To Age Before Your Time?

Don’t Want To Age Before Your Time? Detox Your Liver and Recharge Your Body!

The fear of aging (and weight gain) has never been more prevalent than it is today in our society.  Both men and women are subconsciously […]

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Tap into the Extraordinary Power of Energy Medicine! Heal Your Body And Life!

Did you know, your body is a self-healing genius! Every person is born with natural self-repair mechanisms that slow down the aging process, and fight […]

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Biological behavior can be controlled by invisible forces, including thought

March 14, 2018
0 comments Jaime Tanna

Biological behavior can be controlled by invisible forces, including thought, as well as it can be controlled by physical molecules like penicillin, a fact that […]

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energy medicine heals woman's tumour

Energy Medicine Heals Woman’s Tumour

Energy Medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological and spiritual health and well-being.” Donna Eden You are a living matrix of energy. […]

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lights of the soul ayahuasca

Awakening with Ayahuasca: how I cured my eczema and healed my life!

One more step, Mark. Keep going, one more step. Almost there. I repeat this mantra over and over so that I cannot feel the hot pokers searing my body and the knives slashing into my joints. I arrive at the clinic, relieved to see Laurence’s affable smile.

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Energy Medicine Routinely Heals Skin Allergies, Rashes and even Eczema

Energy Medicine Routinely Heals Skin Allergies, Rashes and even Eczema

Mainstream media continually impresses the message upon us that we are not in control of the health of our own bodies and minds – but who […]

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Energy medicine & the journey to an awakened state of consciousness

Energy Medicine & The Journey To An Awakened State of Consciousness

Energy healing modalities like Reiki, for example, and meditative practices like Yoga and Tai Ch’i are powerful doorways to awakening and healing in the true sense of […]

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why you shouldn't fear cancer or any other disease

Why you shouldn’t fear cancer… or any other disease!

In 2013, Angelina Jolie chose to have a ‘preventative’ double mastectomy to avoid getting cancer and then in April 2015, she had her ovaries and […]

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indian head massage - indian champissage treatment

Indian Champissage: Combining the power of touch with ‘energy medicine’

On the surface it looks simple and ‘nothing much’ but there’s more to this treatment than meets the eye! Once of my yoga students recently jumped […]

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multicoloured iris

Endometriosis Disappears and Eyesight Heals as a ‘Side Effect’ of Energy Healing

“The body, which I had previously considered as ‘mine’, now healed itself of a variety of illnesses. Astonishingly, sight occurred without wearing glasses…there was a […]

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