Dr. Suzanne Humphries on Vaccines: “Nobody has proven to me that they are safe”

Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a medical doctor with specialties in internal medicine and nephrology. She has years of experience in seeing and treating illness resulting from vaccine damage, particularly kidney failure.

Yet it’s highly unlikely you will ever hear her interviewed in the mainstream media, because the mainstream media only presents one side of vaccine safety – that vaccines are ‘safe’ and that no one must question them!

The 22 minute video below provides critical vital information every person  should have access to, particularly doctors and anyone else administering vaccines. If you don’t have time to watch the video, then it’s summarised below as well.

Do Vaccines Keep Populations Healthy?

The interviewer asked Dr. Humphries if she thought vaccines were working in keeping populations healthy.

She said you have to define “working” first. Some people consider “working” to mean that you suppress a disease in a population. Some vaccines do work by that definition but no vaccine increases the health of a population, because vaccines do not increase the health of a human being – ever.

There is nothing in a vaccine that our bodies actually require… there is no nutritive effect of a vaccine.

There are always better ways to deal with diseases in a population than vaccinating everybody.

Dr. Humphries then discusses how there is a lack of historical evidence showing that vaccines actually did eradicate any diseases. Most people today do not realise that the statement “vaccines are responsible for eradicating certain diseases” is not a scientific statement, because such a statement about history cannot be proven by science.

Dr. Humphries looks at the actual data, rather than simply stating a belief about it.

She gives clear examples where the data supports just the opposite, that in certain cases disease rates went down after vaccines were stopped – and she shows how the CDC and others manipulate the data to support their views on vaccines.

the truth about vaccines

Is Today’s Vaccine Schedule Dangerous?

Next, the interviewer asked Dr. Humphries if there was a danger in vaccinating populations as we do today.

“That’s a complicated question. I would say adequate research has not been done. What we would need to do would be to look at a vaccinated population versus a non-vaccinated population. And not just for one vaccine.

See, the pro-vaccine people will say that we have these studies, we’ve done them, but it’s only one vaccine. And they call it a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study when just missing one vaccine [in the vaccine schedule] would qualify you as unvaccinated by their definition.

So we can’t do a study where we purposefully take people at birth, and vaccinate half of them, and don’t vaccinate the other half. That would never be agreed upon by the authorities.

But what we can do is look at populations that are already not vaccinated, that live in the same place, and are virtually identical in as many ways as possible as those who are vaccinated. And if you have a large enough group, you can tell the difference between them as far as the disease rates go.

Now are they safe? No.

Even the Supreme Court of the United States ruled last year that there is an inherent lack of safety some of the time. And so because we know that vaccine adverse events occur, we have a system in place to compensate some of the people that this occurs for. But we don’t have a system in place to compensate everyone this occurs for. In fact, it’s the vast minority of claims that actually ever get compensated for.

So just given this little bit of information I have told you, you have to wonder, are vaccines safe? Can you say that they are safe?

“I say that nobody has proven to me that they are safe, that I have scientific reason to believe that the components that are in them, and how they act upon the immune system, and the potential for auto-immunity, and cancers, and neurological diseases, is there. And so I cannot say or guarantee that these vaccines are safe. Not even one of them let alone numerous vaccines in the childhood vaccination program given earlier and earlier and more and more.”

Vaccine Promoters Are Aggressive

The video then shows Dr. Humphries giving this advice during her lecture:

The people who want to vaccinate are often very aggressive, and they don’t want you to hear the other side. And that should make a light bulb in your head go off. Why don’t they want me to hear the other side? Why don’t they think I can actually listen to both sides, and come up with my own decision?

See, I will never tell you not to vaccinate. But they will always tell you to vaccinate, for everything. That alone I believe should be a red flag to you. But I’m saying you listen to everything, and then you choose. What you do is your responsibility. And that’s not what the people who are supporting these aggressive vaccination campaigns, more and more vaccines all the time to little babies [are recommending].

Next, the interviewer asks Dr. Humphries to talk about methods authorities use to make people get vaccines. They show a slide from her lecture which is a direct quote from the N.Y. Times by Dr. Lance Rodewald, the director of the Division of Immunization Services at the CDC, where he states: “Frightening parents about the consequences of failing to vaccinate their children will most likely be part of the campaign. For that task, meningococcal meningitis is ideal.”

Dr. Humphries explains that using fear to stimulate the masses to get vaccines has been practiced for a long time. She mentions how no alternatives to vaccines are proposed or suggested, and uses the flu vaccine as an example, because the flu vaccine is not very effective. In addition to fear, they use a lot of “misinformation” and withholding of information regarding natural ways to combat disease and build up the immune system.

The video then shows another segment of Dr. Humphries’ lecture, where she shows a slide presentation from Dr. Jacobson of the Mayo Clinic. It is a slide presentation developed to train doctors on how to deal with patient objectives to vaccines. You can view the entire slide presentation here [1]. Dr. Humphries shows her audience a couple of slides from this presentation:



Dr. Humphries explains that even doctors are largely unaware of the dangers of vaccines, and mentioned one doctor who had a daughter injured by the HPV vaccine because that doctor was unaware of the risks.

Dr. Humphries believes that all parents are entitled to know what the risks are, no matter how small they may supposedly be.

Parents are not given “equally-weighed” information, but highly biased information about vaccines and vaccine safety. As the slides above show, the doctors are trained to aggressively persuade rather than inform patients about vaccines.

How Dr. Humphries became Anti-Establishment and a Vaccine Safety Advocate

Dr. Humphries has been a doctor for a long time and not only did she believe in vaccines but she used to give them!

Dr. Humphries explains that she was motivated to research vaccines and learn the truth, because her medical training had misinformed her. She also saw friends and family members injured by vaccines.

When the interviewer asks her if she felt betrayed when she learned the truth about vaccines, much of which was suppressed in her medical training, Dr. Humphries gives a rather incredible response:

Well, I take responsibility for what I have done in my life. And so if somebody made me go to medical school and kept everything away from me, maybe I would feel betrayed. But I chose to go to medical school, and I chose to limit my reading material to the degree that I did. So I didn’t feel betrayed.

Who are the Real “Quacks”?

Dr. Humphries then goes on to state that vaccines were not the only area of medicine where she had not learned the full spectrum of information. She realized that other areas of medicine are lacking valuable information. She went on to explain that this is the great fear vaccine promoters have: that doctors will begin to doubt medicine’s claims, causing a doubt in the entire medical system. She explains that the funding coming into the medical system severely limits the practice and knowledge of medicine.

Dr. Humpries also knows first hand what it means to go up against the powerful medical system, and question their authority. She makes one of the best quotes regarding the label of “quacks” I have ever heard:

“We are told that so many things are quackery, when in fact the things that the medical system calls quackery are what I now see helping the most. So I think the term quackery really needs to be redefined. Because in the time I have become a “quack,” myself and my patients have become healthier than they ever were at the time when I was not a quack.”

Faith in Vaccines

The interviewer then asks Dr. Humphries about a statement she makes in her lectures where she states that if she travels abroad to countries known for certain diseases, that she does not take vaccines for those diseases, and asks her “why?”

Here is her response:

“Because I take really good care of my immune system, and my body. I believe its always a gamble. So you have to pick which side you are going to run with, and you have to believe in it and do it. So if you are going to believe in vaccines, then you need to believe in it and do it.

I don’t believe in vaccines. I don’t even believe a little bit in vaccines. I believe they can do more harm to me than I may ever be able to make up for.”

Censorship by Mainstream Media

The video ends with another segment of Dr. Humphries’ lecture, where she shows a quote by Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, in Reader’s Digest. This quote blames people like Dr. Humphries for giving information about vaccine problems, and admits that the media is told not to give people like Dr. Humphries a voice – at all!

So they don’t.

You simply will not learn about vaccine safety in the mainstream media today.

But you can watch the video and spread the word – if you care to put truth before ‘subservience’ to a broken, perverted system.

If you happen to come across doctors who are open-minded enough (and not rooted in fear and disbelief) and want to learn about the inherent dangers of vaccines, then show them this video!

Let’s face the harsh reality: the government and medical system does not want you to know this at all  – and the mainstream media is paid for by Pharma so, guess what, they won’t be telling it like it is anytime soon.

Watch the video “they” don’t want you to see!

Source: Health Impact News

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August 23, 2017

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