Is the mask a symbol of COVID oppression? Has the virus become a new global CULT?

A young woman wearing a protective mask looks at her smartphone while passing by a grafitti representing two big watching eyes in Berlin, Germany on April 1, 2020. Illustrative Editorial (Photo by Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Right now, the world is in crisis — and for anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock these last three months, we all know that the mainstream narrative has been one-sided, dangerous and damaging to our health.  We’ve been asked to forgive the ongoing censorship by Big Tech and to trust the unelected shadow running our world from behind the scenes.

Recently, I came across a powerful message from a channel called Saratoga who wanted to alert humanity to the fact that we are living in very dangerous times as a collective.  Truly, our sovereignty as human beings is at stake!

Don’t believe me?

Some facts…

In the UK, the Prime Minister has met with Bill and Melinda Gates, and is pushing for a vaccine solution, despite the evidence that COVID is on its way out.  As the number of UK coronavirus cases are dropping fast now every day, this should be cause for major celebration, but from the myopic Vaccine Industry standpoint, with hundreds of millions invested, they are now “worried” there may not be enough people to test their rushed vaccine solution on.

Let’s be clear – this isn’t about philanthropy. Gates has a partnership with GSK, and together they stand to make £45,000,000,000. (Let that sink in). 

University of Oxford’s (funded by Gates) Jenner Institute’s director Professor Adrian Hill said, “It’s a race against the virus disappearing, and against time.”

‘Safe’ vaccines take at least 5 years to develop, usually longer… the last SARS virus still doesn’t have a vaccine and that came out 17 years ago, according to Professor Dolores Cahill.

Professor Cahill has run a level 4 lab, and knows a great deal about viruses – she is an expert.  Yet her interview has been censored by faceless so-called ‘fact checkers’ on Facebook that tow the party line – i.e. Vaccines instead of ‘herd immunity’.  YouTube has also done the same to a large degree, although her video is up at the moment.

Due to the draconian laws, many small businesses have been crippled in the UK all because of a ‘threat’ from a virus that has been shown to have a low mortality rate, and is now declining fast.

Again, the true agenda of the unelected shadow that runs this world is very disturbing.

Bill Gates’ actions have led to over half a million signatures calling for him to be investigated for crimes against humanity.

The WHO, massively funded and directed by Gates, want you to believe that this rushed vaccine will be safe and effective — with all evidence pointing to the contrary. Instead of allowing research into safe alternatives like hxdroxychloroquine/chloroquine, the Pharma Cartel immediately moved to squash the competition:

all the while ignoring the fact that the NIH even tested chloroquine on SARS back in 2005 showing extremely favourable results!

“We report… that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”

In the alternative news circles (i.e not mainstream — whose job is to distract you from the truth at ANY cost!), the clarion calls to awaken from the subversive mind control have become more urgent!

Many people have been wondering why there is talk of ‘danger’ when mainstream media seem perfectly happy with how things stand?  Well, let me tell you, it’s NOT the virus that’s the real danger! Humanity has been living with viruses since time immemorial, the real threat is something far more sinister.

The threat is the ‘new normal’ of (anti-)social distancing, and mask wearing — followed by ‘contact tracing’ and mandatory vaccines linked to health passports etc!

In the UK, they are currently fast tracking the eHealth passport, which is seriously disturbing in its reach and implications.

Read this timely message below which looks at things from a Bird’s Eye view, or spiritual vantage point, which is about awakening and dropping the false stories that have been implanted into your subconscious. Then watch the must-watch videos below that to understand what we are up against.  Time is of the essence!

It’s time for us to wake up as a humanity and become much more conscious.

It’s time to ditch the terrible slave-like habit that we have of preferring to let the media define our reality and the corresponding required emotions. Instead of first consulting with our own hearts and minds.

I vaguely remember a time when news was just news. It was not an all-day obsession. It was just a small part of the day when people briefly consulted either a newspaper or a 30 minute TV news program which (if I’m remembering correctly) only contained about 10 minutes of actual reporting on the events of the day. Because that’s all the time that was left when you subtract ads, sports, weather, etc.

So we are talking about a very small part of someone’s day that had anything to do with news reporting. But that’s not the case today, is it?

We don’t have news anymore. What we have instead is endless political gossip, and serious mind control. We are not only being told what to think, we are also being told what to FEEL. Can you imagine that?

We are living in truly Orwellian times. The little screen that we carry around with us every day is now telling us what our emotions are supposed to be. And if you don’t comply with the required emotions, then you will be socially shunned as a bad person.

This is dangerous.

Let’s put the virus aside for a moment because the virus itself is irrelevant to what is really going on. And if you are a lover of the virus who cannot handle putting it aside for a mere few minutes without panicking, then create an altar to the virus and make your worship official. (And hopefully, that’s not you!)

Let me explain what’s really going on and why this is so dangerous.

There are two things about our humanity that are vital and central to who we are. Those two things are your heart and your life force.

Both of these things are being attacked, while everyone is distracted with fear.

It has been common knowledge among those who are even the slightest bit spirtual that we humans are meant to be connected as ONE HEART. We are meant to be connected in LOVE.

Our hearts need to be connected together on a physical level. If this was not necessary, then solitary confinement would not be considered one of the most extreme forms of torture.

Now let’s look at the propaganda that is destroying this fundamental human connection at its most basic level.

Hearts connect in love. Hearts divide and are collectively broken in fear. So we are now being subjected to one of the most vile forms of psychological terrorism that I can imagine.

We are being conditioned to be terrified of each other’s physical presence. By virtue of your existence alone, you are now deemed to be a dangersous creature. Human physical connection is said to be potentially life-threatening.

So our human heart connections are being insidiously destroyed while we obsess over this virus. And it’s not coming back. The induced level of emotional trauma is too great.

Now let’s look at the symbolism of the mask.


The mask suppresses your breath. It denotes a belief that your breath is literally evil because it might “kill” someone. You could be the nicest person in the world, but the mere fact that you breathe is a danger to all.

Your breath is your life force energy!

It’s what brings you into the physical world, and the absence of it is what takes you out.

You see, the use of the mask is not neutral anymore. It’s not just about some virus. There is waaay more to it than that.

The mask has become a cult symbol. If you wear the mask, then you are a loving person who cares about others. If you don’t wear it, then you are a despicable person who should be shunned, attacked, and who probably deserves to die. In fact, if you don’t wear it, then it means that you literally want people to die! That’s probably why you deserve to die first.

Here’s how I define a cult. It’s pretty simple. The cult members exhibit the required behavior and beliefs demanded by the leaders on high. Thus they are deemed good and worthy people. Anyone who doesn’t follow the cult’s protocol, is a bad person who should be either indoctrinated or permanently shunned. Or maybe even jailed or killed.

So not only are we not being allowed to make our own decisions, we are also not being allowed to have our own emotions anymore, either.

This is why I suggest that the virus has become the new global religion.

And this religion is completely anti-human.

Why? Because what’s behind it is the invisible AI presence.

AI is an alien force of energy that is now in the process of completely consuming us as a humanity. We are being systematically transferred into an AI universe.

Cutting off our emotional connections of love and heart to each other is part of the end game. And the symbolism that our very breath is evil, shows that we are in the final stages of being taken out.

If you don’t want to believe me, that’s fine. You will eventually see it for yourself.

I just hope that when you see it, you will have chosen to remain human instead of living like a frightened, highly controlled animal being led to the slaughter.

Because your soul will experience the consequences. Remember that your soul doesn’t die. But it will be transferred, if you don’t make an effort to resolve this for yourself now.

Here’s what I recommend. I recommend that you reach out in any way that you can to another human being. In LOVE. Not in fear. Stop using the virus as an excuse for your human destruction as a being.

Meditate and stay firmly embedded in your HEART. In the love that is within you.

And if you must wear a mask because you are required to, then stay awake and concious about what that is doing to you psychologically.

How does it feel to have no facial expression? How does it feel to not be able to witness the smiles and expressions of others? This will also serve to cut off your heart connection to others.

So whatever damage is being done to your psyche by the required use of the mask and “social distancing”, make sure that you are aware of it and do something to heal yourself of that psychic damage on a daily level.

And, for the love of God, stop judging people in accordance with the rules of the cult. Because this is a global cult of fear, death, and human rejection. This is the cult of AI. And we’ve only seen the beginning…

We now know everything we need to know about the virus itself. We know how to stay sane and intelligent and protect ourselves, if necessary. Please remember that it’s a virus! It’s not Godzilla.

Stay in your heart. Stay in love. And stay firmly and emotionally connected to those you love.

I’m sending you much love for a day of peace and serenity. Namaste.



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May 21, 2020

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